Chris Brown and Ne-Yo were commissioned by Wrigleys company to remake their famous Wrigleys gum jingles. We now know that CB's hit song "Forever" is a cleverly disguised jingle. The song - which is very wack, by the way -- sits at #3 on the Billboard charts. Which goes to show you can't always account for good taste. "Double your pleasure/double your fun," the R&B singer croons in the chorus. Did I mention the song is very lame?

Chris Brown makes Ne-Yo look like a dwarf. Ne-Yo's my dude though. I love his sense of style.

Kim Kardashian is feeling herself while shopping in Sherman Oaks last week. KK once complained to a friend how frequently she checks to make sure her appliances are inflated properly. I can just imagine how annoying that can be.

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Lil' Mama and Missy Elliott at an event in Burbank, CA yesterday.

Lil' Mama reacting to the news that her album still hasn't gone gold. I'm just kidding.

Whoopi Goldberg joined the cast of Xanadu last night. She appeared in full costume, so she gets a pass for that dreadful wig.

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  • 2bme

    whoopi, that's a costume? Sandra for real PLEASE stop with Kim, she's not news..the doublemint party look slike it was fun..and oh my Missy and lil mama

  • jadecool

    missy gonna try and break lil mama off

    do you know why ciara was filming something with coke earlier? I seen it on rexfeatures

  • Kymystry

    i ain't got NOTHING to say .... *strolls off humming to myself*

  • aprilshowers

    Slow news day, eh?

  • trulyposh

    i'm digging neyo's "gentleman" style, as well.

    definitely a good look for him ♥

  • Sharonda

    They know they need all the gum,mints,listerine packets and toothpaste they can get!

    Lil Mama and a Missy track would be cool.

  • mizzdallas

    It must be slow news day.....

    Lil Mama better stop hanging around Missy...

  • butternutSquash

    Missy needs to stop with the weight yoyo...

  • cupcakes

    KK needs to go get rid of all that inflateable mess!!

    Lil MAMA needs not to make that face!!

    Whoopi please hire a stylist!!!

  • lainybabi

    chris brown's new song is really annoying, when it comes on the radio i cant change it fast enough.. and i usually like his music too. the only time i actually listened to that song, the double.. line he has made me want some gum.. can we say, subliminal messages! lol

  • tintin

    i didn't know the chris brown and neyo beef was over.

  • Detroit48205

    Not a KK fan, I wonder if Reggie, has taken her home to meet his family? Lil Mama looks like a blow up doll in the second pick....Chris Brown is a DORK

  • pointhimout

    y are chris brown's pants and belt always at his waist? it's like he has on his lil brutha's pants and they only come up to his knees..he then thops it off with a long tshirt....

  • pointhimout

    correction: pants always at his knees....

  • prynsexxx

    Yall didn't know Whoopi has some nice legs.......


    #12 I was thinking the same thing about Lil Mama.

    Shouldn't KK's butt be sticking out bigger than THAT!?

    Chris Brown....stay away from'em! Rihanna looks like she will put some of that Barbados boombastic boogie roots on you. Just a warning.


    Everyone looks a mess!

  • dj_dceezy

    "Lil’ Mama reacting to the news that her album still hasn’t gone gold. I’m just kidding." Quote of the day.

  • Mzsuave

    Lil mama irritates my soul...

  • ggouch

    Kymystry Says:

    i ain’t got NOTHING to say …. *strolls off humming to myself*
    LMAO at the visual!!! HMMMMMM..HMMMMMMMMMM to da corner!

  • ggouch

    Mzsuave Says:

    Lil mama irritates my soul…

    DAYUM, Cracking up!! that cut her deep Shrek! kekekekekekek

  • Mzsuave


  • bklynchick

    Who cares if the Forever song is wack I beth that Doublemint check he is getting is Fat!!

    KK next....

    Lil Mama has to be about hmmmm 35 in the face for real. She looks so old!!!

    Missy is still looking like Missy would like WEIRD AS HELL!!

  • HunE916

    Kim needs to be trying to push that pooch in!

  • toosexy

    I love that dress that's all i can say.

  • hellava10

    Hun, I thought maybe it was just my screen or is she working on a booty in the front and the back?

    Lil Mama has the face of an Ol Mama. I just have a hard time believing she is under 21. With a lip gloss song, yeah - but the facial features don't match. Is she going to be like that 30 year old girl still doing the Cheetah Girl group? Is Missy's left hand on her booty?

  • T’Mekio


    Im finally BACK!!!