I wrote the title of this post to highlight how preposterous it is to believe that these two bumbling redneck white boys were any threat to Barack Obama. Their "plot" was neither well organized nor well thought out. But please know that there are nut cases out there who are very serious about harming any sitting president.

Just not these two idiots.

Yesterday I read an insightful post on Black Voices forums by a member who highlights the characteristics of the type of boys that black women should avoid at all costs!

Just to be clear, I am not making a sweeping indictment of all black men. Just the ones who are disrespectful and shiftless who call themselves men but don't have the common sense to pull their pants up in the presence of women and children.

If you want others outside of our community to respect our women, the respect begins at home.

Some women need to understand that it's okay to be by yourself. If you bring ex-convicts and thugs around your children because you have no self respect or common sense to know better -- this post is for you.

by thenewtrolone77 on October 27, 2008 07:16:28 PM

    This is a two-way street that both brothers and sisters have to walk. Sisters should heavily screen these guys they're dealing with. Too many times black women want that gangsta thug because he's edgy, presents that challenge, has that swag to them and has what is a false sense of stud confidence. You can't tell who's a killa off the top, but there are warning signs that flashes a red light sisters ignore.

    How he deals with you - Is his tone of voice belligerent? Is he aggressive-does he talk tough, tries to grab you when you don't want to be grabbed, raises his voice when you try and calm him down, displays a temper over trivial stuff? Does he try and intimidate you and make you fear him? Does he show jealousy when friends came around or a male friend at that? Does he try to control you-where you go, who you talk to, make you give him money, occupy most of your time? Is he abusive-calling you names, cussing you out over the phone or person over nothing, does he step in your face during an argument, does he get physically violent (that can mean breaking stuff or outright contact in any way)?

    How does he relate to you sexually - does always come at you hard, constantly for sex, is he actually intimate? Or, is he overly romantic? Over sweet-talking you, over-complimenting you (as if he's trying to manipulate you), telling you he loves you after an argument, using lines just to get what he wants, etc?

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Black talk radio is still buzzing about the coon-tastic antics of comedian D.L. Hughley on his CNN "news" show this past weekend.

When CNN announced a new program hosted by the black stand up comedian (who isn't even funny), what did you think the show would be about? Did you honestly think D.L. was hosting a news program on CNN? Lol.

D.L. Hughley moved up quickly through the ranks of black comedians to achieve national fame by cooning. He is hilarious to them, but not to most of us who don't get that type of dry humor.

By hiring Hughley, CNN hopes to recreate the success of Dave Chapelle's groundbreaking show. But unlike Chappelle, who used comedy to highlight the disparity between African-Americans and whites, Hughley is just a coon in a puppet show.

As one radio caller said on WAOK this morning, don't stop at blaming CNN for using our people to humiliate us -- blame BET, black radio and Hip Hop also. If you're going to complain about the coonery on CNN, then you must also complain about the ongoing coonery and misogyny on BET in music videos and Hip Hop music on urban radio.

Up 'till now, I've managed to ignore the recent juvenile antics of the one-hit wonder Soulja Boy.

The rapper had his one hit with "Crunk That" and now he's desperate to stay in the game after dropping a string of terrible singles.

The boy spends his days shooting YouTube videos bragging about mundane stuff like how much money he has, how many cars he drives, how big his crib is, and who he beat in XBox. Real yawn inspiring stuff.

Now that his river of money has slowed to a trickle, Soulja Boy's accountant dropped the news on him that he's going to have to cut back on some of his frivolous expenditures.

So Soulja Boy fired his non-essential entourage, hangers on, weed carriers and DJ SouthanBred, who was making a name for himself by outshining Soulja Boy at his own shows.

DJ SouthanBred wasn't happy about getting cut. So he throws dirt all over Soulja Boy and his remaining weed carriers in this video.

But wait, it doesn't stop there: another disgruntled member of Soulja Boy's crew who was fired for stealing (allegedly) also released a video dissing Soulja Boy.

