Juanita Bynum celebrated her 50th birthday recently by wearing a tiara and a wedding dress. A white one at that.

Doesn't she look great for 50? I still think she resembles Tameka Foster-Raymond.

Before you think she's losing her mind, I believe the wedding dress is a symbol of growth and closure for the loss of her marriage.

One of the gifts given to Juanita was a gilded cavalry sword which will probably scare off any potential male suitors. I bet the next man Juanita hooks up with will be "soft" like her ex-husband was.

She's definitely the aggressor in any relationship and some confident men can't take aggressive females. Especially Christian men who want their wives to be submissive.

But then again maybe she doesn't want a man. Maybe she's celibate like my pastor at The Ray. Celibacy is definitely not for everyone. But it's much easier to handle if you're walking with the Lord.

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  • Terry .W

    Damn Juanita - you sho look crazy as ALL hell.

    Sandra she really does look a little like Tameka - beautiful complexion especially - I like that about both ladies!

  • kalvonel

    I wasn't there, but I must say...symbolic or not: wearing a wedding dress on your birthday seems rather crazy/random. that sword doesn't help either. I wasn't there so maybe she really was on some "I'm empowered" type vibe. Sometimes pictures really do need to come with captions.

  • http://talkingwithtami.com talkingwithtami

    Saw her at the Trumpet Awards sunday,first time meeting her.There is a resemblance to Tameka. Thats all they were talking about on the carpet, is how much they look alike lol.


    she reminds me so much of meka?

  • intown51

    His eye is on the sparrow.

  • teecee

    WOW... THATS ALOT OF WEAVE, I MEAN DAMN THERE ARE ALOT OF HORSES WITH FLIES ON THEIR ASSES BECAUSE OF HER....act crazy, nobody cares birthdays are not meant to be serious.

  • Terry .W

    intown51 Says:

    His eye is on the sparrow.

    - I dont know why that just cracked me up!LMAO

  • Shauny

    Was she going to the Xena: Warrior Princess look? Even after the summary I'm still baffled.

  • pinky2083

    WOW..Sandra how come you didn't post a pic of the other dress she wore too? That woman had a black dress on with a bunch of her own pictures on it.. that's a little weird.

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    I don't care what her excuse for that gown is, she looks like a fool. As for how good she looks, I wouldn't know. Ole girl be wearing about 2 inches of makeup.

  • iscream

    Yep she does look like Meka..

    This bish is crazy, deranged.. With that damn shera sword.

    A wedding dress? I mean really all she's missing is the white jacket to match.

    "His eye is on the sparrow" I know its a song but wasn't that line used in a movie.

  • http://myspace.com/reddymond_45 The Black Katie Couric

    Oh Juanita what type of foolishness is this!!!!

    SMH @ whoever said "yeah girl that's a good idea, wear that wedding dress"!!!!!!!!!!

  • candycane

    On the second pic she looks a little like Cicely Tyson

  • candycane

    ^^thir pic, the profile

  • intown51

    I hate to say it, but she looks dead on Mumra with that dres looking like some mummy bandage, and that damn sword!

    (80's babies feel me)

  • intown51

    Oh, HI CANDY CANE!!! (nobody says any explicit "hi's" to me either, but i read your comment.)

  • speakinmymind

    i can't...i just can't take this kind of fluckery today! lmao

  • iyonah

    thanks for the laugh sandra .....

  • Anna

    How many 50 yr. olds wear this much weave? I think this should have been an party with no pics. How do you explain it?

  • Kymystry

    ok .. I don't want to speak about God's child .. butttt . WHYYyYyyYYyYyyYYyYyyyy ?!?!?!?!!?!? ... if she's a "Prophet-tess".... couldn't she "SEE" how ri-dayum-diculous she was GONNA look .. and that PANK bubble gum lipstick has GOTS to GO !!!!!
    Lord Please Forgive me

  • ReadTheBlog

    First thing I thought was crazy cat lady...

  • ReadTheBlog

    lol.... Not Pank. Reminds me of a clique on BV - 'The Panks'.

  • http://myspace.com/latituded400 H-Town Shan

    She's had a lot of work done to her face. Or should I say "real life PhotoShop"?

  • keely107

    She look like something out of a horror movie, wedding gown, sword of omen, pank.................

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Crazy as a damn loon. All she did was make a spectacle of herself.

    I guess she got enough donations in the mail to take care of the price tag on this party. lol

  • Mimiluv2

    Whatever or maybe she is dating Judge Lynn Toler! But she does look goood for 50! and a she does look like Tameka!

  • Mimiluv2

    One more thing, if I may....Whats with the sword!??? again her and Judge Lynn Toler, make a great couple!

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    Mimiluv2 Says:

    Whatever or maybe she is dating Judge Lynn Toler!


    Really? They're both AGs. I can't see it.

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    Okay she looks like Tameka mother.

    I a, not fond of Mrs. Raymond but looked better. Juantia looks like a damn fool.

    I lost a little respesct for the Prophetess when she had that spat with her husband and when she was walking around with 5 thousand dollar pens like that was the new thing to do.

    I pray that she don't ever have to use that sword!!!

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    Damn I butchered that sentence.

    I am not fond of Mrs. Raymond but she looks better than this!!!

    Juanita packed on the makeup for this foolery!!

  • candycane

    intown51 Says:

    Oh, HI CANDY CANE!!! (nobody says any explicit “hi’s” to me either, but i read your comment.)

    lol :-)


  • alexander

    is that the cheap weave? cause it looks like she just got through fight wit the reverend himself right before marching down the isle alone.

