Good news from the pitbull known as Hillary Rodham Clinton is planning to release her grip on the throat of the Democratic party.

Clinton plans to announce she is ending her divisive candidacy and throwing her supporting behind Barack Obama, who is set to clinch the Democratic nomination.

We're hoping she just disappears from the political landscape completely. We're also hoping Obama distances himself from Clinton if he knows what's good for him.

You asked for chocolate mocha with your morning cup of coffee: I give you Rundu model Dynast Hollis. Unfortunately, I saw a blip on my GAYdar screen. I'm not sure what that means. :)

Apologies to my readers for this post. This song by the College Hill ATL cast member is hot stinking GARBAGE! Lol! Isn't it appropriate that the name of Drew's song is BOOTY talk - considering the rumors that he's a bit loose in the caboose? Don't quit your day job, Drew (if you even have a job). :lol:

It looks like Queen Latifah is due for another breast reduction.... and a tummy tuck and liposuction. Men never have to worry about adjusting and rejuvenating their body parts. The things we have to go through to stay beautiful.

(Photo source)

The judge presiding over the R. Kelly trial has decided Sun-Times reporter and music critic Jim DeRogatis does not have to testify after all.

Judge Gaughan ruled Friday that DeRogatis had no protection against testifying under either the First Amendment or the Illinois reporter's privilege. He reaffirmed that decision Tuesday when DeRogatis failed to show up in court, saying that DeRogatis must testify because the reporter's privilege only protects journalists from revealing their sources.

But this morning the judge ruled that DeRogatis was protected against self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment. "He does not have to testify," the judge said.

Meanwhile, two Kansas City men are on their way to Chicago with what they say will be "devastating revelations" about the alleged three-way tape. READ MORE...

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Hopefully you read my post about and you took advantage of the opportunity to join the site. If you didn't catch my post, click here.

Anyway, I'm off to bid on a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sneakers. I've had my eye on a pair for a while now. But I refuse to pay a car note for a pair of sneakers. :)

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According to loyal reader, Chelle Belle, Edgar Bronfman, Jr was married to a black woman and together they had 3 bi-racial children, Vanessa, Benjamin and Hannah. They divorced in 1991. Bronfman's father, Edgar Bronfman Sr, then chairman of The Seagram Company Ltd., wrote a book detailing his disappointment with his son for marrying a black woman.


This morning I wrote a post about British/ Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A. announcing her engagement to the son of Warner chief Edgar Bronfman. I found the above pic on Does anyone know if that's Bronfman's son Benjamin Brewer with M.I.A.?

This pic shows Bronfman with his daughter Vanessa, who looks mixed to me.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

This is sad. This boy belongs in a juvenile detention facility or at least a longterm treatment facility for children with severe emotional problems and personality disorders.

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Loyal reader NYCUTIE requested some chocolate with her morning coffee (shouts to pinkvirgo for the link). This is calendar model Keston Carter. He's quite handsome, but he literally screams GAY to me. Any man who pumps up his body to please other men is suspect. If you get a chance to see body builders work out: watch how they admire each other's bodies and touch each other. They play it off by patting each other or offering to rub oil on each other. They're not pumping up for you, ladies. :)

Newly christened Style Icon, Zoe Kravitz, attended Ricky Powell's "Illy Funksters" Exhibition opening at the MILK Gallery in NYC last night. Her wedge heel sandals might have been one size too small for her feet, but that's okay. She's still hawt in a sixties Bohemian, Greenwich Village, bourgeois hipster kind of way. :)

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If you're a regular reader then you know that I don't think Senator Barack Obama stands a chance in hell will win in November. Obama will lose the election because he's going up against the same system that helped George Bush engineer one of the biggest heists in history: stealing the 2000 presidential election from Al Gore.

I'm not well versed in politics and I'm not a gifted writer who can eloquently weave a story out of the printed word. So I'm going to let Divalina break it down for you:


Please take a moment to go over and read Divalina's entire post so you can better understand why Obama won't win in November.

