Bryan Michael cox, Monica and Ludacris at Luda's restaurant Straits. Photos by Freddy O Exclusively for


Peachtree TV's Sarah Schmitz invited out last night (6/20) to capture behind-the-scenes shots of Monica and friends filming her new reality TV show "Monica: The Single".

My photographer, Freddy O got the chance to hear the new single and he was literally floored! "Sandra, that's the ONE!", he said.

According to Freddy O, Monica broke down in tears while recording the ballad at a Buckhead studio last night. I know the name of The Single but I can't reveal it yet. "Monica: The Single" premieres on Peachtree TV on August 5, 2008, in select markets!

Photo by Freddy O Exclusively for

My photographer Freddy O and I were invited by Peachtree TV's Sarah Schmitz to capture exclusive behind the scenes shots of Monica and friends while she filmed her new reality TV series, "Monica: The Single", on Friday (6/20).

During a break in the filming, Monica joined her cousin Ludacris, Solange, Bryan Michael Cox and Peachtree TV execs at Luda's new restaurant, Straits. It turns out Solange is a reader. She said, "YOU'RE THAT FREDDY O BOY?!", when introduced to my photographer at the restaurant following her performance at The Tabernacle last night.

We here at love the new direction Solange has taken her music in. She can't help who her sister is. It took courage to abandon the trail blazed by her sister to develop a musical style all her own. And we LOVE it!

We also love Solange's fashion sense. Here she poses with Ludacris at his restaurant last night. Her shoes are Marni and the bag is by Gucci. I couldn't find the bag online so if someone could help me with the price I'll edit this post. More pics on Monday!

Product details below:

Marni Platform Sandals
Sandal in shiny patent calf leather. Two small buckled belts slide into metal slots respectively placed on a raw-edged band round the heel and on two edges rising laterally from the sole and wrapping up the toes. The shape of the sole is really peculiar: it actually looks like a leaf if seen from above.


Celeb Style is sponsored by P.Valentine Boutique. Owned by 2 of Atlanta's fashionistas. Sherlita Patton (wife of Antwan "Big Boi" Patton) and Tracy Valentine, P.Valentine remains the true celebrity secret. For more information visit

Once again a cream puff judge has allowed a celebrity to slide for an offense that would have landed us regular folk in the clink. Naomi Campbell went before a judge in Magistrate's court in England today where she plead guilty (again) to assault and disorderly conduct.

Campbell was sentenced to 200 hours community service (again). That means she's free to continue assaulting and abusing the common folk because all she will get is a slap on the wrist. At what point do they turn the lock and throw away the key?

Janet Jackson and MTV have kissed and made up. It's the least they could do since the network (and JD) helped to ruin her career. Now comes word that MTV has green lighted a reality TV show where Janet will go on the search for the next Superstar.

According to Variety, Janet is developing a music competition for MTV. "It’s really about finding who’s the next Janet Jackson or Justin Timberlake or Usher," said exec producer Dave Broome.

MTV's cameras will follow Janet into YMCAs (?), church groups and local community centers to cast hopefuls. Producers haven't decided what to do with the winner yet. Maybe he/she will get two tickets to Jackson’s upcoming tour?

I'm yawning already.

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I like to see extremely confident men like Pharrell Williams buck the trends to suit their own personal tastes. The cardigan sweater, polo shirt, jeans and deck shoes are from Pharrell's Billionaire Boy's Club line.

Product details below:

BBC Jet Polo (White)
100% Cotton. This BBC Polo features our signature "Jet" logo embroidered patch on the front left chest with our classic Billionaire Boys Club "Helmet" logo embroidered patch on the left sleeve. Very limited quantities.
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BBC Dollar & Diamond "Smart Cut" Jeans (Navy)
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The cardigans are sold out

Celeb Style is sponsored by P.Valentine Boutique. Owned by 2 of Atlanta's fashionistas. Sherlita Patton (wife of Antwan "Big Boi" Patton) and Tracy Valentine, P.Valentine remains the true celebrity secret. For more information visit

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Ladies, this email might come as a shock to some of you. I guess Idris is very well-known in the strip clubs?

Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 12:07:36
From: [Name removed by request]
Subject: How bout ya Morning Wood is not WOOD at ALL

Word in the strip club is........ that your morning wood (Idris Elba) is NOT wood at all.... more like a toothpick. What a major disappointment!!!

Maybe that's why he wouldn't let you take pics of him because your camera may have had X-Ray vision!! Or maybe that's why he goes for the simple girls...cuz they're so star struck and they don't care!!!

Photo evidence is coming soon.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

    According to, Shaniqua was slapped with a $20 million defamation suit in Connecticut court for accusing Fiddy -- over and over again -- of burning down his own house, and trying to kill her and his own son.

I don't believe this: 50 Cent's baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins (allegedly) torches his million-dollar home, refuses to allow her son to talk to his father and bad mouths him to the press, yet SHE gets a restraining order against him?

OK, clearly the judge is not a 50 Cent fan:

    50 Cent will have to stay well away from baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins -- and if he wants to see his son Marquise, the pickup's going to be curbside.

    Tompkins got a temporary restraining order against Fiddy, which, we're told, will require him to forfeit any guns and other firearms and any pickup and drop off of Marquise must be "at curbside." He's also not allowed to be on any premises where Shaniqua is, but there's no distance specified.

    Shaniqua's lawyer Paul Catsandonis says that they will be arguing for a permanent restraining order against the rapper next month. (Source)

This seems so unfair!

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I like this dress with those 4-inch razor heels. Basic black splashes of color is a very cute look. But what's with the civil war hat and the pilot's hat? Is this what she wears when she's role playing with Chris Brown in the bedroom?

Celeb Style is sponsored by P.Valentine Boutique. Owned by 2 of Atlanta's fashionistas. Sherlita Patton (wife of Antwan "Big Boi" Patton) and Tracy Valentine, P.Valentine remains the true celebrity secret. For more information visit

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We don't talk much about Beyoncé around here because there's really nothing to talk about. But is she losing her hair? Or maybe the rumors that she's pregnant are true - although we have yet to see any evidence.

Isn't a woman supposed to positively glow when she's pregnant? A better question would be: isn't a woman supposed to look better after she gets married?

I've never seen a woman - married or single - go to sh*t faster than Beyonce. She's looking terrible lately. Her hair is unkempt, unwashed and thinning at the ends. No make up. Face looking drawn and tight. Something's going on with her. I hope she's not letting Rihanna's world dominance get to her?

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