  • ckarinwhite

    She's an attention whore!...I have lost all respect for her. Where is T.D. Jakes, her spiritual father? He needs to sit her down, so she can go find herself.

  • The Divine Ms. K

    LOL @ intown51. Mumra! Thundercats...HOOOO!

  • Richie Domino

    where is the dress with her pictures on it? :)

  • Anna

    I know someone showed her ex these pics, he's saying "I am glad everyone can see how crazy she is. LOL. Who does this? When you turn a 'milestone" age you don't revisit your past. Maybe she really liked the dress or was happy she could still fit it after all these years.

  • Daisy

    @Bird girl I want her to STOP wearing that darn pink lipstick so bad I dont know what to do!!!!

  • Daisy

    Sandra somebody just said you attend Ray of Hope is that true?

  • Daisy

    @sandra I see now that you said that in this post. I attend that church and have been for the past 8yrs. I have never seen you. What service do you attend?

  • ckarinwhite

    ****STALKER ALERT*****

  • babysoft15

    This woman has no friends, loved-ones or true enemies....cause someone in one of those categories would have told her crazy azz not to wear that wedding dress!! Poor thing....I can't believe she allowed evidence of the day to exist....I feel bad for her!!

  • Vegas Dice

    Wasn't she begging for money to help her forclosed house, last year? I remember her having fundraisers.

    But, now she ballin for the birthday?! Yea, okay Juanita.

    God don't like ugly! I'll leave it at that.

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    I too attend Ray of Hope from time to time. Guess I am too busy praising the Lord to see you Sandra! :-)

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    the dress...the makeup...the tiara...all I can say is WOW! um,it's your party..if you want to look like a fool, go right ahead. It's your day!!!

  • Daisy

    @Yvonne shut up let me know next time you are coming. I am there pretty much every sun. I use to be very active. I use to dance (sorta kind still do) and I use to work with the teens.

  • KaraZ

    Funny she looks like she's channeling some greek goddesses with her getup. I hope she gets back in touch with the Lord soon.

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    Daisy Says:
    @sandra I see now that you said that in this post. I attend that church and have been for the past 8yrs. I have never seen you. What service do you attend?


    I attend about once a month and I sit way in the back out of the reach of the video cameras. :)

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    yvonne79 Says:

    I too attend Ray of Hope from time to time. Guess I am too busy praising the Lord to see you Sandra! :-)


    That's the way it ought to be. :)

  • Anna

    Vegas Dice Says:

    Wasn’t she begging for money to help her forclosed house, last year? I remember her having fundraisers.

    But, now she ballin for the birthday?! Yea, okay Juanita.

    God don’t like ugly! I’ll leave it at that.
    PPl who attend a church with a well known leader never stop giving/sending them money. I would bet one of my broke down cars that she used funds for her party from the 10% of others income, or Essence paid her for the pary pics.
    Remember when Mariah wanted to have a wedding in the States and wanted to pull a "Star Jones" and have it fully funded and even was registerd for wedding gifts and sent emails to those that were not even invited to the wedding. Is Mariah really married, being she got married out of the Country and wanted to re do it like Eddie and Tracy Edmonds were going to do because it was just a ceremony. Tom and Katie got married in the States before their nups in London. If you are not a resident for 30 days outside of the U S of A your marriage vows are not valid . Anna Nicole had what she called a "commitment ceremony" after having her baby girl. Yes she wore white, yes they said vows, but even she did not try to pull the wool over our eyes to say she was married to Stern.

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    @Daisy: I have commitment issues..church hop from time to time..next time I'm headed that way, I will be sure to let you know;-)

  • Daisy

    @Yvonne I church hop now as well now. I wont be at the Ray this Sun. I am going tomorrow for dance practice.

    @Sandra I will be looking for you in the back..lol

  • krbinc


  • MistaO

    I think she done lost it!

    People who do crap like this clearly aren't "over it", and carry deep, deep scars. She probably needs some intensive mental care. And to think, many of these type actually are in positions to "lead" others!!!

    It's no wonder so many folks are off balance today. Plus she know that dude was gay anyways...

  • MistaO

    Oh, and check the white chick in the back of the first photo: She's looking at ole girl like "Oh Lord, bless her heart poor thing"...

  • licia

    yeah... um... okayyyyyy.......

    * leaves thread*

  • KAT

    she looks like a daggone fool......maybe her and kanye need to console each other since they both seem to be going thru some thangs....

  • licia

    kat i can understand why kanye is going a little loco, but not her.

  • ReadTheBlog

    I used to resepect juanita until she started selling those $500 prayer kits. People who really need God's blessings don't have $500 like that. The b*tch is no different than a gold-digging groupie. She needs help beyond hte Bible. She wants to be married to some man so bad. I bet she wears that wedding dress to be at night. Crazy cat lady.

  • Lala11_7

    Okay Auntie...I know you're down with this reference...

    Ole girl up there look like something out of a 1960s Hammer Film Production...and she about to do a scene with Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing...

    There is something unsavory about that whole thing...and I'm not just talking about her 50th birthday party...

  • Mimiluv2

    Ok sandra you say you can't see it, I know both very aggressive, but they looked real comfy when Juanita did the Divorce court thing!, but maybe it was just a fling!.....I just get a feeling about Juanita and I think she is family! Oh sandra you look really nice in your new default!