The woman who prosecutors say could blow the R. Kelly child molestation case wide open returned to Atlanta yesterday after her scheduled testimony was delayed for two days.

Lisa Van Allen, 27, is the prosecution's star witness who allegedly had a three-way sexual encounter with Kelly and the 13-year old girl at the center of the case against Kelly. Allen is expected to return to Chicago to testify on Monday.

Allen's testimony was delayed because the defense flew in a witness from Atlanta who, according to the judge, could undermine her credibility.

The defense witness, Damon Pryor, arrived in Chicago on Wednesday night at the expense of R. Kelly. Once in Chicago, Pryor refused to give the prosecution his Social Security number for a background check to verify he is who he says he is.

The judge refused to allow Pryor's testimony without a background check.

Additionally, a video expert testified Thursday that a dark area on Kelly's back "corresponds" with a mole on Kelly's back.

The expert also said it was "impossible" the tape had been digitally altered. (Source)

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(Photo source)

  • candycane

    I heard on the radio this morning that there is a new "surprise" witness for the defense. Some man who is going to say it was in in the video pretending to be R. Kelly.

    But, they also said the tape is not fake, it is 100% real

  • 2bme

    aww shukey duckey..the pied piper and his goldilocks are off to jail..wonder who's gonna "braid his hair" ..

  • african_dude

    call me crazy but i think the way this trial is turning r kelly might walk away free, this is becoming a total mess, witnesses here and there, one camp saying he`s the one in the tape, the other saying its not him and so on and so forth, we`re told the FBI authentified the tape, hmmm if they did why wasting all that time? if he`s the one why this thirsty need for witnesses who in the long run tend to contradict themselves? some people are getting probably by r kelly to say whatever, the girl in question denies she`s the one in the tape wtf?
    total mess indeed!

  • toosexy

    ok, well her butt need to be prosecuted too then, why she tesifying i mean is it better that she is a woman who had a threesome with a 13 year old and now she is a witness PLEASE her butt need to be getting prosecuted too then, and just because the feds say the case is authentic doesn't mean that the person in the video is r.kelly it just means the tape is not a fake. I hope justice is prevailed, if r.kelly did it he and the girl (witness) need to be punished!

  • mizzdallas

    R.Kelly is like the predator who want die, die MuthaF'er!

    Okay I had to get that off my chest!

    Now she must have a made a plea deal with the district attorney b/c she too particapated an illegal sexual activities with the molestor.

    @ first R.Kelly wanted his brother to admit he was in the tape but his brother wouldnt do it Now this fool wants to step up and admit that he was in the video because RKelly paid him this ish is getting more and more confusing, but bets to believe R is going under HELL and JAIL!

  • cupcakes

    I'm with you toosexy!! She needs to be held accountable for her actions as well!!

    This trial is a trip!!

  • 2bme

    How long ago was the tape does anyone remember? Isn't the 13 year old of age now? If that's the case, the current witness wouldn't be prosecuted because she was underage at the time as well..

  • Anna

    @ african_dude Says:

    call me crazy but i think the way this trial is turning r kelly might walk away free, this is becoming a total mess,
    This is what the defense wants. To keep it so confusing so they can have a mistrial or just dismiss the case. There is so much choas going on. This trial was predicited to last 2 weeks. Too many ppl left to put on the stand. To many surprise witnesses.

  • bloggergirlz

    Judge rules DeRogatis must testify
    Sun-Times music critic Jim DeRogatis must testify for the defense in R. Kelly's child porn trial, Judge Vincent Gaughan ruled this morning.

    DeRogatis passed the notorious sex tape at the center of the case to police for investigation in 2002, and Kelly's attorneys say it is "crucial" to the singer's defense that DeRogatis testify.

    Sun-Times attorney Damon Dunn argued Friday morning that DeRogatis should be protected from testifying by the Illinois reporter's privilege and the First Amendment. Kelly's attorneys were attempting to create a "chilling effect" against reporters covering Kelly by bringing DeRogatis in to testify, he said.

    Anything DeRogatis could say in court would be "irrelevant" to Kelly's defense, he added.

    But Gaughan sided with Kelly's attorney Marc Martin, saying that the reporter's privilege only protects journalists from identifying their sources. Gaughan said he would not allow Kelly's team to question DeRogatis about his sources, or to ask him how he got the tape, or to ask DeRogatis if he made a copy of the tape. "He will have to testify," Gaughan concluded.

    Gaughan also said DeRogatis would have to turn over any notes relating to that meeting with Sparkle, saying that he did not believe that would reveal anything about DeRogatis's sources.

    Previous testimony has shown that DeRogatis told police an anonymous tipster left the tape in his mailbox.

    In ruling that DeRogatis must testify, Gaughan said the defense had said "seven times that they are not interested in his sources."

    Kelly's attorneys say they believe DeRogatis may undermine the testimony of Stephanie "Sparkle" Edwards, who told police she had seen a copy of the tape with DeRogatis on a date after DeRogatis had passed the tape to police.

    Martin told Gaughan, "This case began with Mr. DeRogatis passing on that tape and we certainly have a right to present that evidence to the jury."

    Martin added that DeRogatis had a "extreme bias" against Kelly.

