A couple of days ago I traveled to College Park, GA to shoot Rocko Da Don‘s meet & greet at the DTLR store. I wasn’t in the store 2 minutes when a male friend approached me and began running his fingers across my scalp looking for tracks.

I notice a lot of gay men do this. But I am always confident that when they touch my hair looking for tracks, they will never find what they are searching for. That’s because my bra strap length mane is made possible through a weaving process called invisible infusions.

It’s hard to find stylists in the Atlanta area who do Invisible Infusions. Leslie Leland of Hair Ex, whose clients include Porsche Foxx and Elle of V-103, does a process similar to Invisible Infusions called the “strand by strand” method.

Hair-Ex, based in the affluent Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs, Georgia, provides top quality hair extensions for weaves. Founder and sole proprietor Leslie Leland launched the business nearly three years ago and today her pioneering enterprise is Georgia’s premier hair importer.

“We import virgin Indian and Malaysian hair from India and we retail it here in the states. I basically got into it for my colleagues in the entertainment business,” says Ms. Leland, who began her international human hair importing company while on hiatus from the music business.

Ms. Leland is the executive producer of Rissi Palmer’s (touted as the first African American female country singer) debut album.

Hair-Ex acquires the finest human manes from its cultivators overseas and does their own importing, which enables them to provide the best value for the highest quality. “I traveled over to India in December 2005, met with native exporters and studied the business,” she said. “When a customer comes in to our retail location we match their hair and they’re able to purchase it right then. On average our prices are between $350 and $900,” said Ms. Leland. (Source)

Hair-Ex is located at 5975 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, Georgia. Purchases can be made online by visiting: www.hair-ex.com or call (404) 843-4447.

Click to read about Ms. Leland in Hip Hop Weekly. (Adobe Reader required)

Trina recently shot her video for “I Gotta Thang For You” Featuring Keyshia Cole in Miami, Floriday. Both Keyshia and Trina look stunning though I don’t like Keyshia’s hair in the 2nd pic.

The video also features New York Jets Running Back Thomas Jones. The very next day, Keyshia flew to Hawaii to shoot 4 more videos. Trina’s upcoming CD “Still Da Baddest” In-Stores April 1st. Video Coming Soon!!! Thanks to Bryan Hobbs of Think Tank Marketing for the flicks!

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Thanks to loyal reader Adriana Wilson for alerting me to this new show on E! that sets up paparazzi to be punked by the same celebrities they stalk. I think this show will be the straw that breaks the paparazzi’s back.

Once magazines and tabloids catch on that an “exclusive” photo they paid thousands for might be fake, they will stop paying these exorbitant rates for photos.

    Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 22:10:55
    From: Adriana Wilson
    To: sandra@sandrarose.com
    Subject: Hello Ms. Rose

    I hope this email finds you in good health. I wanted to ask you a question: do you watch television? More importantly, the E! Network? If you do then you know about the show Pop Fiction. Pop Fiction is a show that shows celebrities setting up these fake scenarios for the media and paparazzi to follow. Recently on your site you had Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez looking all romantic shopping. Well they were shown in a recent episode planning the entire event and Tony Parker was in on it. He awarded Mario a set of tickets to a game. I was really amazed by it. I wanted to let you know because I’m a huge fan of this site and since the world is so thrilled by celebrities, its amazing to know that they (celebrities) are setting this up from the get go.

    Adriana Wilson
    -Beyond Dreaming-

If you are into hot new fashions – and you are a regular viewer of The View – you can participate in an exclusive online sample sale opportunity tomorrow.

Gilt Groupe is is a private online community that brings its members one day sample sales featuring coveted fashion and luxury brands at prices up to 70% off. Membership is by invitation only, and there is no fee associated with joining.

Gilt Groupe hand selects established and up and coming designers, from Zac Posen to Alessandro Dell’Acqua, and hosts all sales on its website.

Members enjoy fantastic sales prices on items only available in exclusive boutiques. Tomorrow, select pieces from Rachel Roy’s collection will be available. But you have to be quick. Once a sample sale begins, coveted pieces go quickly!

If you are a regular viewer of The View, visit www.gilt.com to apply for membership to participate in Rachel Roy’s one-day sample sale tomorrow.

Thanks to loyal reader Angela Watts for the tip!

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This picture titled “Rihanna and her baby” is not funny to me. Why would anyone take the time to make something like this? Aren’t there enough volunteer opportunities out there for people with idle hands? Clearly, this is the work of a disturbed individual. Hopefully Rihanna’s handlers will beef up her security staff the next time she’s out in public.