Does anyone still watch BET’s 106 & Park? I’m just asking because this next piece might be of interest to you if you’re one of the few holdovers from the Free and AJ era.

The urban blogosphere is buzzing about the alleged friction between Rocsi and Terrence on BET’s 106 & Park last Thursday which resulted in Rocsi storming off the set. In reality, the alleged beef was actually a staged publicity stunt – and not a very good one at that.

The terrible acting left the live studio audience looking lost and confused. It all started when Terrence clowned Rocsi for incorrectly reading an email address off the teleprompter. He then read the same email address incorrectly three times in a row!

Terrence’s juvenile antics continued throughout the show until Rocsi – who may or may not have been in on the stunt – decided she had enough and walked off the set.

Fortunately, my loyal readers didn’t fall for the okey doke: they remember when the same thing happened back in 2005 with Free walking off the set leaving AJ holding the mic. Eventually, both Free and AJ were forced out when they refused to accept a wage freeze.

Look for either Rocsi or Terrence (or both) to leave the show in the upcoming days. The ratings for 106 & Park are at the lowest in the show’s history and management is desperate to make a change.

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Angelina Jolie wasted no time outsmarting domain squatters by snapping up domain names for her twin boy and girl just hours after they were born.

For those not in the know, domain squatters are enterprising con artists who buy domain names of famous people or things – and then hold the domains for ransom, so to speak.

Jolie’s attorneys Lavely & Singer, snapped up and as soon as the ink was dry on their birth certificates. Jolie also did the same thing when Shiloh was born in 2005 by registering and all its variations.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s twins arrived over the weekend in Nice, France. Now all that’s left is to see which tabloid or magazine wins the bidding war for the exclusive rights to the pics. My money is on People magazine:

When the moment finally came to welcome their newborn twins into the world, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were as calm as could be.

During the labor and delivery, the couple “were talking, they were together,” Dr. Michel Sussmann told reporters outside Fondation Lenval Hospital in Nice, France, where twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon were born on Saturday. “It was an epidural, so [Angelina] was awake and speaking and laughing. They were happy.”

Pitt never left Jolie’s side – “he was my assistant!” Sussmann said jokingly – and even cut the babies’ umbilical cords.

“He was … perfectly calm, totally determined, very pleased to be at the birth of his children, very moved and very emotional,” said Sussmann.

Asked whether the birth had been a textbook delivery, Sussmann replied, “absolutely no problems.” (Source)

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The Summer 2008 issue of Rap-Up magazine features three female stars who are poised to shake up the industry: Teyana Taylor, Keri Hilson and Solange. All three ladies bring something new and unique to the stagnant music industry.

Hopefully by the end of the year, the likes of Beyonce and Cassie will be a distant memory. By then, Monica and Brandy will have dropped new music in addition to Teyana, Keri and Sol-Angel. What a great year 2009 is shaping up to be! 🙂

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Vanessa Williams and her daughter (on the left) were spotted out shopping with a friend on Wednesday. I know children experience growth spurts, but this is ridiculous. Back in March, that kid was a shawty selling Girl Scout cookies. Now she’s a fully grown woman almost as tall as her mom! Wow.