Singer Prince was spotted at the Lakers game at the Staples center with a LSLH honey. The Lakers knocked off the reigning NBA champs the Boston Celtics 97-83.

Ice Cube and his family was spotted going to the Lakers game together at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA on Christmas day. Ice is a good man. After all these years he's still with his children's mother.

Actor Denzel Washington also attended the game with his wife.

Mariah Carey and her hubby Nick Cannon and their cute puppy were spotted out shopping in Aspen, Colorado yesterday.

Photos: Splash News Online

  • eastpointvet

    wow cubes son looking like him now....they got pap in colorado?

  • goat76

    WTF kind of shoes does Prince have on........

  • keely107

    Heck yeah, all them churen looking like Cube! Prince keep him a chick that looks just like him!

  • pointhimout

    DEAD at the lifts on Prince's little shows. comedy. i like nick and mariah together. he doesn't seem as goofy and she looks less crazy. it works.

  • missmiami

    Black love is so beautiful. Denzel & Ice Cube are good black men!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those women are lucky.

  • keely107

    Okay, I know not too many people are here, but I just you tubed that chick ALex from X-factor and this chick's voice sent chills done my spine! She really can sang! Im mad I missed the show now.

  • lialin

    @keely -- Prince keep him a chick that looks just like him!

    that is sooooo true lmao!!!!

  • Mzsuave

    *on tha flo' looking at Prince shoes* All they missing is the gold fish and water!

    GO LAKERS!!! My team was on point last night (finally)

  • Mzsuave

    Sandra you look cute in the Christmas pics! I just sent you mine.

  • shay1

    Auntie Sandy - Thanks for posting the pictures of baby Chase....

  • Daisy

    I was going for Boston because my daddy LUVS them. I still think they will repeat.

    The chick with Prince favors AKeys kind of.

    That darn Denzel knows he can walk like nobodys business!

    Hope everybody had a BLESSED Christmas!

  • iscream

    "Ice Cube is a good man for sticking with his kids MOTHER"... Fact Check Ice Cube is a good man because he is a positive role model. He came from a place where some don't make it from. Ice Cube is a good man because he went from gang banging music to making family films and of course.....

    Ice Cube is a good man because he is still MARRIED TO HIS WIFE.

  • iyonah

    Prince is KING of the I AM SO DIFFERENT CLUB - I love it though.

    Keely you are to funny w/ Prince keep him a chick that look just like him. And I agree bout Nick and Mimi.

  • iyonah

    Oh and Cube's son is soooooooooooooooo cute.Good gracious, he is a minature version of his daddy.

    @ Keely on Alex- she's tight, I hope she can go far. I like her voice.

  • SlimA

    These are nice pictures of you and your family, be blessed. I'm out.

  • Kymystry

    I didn't know Nike Shox made Nike SUPER Shox with Struts and Suspension ! .. Dang Prince ... lol

  • indesign18

    only prince can rock some see thru platform sneakers and it work. Kinda like a sexy, "I'mo get you sucka type style". LOL I bet he paid a grip for those custom made shoes.

  • indesign18

    OK I just noticed but why does Prince have his ear pierced all the way around like my fifteen year old niece. I love Prince but he Is the only MAN who can do all this Hydrogenous stuff and not be suspect. Too funny!

  • donnia

    I think the "woman" Prince is with may be a trannie.

  • Doc Jam

    All of Prince's women are related to one another..

  • Doc Jam

    Ice Cube is the Greatest Rap artist of all time..


    prince is still the prettiest woMAN i ever done seen.

    he stay with the 4 inch heels. love the white clash with the white...only "The Purple One" makes it okay. i have an obsession with him.

    But damn him and those LSLH women he be bringin' home. Well hey at least he's consistant in the type of chicks he likes. poor me.


    on a less addictive note- Ice cube son be looking like a mini cube but maybe angrier...dang!
    p.s. i hope he's a good man to his wife. i really do.


    i meant love the white clash with the black