New England Patriots star Randy Moss responded to accusations of battery by a Miami woman by reminding fans that he is a family man with kids at home. Who knew bad boy Randy Moss was married with kids?

Moss claims he has never in his life put his hands on a woman in anger. So maybe he wasn’t angry when he slapped his baby mama in 1996 or tapped a female traffic officer with his car in 2002? Charges were later dropped in that case.

Moss asserts the accusations by Rachelle Washington are false and that she is trying to extort millions from him. He also admits (reluctantly) that he and Washington have been “friends” for 11 years now.

Isn’t it funny how athletes suddenly become saints and family men when their jump offs expose their dirty laundry to the world? Ms. Washington is simply following in the tradition of professional jump offs like Kim Porter, Shaunie O’Neal and Sarah Chapman who play their role patiently until it’s time to cash in their chips.

“Everything’s been positive,” Moss said of his experience with the undefeated New England Patriots, “so why would I bring something negative on?”

Yeah, sure, Randy. Take him to the cleaners, girl!

  • dj_dceezy

    wow, interesting spin… never thought of that angle… lets see what pops

  • Bird

    That’s funny. Like being a family man stops anyone from getting their groupie love/domestic violence on.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Sandra I know you ain’t speaking bad about your BFF Sarah Chapman?!?!?

  • hellava10

    LMAO @ bird

    The 3rd child makes him a family man?

  • 4evajulie

    Those black professional football players sure do love them snowflakes. LOL

  • J Gats Juice

    Randy Moss aint hit that slut & if he did…. I cant say that I feel bad for her. Who’s to say she didnt slap him 50 times and he grabbed her to restrain her? Now she wants 6 figures? Sorry, no sympathy… And this is coming from a black woman dating a black, professional athlete.

  • Sharonda

    Need more people.Just like Larry Johnson putting his hands on Julissa.Dollar signs have you blind.

  • J Gats Juice

    I’m sure my comment will ruffle a few feathers, but whatever

  • no12blame

    I agree with you Sandra. As soon as they get in trouble its either about being a family man or bringing God into it.

  • terryt0201

    I am not commenting on Randy’s guilt or innocense in this situation. But my question is, if the alleged assault went down on January 6th, why didn’t Randy get arrested? Oh yeah, that picture of Randy and his family is mad old. I saw that picture months ago.

  • stopbeingahater


  • TooTot

    Wow Randy!!! A snowflake! Him and Glen Lewis..All these athletes and these white girls! Damn I guess us black women raise single black men to love stringy hair, pale skin, and flat asses!

  • The Black Katie Couric

    LOL@ Sandra calling Sarah C a jump off.

    What brought about that big change I wonder???


    What happened to innocent until proven guilty. And how can Shauni Oneal be a jump off when she was wifey? Sarah’s the only REAL jump off in that list.

  • milly

    WOW…I had no idea he was married with kids

  • 2thick4u

    Top 5 List Of Why I’m Not Giving A Damn:)!!!!

    1. Glad to see a family picture.
    2. Don’t care who Randy is fucking/marrying.
    3. In 11 years how many times have he slapped your ass?
    4. Why are you just comin out with this lame ass story now?
    5. Why didn’t your family classify your ass as MISSING?

    The truth will enfold as the Patriots go to the Super Bowl (yeah they going)!!!!

  • prynsexxx

    Uhm Gats Juice

    Are you speaking from a “jump off’s” perspective or do you know where YOU stand with this “professional athlete”.

    Make sure he’s on the roster, because a lot of ppl claim to be “on the team”, but they ain’t doing nothing more than passin’ out piss water and warm towels.

  • stefany

    This chick is propably someone Randy’s f-ing on the side…And I’m sure he hits women which is typical of insecure, weak ass black men who marry white women…I’ve heard about some of Randy’s past domestic episodes and he’s no saint…Most of you are blinded by his super bowl hype (by the way I hope the Patriots lose)…These dumb rich Negros marrying these white women, just like Garrad the quarter back for Jacksonville, they have no idea how stupid their jet black asses look runnning around arm and arm with a white women who wouldn’t give them the time of day if they had a regular 9-5 job, it just makes them look bad. And yea, white people are dogging their stupid black asses too!



    In Garrad’s defense I went to high school with him and he tried to get with sista’s who dismissed him. It was no different when we got to college and that’s when he started dating white women. (if im not mistaken he married the chick he was dating when we were at ECU (prodominently white university))