Thank you to David Simpson of the AJC for following up on this story about Nafiza Ziyad, the mentally ill woman whose videotaped rant aboard a MARTA train received over 600,000 views on YouTube and became a viral sensation.

Ziyad, 25, is now living in a personal care home for the mentally ill. According to her attorney, she was jailed from May 8 on simple misdemeanor charges for verbally abusing an elderly MARTA passenger - until her release late Friday evening.

Ziyad must live at the facility in order to remain out of the DeKalb County jail on bond, defense attorney Derek Gage of the DeKalb County public defender's office said Tuesday.

The name and location of the home were sealed in court records to protect Ziyad's privacy.

The young woman who was diagnosed bipolar in 2003, was arrested at least 12 times in several counties over a 4 year period. But each time she was released back onto the streets without treatment.

"We're not dealing with a criminal here," said Mr. Gage, who showed remarkable insight and sensitivity to Ziyad's plight. "We're dealing with someone who's mentally ill and doesn't have the services available to her that she should have available to her because she is indigent."

This is a shame because jail staff and a judge should have recognized that Ziyad was a danger to herself and to the public. This case illustrates the urgent need for additional funding and mental health staffing at County jails.

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Chicago Sun-Times music writer Jim DeRogatis is in hot water with the judge presiding over the R. Kelly child pron trial.

The writer, who defense attorneys say is responsible for the widespread distribution of the videotape at the center of the case, was a no-show at a Cook County court yesterday morning to testify in the R. Kelly trial.

Despite a court order demanding his presence in the courtroom, the writer, affectionately known as "DeRos", did not say 'present' when the judge called roll on Tuesday. The Chicago Tribune reports that DeRos never received the summons to appear in court. The paper did not explain how everyone else on the planet knew DeRos was subpoenaed to appear in court.

The judge threatened to arrest DeRos and haul him into court if he doesn't appear today. This should be interesting since Kelly's case hinges on DeRos' testimony about what happened to the controversial tape after it came into his possession in 2002.

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Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton was so smitten with this photo that I posted of Big Gay Al Reynolds hiding his candy, that he chased down Al's publicist, Howard Bragman, to confirm if the pic was real or Photoshopped.

Who would go to such lengths to confirm the authenticity of a pic of Big Gay Al Reynolds? Oh yeah, another gay man.

Anyways, Al's rep confirmed the photo was real. Said the rep: "Don't try to make a shirtless picture something it's not - that's my comment."

I'm shocked that the publicist even commented at all.

After announcing her engagement to the son of Warner head honcho Edgar Bronfman, British/Sri Lankan rap diva M.I.A. pocketed a cool $100,000 for a 30-minute gig on Sunday.

M.I.A., real name, Maya Arulpragasam, plans to marry Bronfman's son, rock guitarist Benjamin Brewer as soon as possible.

Coincidently, M.I.A.'s work visa expires at the end of June which means she has to leave her NY apartment and exit the country -- unless she's married to an American by then.

M.I.A.'s troubles with immigration are well-documented. She was denied entry to the States in 2006 because her father was once a solider in a terrorist organization.

M.I.A. once said she wanted to marry Kanye West so she could qualify for a green card. Apparently she wasn't joking.

The 27-year-old performed for 30 minutes at an MTV Movie Awards after-party sponsored by Target and Converse One Star on Sunday. During her performance, she jumped on top of a photo booth and told the crowd she was making $100K for the gig: "I’m going to use it to build schools in Liberia," she said. "It costs $52k to build a school for 1,000."

If she can get it, maybe T.I.'s demand for $100K for nightclub appearances doesn't sound so ridiculous after all.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Usher's new album, Here I Stand, debuted at #1 this week as predicted with 445k. The total wasn't enough to challenge Mariah Carey's title for highest sales in the first week for her CD E=MC2, which bowed with 476k in sales back in April. (Source)

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

The prosecution's star witness in the R. Kelly trial told the jury on Monday that R. Kelly carried a duffel bag full of explicit videotapes wherever he went.

