I know this story is kinda old, but y'all are just going to keep sending it to me until I post it. So here you go. Thanks to loyal reader Laa'Iqa for the tip!


    From: Davis, Shirl
    Sent: Friday, October 31, 2008 8:26 AM
    To: ; Subject: FW: Seven Grade Teacher called OBAMA the N Word

    7 th-Grade Teacher to Students: Obama is a 'N'-Word
    October 8th, 2008

    7th-Grade teacher to students: Obama is a 'N'-word. Angry parents in the northwest Florida community of Marianna want a middle school teacher fired after he put the "N"-word on the board to describe Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama. The Marianna Middle School teacher, Greg Howard, is now serving a 10-day suspension after writing an acronym on the dry-erase board on Sept. 26: "C.H.A.N.G.E. - Come Help A N*gg*r Get Elected." But many parents want the 17-year teacher fired. The seventh-grade social studies teacher's class has 17 White students, six Black students and one Asian student. Initially he was suspended for the day without pay, but that was elevated to the 10-day punishment. He must also write a letter of apology to students. "We feel like the punishment is sufficient," Larry Moore, superintendent of the Jackson County School District , told The Detroit Free Press. "We did not feel he had to be fired." NAACP officials say they will reserve their actions in the case until their investigation is complete. Audrey Wad, who has nieces and nephews at the school, didn't need any more information before expressing her outrage. "To me, it's hurtful," she told the Free Press. "The idea that he would impose his political opinion on the children is wrong to me. That's where he crossed the line."

[DISCLAIMER: the girl in the photos did not send these pics to me]


    Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 06:27:21
    From: sweethunni@ymail.com
    To: sandra@sandrarose.com
    Subject: The KKK costume isn't the worst part

    I believe there is a thin line between dry humor and ignorance and this crossed it. Seriously I am not just sadden that this is a costume but the fact that this young lady is tolerating it. We got to do better.

    It looks like she was the only black one at the party but nonetheless she made a statement by just putting up with it. Her 'best friend" the white girl in the picture was hosting the party at her home somewhere in Fort Valley, how good of a friend is that?

    Her name is Cassidy Robinson, a UGA Student, she has more pictures on her face book.... I'm not trying to call her out, well I am, but she should know better. SOURCE

I realize this is kinda old, but I just received the video two days ago and forgot to put it up. Shout out to Angela Yee for the link!

I hear CiCi is very stressed out these days, what with producer Jazze Pha on the verge of winning a major lawsuit against her and Sony BMG for breach of contract. Then there's that other lawsuit I told you about that will follow soon after this current lawsuit ends.

Jazze and Ciara have been battling it out in Fulton County Superior court for two years now! CiCi loses regardless of the outcome of the case because she's paying a grip to attorney Charles Mathis for thousands of billable hours to represent her.

I hear Ciara is telling friends that Jazze Pha owes her money, but if that's the case why is he suing her and not the other way around? Those lies will catch up to you CiCi.

I have two friends who attend the gym where CiCi works out in midtown Atlanta. They each saw her working out this week and they both say she has lost weight and is too skinny. Sounds like she needs to be working out at Denny's or Chick Filet lifting a fish sandwich! :)

Worrying will do that to a woman who doesn't handle her business right, personally or professionally.

When Jazze Pha is finished taking Ciara to the cleaners, she might not have any scrilla left over to put gas in 50 Cent's Phantom.

I have a friend down at the courthouse who's filling me in on the details of Jazze Pha's case against Ciara. So I'll let you know the outcome!

I would thank a certain blogger for helping me research this case, but she doesn't want her name involved in any negativity. She's good peoples! :)


This video of an Iraq vet's open letter to Sen. Barack Obama has been viewed over 11 MILLION times on YouTube.

Says the Iraq war veteran in his open letter to Obama, "When you call the Iraqi war a mistake you disrespect the service and the sacrifice of everyone who's died promoting freedom."

That's deep. We're almost positive he didn't give his name because he doesn't want what happened to Joe the Plumber to happen to him.


I know nothing of gang affiliations. I still can't tell a gang sign from a Peace sign. So I rely on my readers to help me understand things that are not readily obvious to me. Such as why Li'l Wayne wears blue Chucks instead of red Chucks.


    Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 13:26
    From: srwilliamsnovanthealth.org@novanthealth.org
    To: sandra@sandrarose.com
    Subject: Lil Wayne

    I have to just point out in the picture that you posted of Lil Wayne today of him taking a bow, am I color blind or does he have on blue chucks? Isn't he supposed to be blood affiliated? Doesn't that go against the code or something? How contradicting is that. I'm just saying! Every time I look at the picture I think of how he always is saying something about bloods and then he throws on some blue chucks. It doesn't matter to me because I stay away from both colors, but don't claim you one thing but do another.


Another reader emailed me this morning to explain that most rappers have been incarcerated at some point in their lives. So showing their boxers is a form of advertising for male sex on the prison yard. It's interesting to note that Weezy pulls his pants all the way up when he's going to court. Which shows these rappers do have sense enough to respect others, but not us.

A few of my loyal readers commented about this video yesterday but I didn't get the chance to watch it until today. I've never heard of Chelsea, but she is very funny. She's naturally hilarious meaning, unlike D.L. Hughley, she doesn't have to convince us that she's funny.

I do have one question though: why is it that T.I.'s Southern accent virtually disappears when he's talking to white people? He's not the only one either. A lot of these rappers suddenly get proper and downright respectful when they're in the company of white folks. Should we be offended by that?

In case you missed it, Sam over at Thatgrapejuice has the glowing review:

R&B songstress Brandy performed her current single 'Right Here (Departed)' on MTV's TRL just a few moments ago. Put simply, Ms. Norwood nailed it! The stage presence, the ad libs, the everything! She really sounded on-point - the vocals were awesome. Her LP 'Human' drops December 9th via Epic/Koch.