And as SB's career goes down in flames, he released a video of his own dissing both of his former employees! LOL. This is pure comedy! :)

Watch the videos below:

Jennifer Hudson's family members pulled a fast one on the paparazzi today.

It all began when Jennifer's security detail called ahead to officials at the Cook County medical examiner's office to alert them that Jennifer and her family were on their way to identify the body of her 7-year-old nephew.

At the appointed hour, two black SUV's pulled out of the parking garage of the Chicago Trump Tower hotel followed by a convoy of paparazzi. The trucks split up with most of the paps following the truck with the police escort.

As it turned out, that truck contained a family member acting as a decoy for Jennifer Hudson. When the truck returned to the hotel, the woman got out of the truck and triumphantly pulled off her wig to the delight of other family members.

Photos: Splash News Online

[UPDATED Oct. 27, 2008 7:20 pm]

According to TMZ.com, a distraught Jennifer Hudson arrived at the Cook County Medical Examiner's office moments ago to identify the body of her nephew, Julian King, 7.

Around 4 p.m. Eastern Standard time, two black SUVs believed to be carrying Hudson family members pulled out of the basement garage of the Trump Tower in downtown Chicago. An unmarked police squad car left shortly after that, followed by a crowd of about a dozen people who left through the luxury hotel's lobby and declined comment.

Soon after, the SUVs arrived at the offices of the Cook County medical examiner's office. The vehicles left the scene about 4:54 p.m. EST. (Source)

Chicago police brought Julian's body to the medical examiner's office shortly after noon today and Hudson and other family members arrived about three hours later, said office spokesman Sean Howard.

When the group entered a viewing room at the office Hudson held her head down, as if praying, he said. The family then identified Julian via a video screen mounted on a wall that showed his face. The family chose the video screen option rather than looking directly at the body, Howard said.

The family was "obviously distraught," but Howard said Hudson "remained strong for her family. It was very clear she was the leader.

"She held hands with her family. It was obviously a very emotional moment."

When they saw the boy's face on the screen, Hudson told investigators, "Yes, that is him," Howard said.

Sources say earlier today police told Hudson and her family that the body of the boy found in the back of a truck on Chicago's West Side was Julian.

Photo: TMZ.com

More details are emerging in the brutal murder of Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson's nephew, Julian King: according to Chicago's Newsradio780, the FBI said the body found in a white Suburban is that of Julian King.

The Chicago Tribune cites law enforcement sources who say the body was found on the floor in the back seat of the white Chevrolet Suburban police were looking for in their search for 7-year-old Julian King.

Sources said that the boy was shot twice in the head and also suffered head trauma. The boy was wearing basketball shorts and a white T shirt when found. Police believe the boy was shot to death inside the Suburban. Police are testing the clothing of a man in custody for gunshot residue. The clothing is believed to belong to William Balfour, Jennifer Hudson's bother-in-law.

Balfour was taken into custody at a girlfriend's home hours after the bodies were found. Sources say the girlfriend contradicted his alibi. Police say they’ve also caught him in at least one other lie. Police were able to track his whereabouts Friday through cell phone records, sources said. The girlfriend lives two miles from where the truck was found.

Hudson family members are on their way to the Cook County medical examiner's office this afternoon to identify the body. Police Supt. Jody Weis will hold a press conference at 4 p.m. today.

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Her name is Darlene Ortiz. But 20 years ago, she was known simply as "Darlene".

All Darlene ever did to earn her spot in the annals of Hip Hop history was pose half naked for the cover of her husband's 2nd studio album.

Darlene's image on the cover of Ice T's 1987 album "Power" propelled sales of the album through the roof. Her curves earned her praise from men and women alike.

Twenty years later, Darlene reenacted her infamous album pose for KING magazine. From the photos, we see that Darlene, now in her 40s, still has it. Video models today with their super sized man-made parts look like cartoon caricatures in comparison to Darlene from back in the day. She was perfect.

There's not a video model out today who can measure up to the Darlene of 1987 -- and she wasn't even black!