Usher Has No Love For the Kids

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Confucius say you can tell a man’s true character not by what he says but by what he does. In Usher Raymond‘s case, you can tell his true character by what he doesn’t say. As you know, Usher married his longtime jumpoff Tameka Foster who was previously married to clothier Ryan Glover for whom she bore 3 boys.

We know from Usher’s relationship with Chilli that Usher was seemingly close to Chilli’s son Tron – but caught amnesia once the couple separated.

But to be fair, Usher wasn’t married to Chilli so he had no responsibility to her son. Likewise, he didn’t owe the boy anything during the relationship or once the union ended.

On the other hand, when a man marries a woman with kids, that man is obligated to at least acknowledge the children during a moment of candor.

In a very telling interview with Parlourmagazine, Usher talks about where he stands as a husband and father, blah, blah, blah. He expresses his love for his wife, his baby son and his fans without any mention of the children that Tameka brought into their relationship. He acted like the boys didn’t exist in his world.

Then he goes on to say this:

“I love my son and I love my wife and they’re the supporting foundation of what I’m doing. I love my fans—I thank y’all so, so much for coming back to the party with me. For all you haters, sorry we back on top. [Laughs]

It’s very revealing that his haters were on his mind but not his stepsons.

That has to be tough on Tameka as a wife and mother to hear her man publicly express his love for his fans but not for her children. Or maybe I’m making too much out of what he didn’t say?


Classic Old School Bling

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Blender magazine compiled a photo history of classic old school bling back when jewelry meant a little more than a means to brag about what you have. Back in the day, jewelry was a rapper’s one-of-a-kind glittering showpiece created as a image of their self-identity. Today, not so much.

Take for instance the turntable piece above owned by the Mathematiks. “The turntable is built on a spindle and actually has a spring, so if you apply a little pressure, it bounces like a real turntable.”

Ever dreamt of having the blinged-out necklaces and medallions that you see flaunted everywhere? While you keep saving for that pipe dream, has compiled a list of the “The Best Bling Ever.” From Ghostface Killah to the “King of Bling” himself, Slick Rick, check out your favorite stars showing off their astonishing gold, diamonds, and more right here.


NKOTB Coming For Day 26

Not to be outdone by Sean Combs‘ manufactured group, Day 26, Maurice Starr‘s manufactured group New Kids On the Block are making a return. They still look fantastic after their unintentional hiatus from the music biz.

Unlike band members Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg who parlayed their good looks and talent into successful carers outside of music – Danny Wood, Jordan and Jonathan Knight have struggled to make their marks after the phenomenal success of NKOTB.

Obviously buoyed by the surprise success of Day 26, the Kids are hoping to reignite the stage and clean up financially during their upcoming tour. Details on the tour can be found on their website


Cracks in Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship exposed

A well-connected industry source says the manufactured relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown is beginning to fray. The source says Rihanna still has a soft spot for the goofy crooner, but he can’t get his manager Tina out of his system.

The source also said Rihhana begs Chris to accompany her to events on both coasts but he always leaves her side and jets off to be with Tina. “[Rihanna] really thinks he’s into her but he’s acting like a schoolboy chasing after Tina,” said the source.


People’s 100 Most Beautiful: Guess who didn’t make the cut?

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People magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful people in the world issue is set to hit the stands. I have no clue who the person on the cover is. I guess I’m supposed to know her?

Anyway, the Diva Mary J. Blige, footballer Jason Taylor and actress Zoe Saldana are the only people of color who made the cut as World’s Most Beautiful. Imagine that.

I’m shocked that Rihanna isn’t on the list and I have already fired off an email to the editors in protest.


Photo of the Day: Bow Wow keeps score

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I’m told this is the cutie that Bow Wow was keeping score with at the Celebrity Bowling Night at 300 Bowling Alley Sunday night. I hope Melody Thornton of the Pussycat Dolls doesn’t read my site. I would hate to break her heart, but Bow Weezy is a MAN, baby. That’s how they do you. They turn your pages then toss you to the side like yesterday’s newspaper.

By the way, how come I never get an invite to these Bowling Nights?


CORRECTION: Bow Wow and Yung Berg are good Pals

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According to an insider, Bow Wow and Yung Berg did not engage in fisticuffs at the 300 Celebrity Bowling Night on Sunday, as I was led to believe. The guys were actually discussing their scorecards!

Photo by Freddyo Exclusively for

It was all a misunderstanding and I hear that Bow Wow and Berg had a good laugh after reading it on my site. My apologies for any inconvenience the erroneous posting may have caused. Those guys are such good sports. :)

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