Lisa Van Allen - now 27 and pregnant with her second child - was 17-years-old when she met and began having sexual relations with the singer. Van Allen testified that Kelly once videotaped her encounter with Kelly and the then 13-year-old girl who is at the center of the charges against Kelly.

She recalled Kelly once stopped the camcorder when she began to cry during an encounter between just the two of them. "He got upset and said he couldn't watch that. He couldn't do anything with that, with me crying. He stopped the camera," Van Allen said.

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R. Kelly's alleged victim is all grown up now. That's her on the left and right in the top composite photo.

Her group, 4 The Cause, is still recording and they have a Myspace page here.

I'm not going to pass judgment on the girl because she was only 13 at the time R. Kelly illegally videotaped her. But she did know some things that I didn't know when I was 13.

Thanks to loyal reader Kim Suchnsuch for the link!

Most of you know Tahj Mowry from The Disney Channel or as the little brother of twins Tia and Tamera Mowry. But I remember him as the little kid on "The Smart Guy" from back in the day.

Tahj's bio is very impressive. It reads like the bio of someone who has a few Emmy Awards in their trophy case. But Tahj will never win a Grammy for his music. The boy simply can't sing! He sounds like he's crying.

I hate to break his little heart, but somebody needs to tell him to stick to acting. :lol:

Thanks to loyal reader Zuley for the link!

According to a teacher who taught the young man pictured on the gay men's chat site, he is not Drew Dennis of College Hill after all. His homosexual tendencies delicate demeanor sure fooled me!:

    Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2008 08:53:36
    Subject: RE: Conclusive Evidence

    I read a story on Drew Dennis regarding his sexual orientation on your site (6/3/08); however, the person featured on the picture outlined in red is not Drew Dennis. I taught the young man on the gay site (Shocking!) as recent as last year. I've seen Drew on College Hill and know that both young men are not one in the same. I will not disclose the young man's name, nor the school he attended.

    Also, according to BET Website, Drew Dennis is 21 years old, the young man in the picture is no older than 18. I know you're a blogger and your site is for entertainment purposes only; however, when I see an out of place article that I have knowledge of, I want to ensure that I provide information pertaining to its factural contents.

    Thanks! Love your site, keeps me entertained. My daughter will not read anything else on the Internet for your site.

Earlier I posted a video of R. Kelly's alleged victim who was in a group called 4 The Cause. According to my loyal reader Kathi Diva, the girl was 13 at the time she was videotaped engaging in sexual acts with R. Kelly.

Allegedly, the girl's cousin, singer Sparkle, pimped her out to Kelly who was notorious for his unnatural attraction to underage girls.

I've seen the video, and clearly the little girl in the video looked younger than 13.

Hopefully the Chicago jury will do the right thing and remove this parasite from society.

    Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 14:43:52
    From: Kathi Diva
    Subject: R kelly's alleged victim

    The young girl in the center of the picture is R.Kelly's alleged victim Reshona Edwards (Sparkle's cousin not Neice). He is a sick man. She is only a baby as you can see. I hope he gets what is coming to him.

    Kathi diva

As predicted by everyone, Senator Barack Obama becomes the first person of color to be chosen the Democratic nominee for the presidency. PLEASE make sure your children and grandchildren understand the HISTORICAL significance of this day!!!

I understand that model Naomi Campbell and Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley are considered style icons. And I understand that as style icons they can and will push the envelope of style into the stratosphere. But these outfits will not work on any planet.

I'm mad at Andre for those purple velvet open toe sandals. And I'm even madder at Naomi for those sequined Hammer pants.

(Photo source)

The Life Files thinks Kanye West and Nick Cannon's old flame Selita Ebanks are kicking it based on this photo they took together at a function.

Well, I happen to know that Selita and Giants player Osi Umenyiora are tighter than a crab's ass. And, furthermore, why would Selita want Kanye other than for his money?

But I could be wrong. Lawd knows I've been wrong before.