    He added, "The bias was so strong that it impelled the reporter to violate the law," suggesting that DeRogatis had made an "illegal" copy of the tape before passing it police.

    Speaking outside court after Gaughan's ruling, Dunn said DeRogatis would appeal.

  • marshefen

    I'm not sure how old the witness is now, but from my understanding she was over 18 when the tape was made. So she's just as guilty. I believe there was some kind of plea deal made in her case.

  • bloggergirlz

    Pitted against each other as witnesses, Lisa Van Allen and Damon Pryor share a past — and a child.

    Van Allen, 27, is the prosecution’s star witness who is expected testify she had a three-way sexual encounter with R. Kelly and the underage girl who allegedly appears in a sex video with the singer.

    Van Allen, who lives in the Atlanta area, at one time possessed another sex videotape featuring Kelly, sources previously told the Sun-Times. A Kelly aide paid her to get it back, sources said. The tape showed Van Allen, the underage girl, and Kelly engaged in sex acts, a source said.

    With Van Allen’s testimony expected this week, the defense revealed Wednesday it had a new witness — Pryor — who could undermine her credibility.

    Pryor is Van Allen’s former boyfriend and the father of her daughter, according to Yul Brown, who lives with Van Allen and says he is her fiancé.

    “He’s just looking for his 15 minutes of fame,” Brown said of Pryor.

    Van Allen was born in Hartford, Conn. and grew up in Atlanta, Brown said. She is currently four months pregnant, he said.

    She met Kelly while the singer was filming a video for his song “Home Alone.” She then went on tour with him, Brown said.

    Her hobbies include cooking and traveling, Brown said, and she often watches ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, he said.

  • bloggergirlz

    @2bme: the girl on the tape is 24...the girl involved w/ the threesome is 27...

  • shunda

    No they did not give chick a bio. Who cares what she watches. This trial is like a made for tv movie.

  • bloggergirlz

    sandra, the girl who got arrested for yelling "free r kelly" isn't the girl w/ the red hair...the woman who screamed that is acutally 48 years old (which is probably worse)...the woman has a history of being locked up...she looks crazy a$$ hell...

  • bloggergirlz

    @ shunda:

    this $hit is like a circus!

  • pinkvirgo

    The tape is about 10 years old so she was barely of ager herself maybe 17?It's still gross but she didn't commit a crime she's just a FREAK!!!Talk about "and if she licking that good ish then she gone flirt w/her"lol

  • pinkvirgo

    bloggergirlz Says:
    she often watches ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, he said

    She should be on trial for that muahhhhhh!

  • chocolatechild

    If what this chick says is true then she should be prosecuted for having sex with a minor too!

  • Terry .W

    ^^^^^ exactly what I was thinking chocolatechild

  • milly

    I'm looking foward to seeing this man locked up. :)

  • candycane

    Is it really necessary to tell where this dayum woman grew up and what she watches on tv COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNNN, this ish is so sick and twisted

    I sure wish it was being televised

  • krbinc

    lock his ass up ALREADY!

  • 2thick4u

    He flying people in to lie on the stand!! His ass is wanted!!!

    He should have been trying to buy this nigha an identity. R. Kelly is stupid and so are his lawyers!!!

  • T.Michelle

    Well is she was in the three way with them, doesnt that make her just as guilty?

  • Anna

    @ T.Michelle Says:

    Well is she was in the three way with them, doesnt that make her just as guilty?

    It does but if you do the math it makes her 18. Which is of age but, for her testimony she gets ammunity.

    As much as I love the weekends, I can't wait until Monday for the trial to resume.

  • lovejoy1

    I hope Kel dont get off but if he do he is definitely going to hell..

  • lovejoy1

    Bad English I know “I meant to say if he does get off then he is definitely going to hell.

  • ReadTheBlog

    These people are sick...

  • msgurl

    You know what is absolutely pathetic??? After all these years, this is the best the prosecution can do??? I, like most of the mainstream, absolutely despise child molesters and pedophiles. Unfortunately, the prosecution has been such an utter failure that you can't blame R.Kelly for using his hard earned money and influence to exploit every last one of the prosecution's mis-steps. With this absolute failure by the prosecution, even Kelly is starting to wonder if he really had sex with a minor.
    If the pushbacks and challenges by the Kelly team weren't legitimate, this judge would have shut them down long time ago and this trial would be over by now. And Kelly would be knitting caps or gluing match sticks while standing with his ass pressed up against a wall.
    Now we are looking at a 50/50 chance Kelly will/willnot be found guilty.
    How did this happen????? Incompetence is how! Our beloved justice system.

  • Liyah74

    I'm suprise no one on the comments section have yet to expose more dirt on this chick. Come people on, I know alot of people in ATL lurks here. Someone must know more information about this chick other than what the Chicago Tribune has posted on there website.

  • LAChick

    ...HOW do trifling, nasty chicks keep men...damn! Her man defending her, she is a admitted child molestor and blackmailer, yet engaged and 4 months pregnant and of course the usual somebody's baby mama already..that due is testifying against her, no matter that she has his child, plus that b*tch admits to watching Kim and her tribe, lock her horrible azz up. I suspect her men are the ones nobody wants but damn how do these people exist....


    Ok so when is this f*ckery gonna be over?