FanMAIL: Why doesn’t Obama show the black side of his family?’

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 19:47:46
Subject: RE: Obama

Sandra, thanks for including that clip from Tavis Smiley’s show on your site. I hadn’t seen that. Unlike 99% of your readers, I agree with everything that they said. And, maybe I missed it last night, but, in the movie they showed of Barack’s life before he spoke, I don’t remember seeing any pictures of his Kenyan family, even though I’ve seen pictures of them all over the Internet. He seems to take pride in the fact that he’s interracial, but yet only wants to highlight the white side of the family, while pretty much denying anything about him that is black or African.

People are saying Barack is going to be the president of all America, so he shouldn’t address black issues. But, for as long as I can remember, white Democrats running for president have been asked to tell what they are going to do for the black community. How many times did I hear this year people asking what have Hillary and Bill Clinton done for the black community to “deserve the black vote”, or what have Republicans done for blacks?

Before McCain spoke before the Urban League, the director of the UL said he would ask McCain what he was going to do for the black community. Why is it, if you’re a white candidate, you’re expected to kiss up to the black community, but if you’re a black candidate, you can just ignore our issues and pretend we don’t exist?

Oh, yeah, it’s because Obama has the black vote in his pocket. Because, we saw how he pandered to the Latino community to get their vote. Once again, blacks getting taken advantage of by the Democratic party. Things will not change if Barack gets elected; he’ll continue to pretend we don’t exist, except to perform for him.

And, Michelle IS the brains in that family. Anyway, keep up the good work!



This is an excellent comment because it is short but sweet, and it speaks to why black people should not vote for a candidate based on his race or emotions.

ELove says:
Do I want OBAMA to win? YES
IS my life going to change once he’s elected? HELL NO
IS he the perfect candidate? NO ONE IS
Will HE make a significant change? Doubt IT

Aug 29, 2:08 PM — Video: Obama Democratic Party video

Some of you say you are voting for change. But if Barack Obama is elected, Congress still wields the power to VETO any change he attempts to make – and trust that they will!

I’m not saying vote for McCain. I’m just saying that the president does not run this country. If McCain wins he can’t make changes either without the full approval of the House and Senate. That’s why you should be worrying about your local elected officials who become representatives of both the House and Senate.

Don’t forget it was The House of Representatives that stole the election from Al Gore and gave it to Bush in 2000. :)


Video: Tavis Smiley Hates On Obama’s DNC speech

I’m laughing at Bennett College president Dr. Julianne Malveaux being “heartbroken” that Barack Obama didn’t mention Martin Luther King or poverty in his DNC speech last night. Doesn’t she know that Barack isn’t running for president as a black man?


Video: I blame Souljah Boy for this

WARNING: excessive profanity

Spotted on Hip Hop Update


McCain’s VP is a female Sean Hannity

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain announced his choice for VP this morning. I was just as surprised as you were to learn he picked a woman. I was even more surprised to learn that Sarah Palin is against abortion and everything else we hold sacred.

But with her on the ticket, McCain will probably win the election in a landslide. Being a presidential VP doesn’t mean much — only that she’s next in line for the presidency if McCain should suddenly croak while in office.


Rihanna Has Lost Her Mind!

We heard rumors that Rihanna – who is only 20 – and the geek Chris Brown might be engaged, but we just know that Rihanna is not that stupid to ruin her life for that boy (Yes, we see the rock but we’re ignoring it).

According to online reports, RiRi and CB have been spotting shopping for a new home together. We don’t care if they shack up since they’re probably are already. But we are worried that Rihanna might be rushing into something that she is not prepared for.

By the way, we were wondering what the hell does RiRi have all over her skin? Bronzer?

Photo: Wireimage/Getty


Celebs Out & About: Rihanna!

I couldn’t put this one under Celeb Style, because, well, you can see for yourself that Rihanna’s fashion sense took the day off. But she still has that swagger. Is that a Kanye West teddy bear on the back of her jacket?

Photo: Splash News Online


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