Ursher and his boo Tameka Foster were spotted shopping in Hollywood surrounded by tight security. Judging by Tameka's sour puss, I bet she didn't find that pair of baby mink Ugg boots she had her heart set on.

To those of you who live under a rock, Halle Berry had a baby girl yesterday. The baby weighed in at 7lbs 4oz. Congrats to Halle and daddy Aubry!

I didn't know that every blog in the blogosphere has to report everything that every other blog reports. But according to loyal reader K David, I need to step my blog game up:

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 12:40:40
From: K David
To: sandra@sandrarose.com
Subject: News Topic

Hey Sandra

Thanks for always entertaining me during the day...I do notice you didn't post anything about Halle Berry giving birth. Its big news on all the other blogs, but no mention on yours. Is it due to her bi racial heritage or the fact the father is white (I know you've got your issues with that.) Just curious.

Peace & Blessings

This week has been proclaimed Rocko Da Don week in the ATL by honorary mayor JD. Tonight, Rocko signs autographs at a couple of retail outlets. Then Rocko's debut album, "Self Made" on Island Def Jam goes on sale tomorrow at a retail store near you.

Also tomorrow, Rocko's big album release party pops off at Club E.S.S.O. with celebrity guests Monica, Rocko's fiancee who is featured on the album, Ciara, Young Dro, Shawty Lo, Juelz, and more.

It's all hosted by Island Urban Music president Jermaine Dupri who produced tracks on the album. The party is already shaping up to be the the most talked about event of the year.

Many fans don't realize Rocko is a label owner himself. That puts him in a unique position to deal with record label execs from an executive's standpoint. Word is when an art department staffer decided to go with album artwork that Rocko didn't approve of, Rocko flew to NY to set the staffer straight. That's gangsta!

Click the links to hear select tracks from "Self Made".

Pop princess Rihanna will reissue her hit 2007 album "Good Girl Gone Bad," on May 27. The album will include a new track called "Take a Bow". The track is burning up radio request lines. A video for the Ne-Yo penned track will be produced in a few weeks.

"Good Girl Gone Bad" peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 album chart, and has sold 1.1 million copies in the United States according to Nielsen Soundscan. "Umbrella," the first single off the album was an international number #1 smash hit and earned RiRi her first ever Grammy.

A Planned Parenthood staffer excitedly accepted a donation from a caller who wanted his funds earmarked for women aborting black babies. The problem is the caller was an actor and the donation wasn't real. What is very real was the racist reaction to the donation offer from the PP staffer who took the call.

After asking that the donation go to abort black babies in his son's name, the caller stated, "...we just think, you know, the less black kids out there the better." To which the PP staffer laughed and said, "Understandable, understandable... Excuse my hesitation, um, um, this is the first time I've had a donor call and make this kind of request, so I'm excited, and I wanna make sure I don't leave anything out."

Once the the audio and transcripts of the call were made public by The Advocate, a right-to-life student magazine at the University of California-Los Angeles, Planned Parenthood predictably apologized for the bad judgment of its staffer. But there is no indication that the staffer was fired or even disciplined.

Critics have long accused Planned Parenthood of concentrating their efforts in the black community and targeting other minorities.

Read the transcript of the call after the break.

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Kwasi Asare, the long-suffering New Media Marketing Manager for Bad Boy Entertainment, sent out an official response to the LA Times article from his boss Sean Combs.

We know Sean didn't write it, but the response says, in part, "This story is beyond ridiculous and is completely false. Neither Biggie nor I had any knowledge of any attack before, during, or after it happened."

Well, we know that's a lie based on testimony from witnesses on the scene that evening.

As you know, 50 people can witness the same incident and give 50 different perspectives of the events. But how did the original story go: After Tupac got shot, he picked himself up and rode the elevator up to the studio where Biggie was recording.

Didn't witnesses say Sean Combs and Biggie were "shocked" to see the little homie limp off the elevator? According to witnesses, Sean and Biggie, who already knew of the shooting from phone calls, weren't shocked at the sight of Tupac bleeding from his genital area, they were shocked that he survived the shooting at all.

Anyone who has ever been to a recording studio when a major celebrity is recording knows that there are always two or three burly bodyguards posted up at the entrance to the studio packing heat. So who shot Tupac?

The LA Times is running an in-depth article on the shooting and robbery incident involving deceased rapper Tupac Shakur at a Times Square studio back in 1994.

The writer offers nothing new except maybe a name or two that we haven't heard yet. We already know from informants and witnesses that Sean Combs and Biggie Smalls (who were inside the studio when the shooting occurred) had prior knowledge of the shooting.

These allegations have been covered extensively by VIBE magazine, The NY TImes and other hip hop publications in recent years.

This is a word of warning to anyone with a Bank of America checking account: if you use your debit card to purchase anything online - even if it is a one-time order - unscrupulous merchants can help themselves to your money and BoFA will do nothing to help you!

Online companies have helped themselves to over $2000 of MY money and all BoFA will say is, sorry, we can't help you because we don't know the terms of your agreement with that merchant.

BoFA will not refund your money unless you threaten to sue, and even then, BoFA will only refund a small portion of your cash and tell you to take the merchant to court. I've read the horror stories online from other BoFA account holders but I never thought it would happen to me. I have been hit three times by three different companies - all in 6 months! Out of the $2000 stolen from my account, BoFA has only refunded $900!

This can't be a coincidence!

I'm not going to go into specifics, but this is no coincidence that merchants are suddenly helping themselves to our cash. Obviously they realize that there is a loophole with debit accounts and BoFA is doing nothing to fill it.

Canceling your card will not help you: after a company took $1350 out of my checking account 3 months ago, a BoFA rep told me that even if she canceled my debit card, the bank would continue to pay the merchant because I allowed the merchant access to my account.

Solution: do not use your BoFA debit card for any online purchases, even if it is a one-time purchase. Use a credit card instead.

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Hip young millionaire entrepreneurs Vanessa and Angela Simmons celebrated their first year as successful shoe designers with their wildly popular Pastries bringing them a net worth of $15 million.

Vanessa and Angela celebrated their milestone achievement with celebrity friends Nelly, Tichina Arnold, Tia Mowry, Polow Da Don and Sean Combs.

Shad Moss aka Bow Wow continued his bi-coastal 21st birthday celebration at the Jet Nightclub at the Mirage in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri and his mom Teresa were in the building.

Bow Wow may be 21 now but he can still pass for a 12-year-old adolescent. Fortunately his wallet makes him stand taller than most men.