Teyana Taylor and BET’s Rocsi fooled around at the Jordan Brand cocktail party in NYC on Thursday. I see Teyana is back in tomboy mode. At least she’s versatile. Rumor has it that there was “an incident” in NY not too long ago involving an Atlanta rapper and a female affiliated with the BET network. Naturally the first person who came to mind was Rocsi since she has a history of stealing other women’s men.
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Rapper Young Jeezy posed with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps at BED in Miami over the weekend.
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I guess they’re a couple? Actress Sonja Sohn (The Wire) and director Anthony Hemingway attended the 9th Annual AFI Awards in L.A. I still can’t believe Sonja has a daughter in her 20s.
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Actress Kyla Pratt always looks wholesome and dresses age appropriate for every situation. Her parents did a great job raising her.
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That B*tch has photos of Rihanna hiding her mouth from the paps — and for good read reason. She has a canker sore (otherwise known as an Aphthous ulcer) on her lip and she doesn’t want you to see it.

Canker sores can be rather unsightly and distressing, particularly to women like RiRi who rely on their looks for their livelihood.

Now the messy ones among us want you to believe she has Herpes Simplex (a cold sore). But I doubt it.

An Aphthous ulcer is a very common, recurrent skin condition that is not contagious like Herpes or MRSA. Almost 10% of the population suffers from Aphthous ulcers — mostly women. The cause is unknown.

If Rihanna does have Herpes, we wonder where she got it?

Looks like Chris is wondering too.

Jay Z and Beyonce showed up together at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California yesterday (1/11). Once again Beyonce literally busted out of her dress at the seams. That’s a shame because her Elie Saab embroidered dress was beautiful (for once). And her dazzling faux diamond necklace and the gold sling back shoes complimented the dress perfectly. Even her weave looks nice as she kept it simple. But Bey’s out of control curves ruined this dress.
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The beautiful Taraji Henson wore this black chiffon, tiered frock to the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California yesterday (1/11). Taraji, your stylist lied to you (again). Time to find a new stylist! I finally saw Benjamin Buttons over the weekend and I swear if it wasn’t for Taraji there’s no way I could have sat through 3 hours of that depressing mess. Anyway, Taraji had better win an Academy Award for her acting.
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Jenifer Lopez looked tired and wore out last night. But she’s still got it!

Model Alek Wek brought her own unique style to the 66th Annual Golden Globes red carpet last night.
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Actor Blair Underwood and his wife Desiree DaCosta brought a little style and grace to the red carpet.
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The usually impeccably dressed Sean Combs looks like he borrowed this ill-fitting tuxedo from the doorman at his hotel.
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Normally Eva Mendes brings it when she strolls the red carpet, but (LOL) she should have left that bow/ribbon thing back at the hotel. It looks like her Dior dress has a Siamese twin.
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For once actor Tracy Morgan wasn’t drunk.

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A New York woman is suing Michael Jackson’s older brother Tito Jackson to force him to acknowledge her publicly as his daughter.

The woman, Tanay Rodney Jackson, 25 — pictured above with Jackson, filed a petition in Brooklyn’s Family Court last Summer to declare Jackson her father.

Tanay claims Jackson, 55, began visiting her regularly while she was in her teens. “He told me he was my father when I was 17,” she told the NY Post. “(He would) pop over now and then. He didn’t want it public. He was ashamed.”

Tito is the second oldest of the legendary Jackson brothers. The famed Jackson 5 guitarist also has three grown sons, Toriano, Taryll and Tito Joseph, who formed the 90s singing group 3T.

Their mother, Jackson’s ex wife Delores Martes, drowned mysteriously in the family swimming pool in 1994. (Source)

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Barack Obama finally came clean in an exclusive interview with ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent and “This Week” Host George Stephanopoulos that aired this morning.

In a surprising display of honesty, Obama admitted that his campaign promises were just empty campaign rhetoric.

Obama told Stephanopoulos that fixing the economy over the long term will require “sacrifice” from every American and “scaling back” some of his campaign promises.

“Everybody’s going to have to give. Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game,” Obama said.

Obama’s plan to revive the economy is a familiar one: spend, spend, spend. But it’s a difficult thing balancing a budget by spending money you don’t have.

It seems to me that the best way to reverse the economic downturn is to stop spending taxpayer money and work on eliminating wasteful government spending by scaling back federal programs and earmarks that are designed to benefit political campaign contributers and lobbyists.

The truth is Obama is no different from George Bush. He will continue the timeless government tradition of robbing from Peter to pay Paul in the form of a trillion dollar “recovery package” that will vanish down the same government black hole where Bush’s bailout package went.

And when that trillion dollars fails to stimulate the economy, Obama will raise taxes on everyone.

Predictably, the Stephanopoulos blog readers are off the chain in the comments section. Furious at the prospect of paying higher taxes later for Obama’s inexperience now. A comment posted by “please!” pretty much summed up the consensus of the readers:

With record unemployment (worse since 1945) Sorry Barack… I’ve got NOTHING left to give!!! Go ahead and raise taxes. You might as well finish the rest of us off!!! Years from now our children will ask us what was the “middle class.”

I never thought it would happen but I am officially tired of seeing Rihanna and Chris Brown plastered all over the Internets.

Rihanna has accomplished the seemingly unattainable goal of being more oversaturated on the Internets than Beyonce.

And she did it in less time than it took Beyonce to start getting on my nerves.

So from here on out the only time you will see Rihanna on my blog is when she’s actually doing something worth talking about.

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It’s a good thing Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich named Roland Burris to the Senate before the House voted unanimously to impeach him today. If all goes well, Burris will be the only black sitting Senator. God is good:

Illinois lawmakers today voted unanimously to impeach the scandal-ridden governor Rod Blagojevich, who is alleged to have tried to sell Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat.

The Illinois House of Representatives voted 114 to one to start the impeachment process next week.

The process involves the state senate basically conducting a trial, which could take about three weeks.

“It’s our duty to clean up the mess and stop the freak show that’s become Illinois government,” said Jack Franks, one of the Democrats who voted for impeachment.

A spokesman for Blagojevich insisted he will not resign. Some lawmakers had expressed hope that, faced with impeachment, he might opt to leave voluntarily. (link)