I just got back from the TLC Laser Eye Center where I went to get an evaluation. This is the same place where Tiger Woods got his Laser surgery done. I planned on getting the Laser procedure to correct the vision in my right eye. But according to the optometrist there, the vision in my right eye is 20/60 and the cut off for the procedure is 20/40!

Isn't 20/40 good vision? So in other words your vision has to already be good to get your vision corrected which makes no sense.

Anyway, I return home to an avalanche of hate mail regarding the Dru Ski controversy. Most of the mail comes from the "thugs" on whose covers were blown when I linked to the site yesterday.

Apparently some of you ladies found your men on there.

This is my favorite email from one of them and I hope you like it too. :)

    Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 09:56:10
    From: Eric Oliver
    Subject: A Shame!!!!


    I'm somewhat a reader of your "site" and for a long time i have been wanting to register with your site just so i could READ your ass. What i have learned from visiting your site is that you are such an immature and negative person with VARIOUS topics. Its one thing to be a blogger and be positive but you are more negative than anything. It may get you attention at the time but I will be the first to tell you that it is going to come back to bite you in the ass! When you first posted the story of Drew being gay and being on i looked at it as just mere entertainment and a quick laugh but soon got over the BLAH story. But after visiting your site again and seeing that you posted even more posts about Drew i just felt bad for you. I cannot believe that someone that is suppose to be as professional as you are would allow yourself to put people business on the street as you did.

Read more »

Photo: Derek Blanks


I understand College Hill Atlanta cast member Dorion is catching a little flack from BET for speaking his mind about fellow cast mate Drew Dennis yesterday.

Just to be clear: Dorion never said Drew was gay. He said he didn't like the brother. There's no law that says you can't give your opinion of a nucca - whether that opinion is positive or negative.

Hold your head up, Dorion! You have a great future as a male model ahead of you. Tell BET to put that where? Back there! :lol:

Apparently the mainstream media doesn't realize that Sean Combs is a conniving narcissist who will do anything for press coverage. Even if that means giving the illusion that he's dating a bevy of A-list celebrities.

If there are paparazzi nearby and Sean Combs smells them - he goes into action by putting his arm around the lady celeb and acting "cozy" with her. The dumb ass celebrities have no clue what he's doing - or do they?

It happened to Tracey Edmonds who quickly denied the romance.

Now actress Cameron Diaz has put an end to the rumors that she's dating Sean Combs by stepping out with Paul Sculfor who used to date Jennifer Anniston.

"They looked really flirty," says a source of the pair's dinner at Santa Monica's Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi on Sunday night, "She was laughing really loud at all of his jokes. It looked like a date." (Source)

Hey Sean, Tatum O'Neal might be available!

One thing I can't stand is a man who acts like a bitch. There's a lot of that here in Atlanta. There are more bitch made men per capita in Atlanta than anywhere else in the country. That's a startling statistic when you consider the fact that women outnumber men in Atlanta by 2-1.

I also heard that College Hill alumni Drew Dennis called into the popular radio station Hot 107.9 this morning and put your Auntie Sandra on blast. Drew disputed the Morning Wood post and said that wasn't him. He called your auntie "trash" among other things.

Dru, you need to grow some balls, son. I never said it was you - your own friends said that. But if it's not you, why are you drawing more attention to this site? Maybe if you didn't act like a bitch nobody could confuse you for one, hmm? By the way, I thank you for the extra traffic!

Now word comes to me through the grapevine that you are planning to step to my friend Dorion when the College Hill Reunion tapes soon. I hope you don't do that because then I will have to pull some more dirt out the back of your closet. This time there will be no disputing my info.

And I hope they put that on TV! :lol:

Thanks to loyal reader Sharonda for finding this link on BET's own website of Drew Dennis with a large tattoo on his upper right arm. The tattoo is in the same location as the tattoo on a man seen on a gay men's chat site groping another man's testicles.

Although I had my doubts, Drew's own friends say he's the man in the photo.