A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly
    And is also known as a buster
    Always talkin' 'bout what he wants
    And just sits on his broke ass
    A scrub is a guy that cant get no love from me
    Hanging out the passenger side
    Of his best-friend's ride
    Trying to holler at me

    ~ From the TLC hit "No Scrubs" written by Kandi Burrus

Filming of the 2nd season of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta just got underway last week, and already the drama is heating up behind the scenes.

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Kandi Burrus is the new addition to the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kandi, who was filming a reality series with fellow Xscape member Tameka "Tiny" Cottle that got scrapped, will most likely marry her fiance on ATL Housewives.

Congrats to Kandi! But it can't be a good thing that the entire Atlanta music industry, male and female, are all abuzz about your man -- and not in a good way.

One industry friend, who doesn't normally indulge in idle gossip, told me yesterday, "If that's who I think it is, he's the biggest whore in Atlanta.

And loyal reader Siobhan wonders if Kandi's fiance is the man who has been wining and dining her in Arizona.

Hi Sandra,
Just finished reading the letter about Kandi's fiance "AJ". I'm not 100% sure but I am 99.9% that he is the same guy I met here in Arizona. I met him at the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale a couple of months ago with two of his other friends. Unfortunately their names escape me. However, he told me he was in the music industry. He has taken me shopping out here and we even went to a Suns game together. He also told me about previously dating Tiny and getting in to an altercation with TI. An the ironic thing is everytime he was out here we would eat at Bennihana's. I am curious to see this new Housewives play out and see if Kandi's new fiance is the fraud I met here in Arizona. If so all I can say is Kandi please run the other way!!!!

  • ReadTheBlog

    Self Esteem - GET 'CHU SOME, Kandi!

  • http://stylerazzi.blogspot.com stylerazzi

    Poor Kandi!!!!! Hopefully her man isn't like the thousand of other man-whores here in Atlanta!! LOL!!!

    ...... *Wondering why Kandi was the only housewife NOT at Neicy Nash's birthday party this past Saturday? Everyone else was there. Also wondering where Greg (NeNe's *husband*) was at? Hmmm......*

  • Kymystry

    they can put my sister on that show .. (she's in jersey so that ain't happening) ... I ain't watching ... don't watch it .. won't watch it .. THEY SUCK !

  • KaraZ

    If this is all true, then Kandi is only reaping what she sows.

  • iscream

    Are these emails, letters ever confirmed in any sort of way. I could've wrote that letter based on the last email you posted. With a few added lines (lies). Anyway. I'm not passing jgt on Kandi because for all I know these r a bunch of jealous hoes made bc the man who they thought would never settle down, did.


    Lol, where yall at. Lastnight show was off d hook. Nikki got caught out there in the worst type of way.

  • Charles

    she is hyped too much

  • Daisy

    Since nobody else will say it I will. Yall were quick to say this under Kimmoras post yall bugging..lol

    WHY IS SHE RELEVANT???????????

  • mizzdallas

    I wont be watching this hot ghetto buffonery mess!. And speaking of HBO Jill Scott new series starts March 29th cant wait...

  • iscream

    @ Kym don't know how true it is but Wendy reported a few months back that they were doing a housewives of NJ. maybe your sister can look n2 it.

  • mizzdallas


    I agree with you, but then were NOT in atlanta, so that means shes only relevant in atlanta... ha!ha! lol! or maybe NOT... who cares... NEXT

  • mizzdallas

    I was just about to tell kym the same-thing, July is almost here OMG! I cant wait for some real talk show ish!!

  • KaraZ

    @iscream, please don't refernece big love until about 2:30 this afternoon, got to watch it On Demand, got caught up with other stuff last night. I wonder what that Nikki did this time.

    @mizzdallas, glad to see Wendy on your gravatar again.

  • MissGauzzz

    Is it me or does that bamma's blacked out face look like Diddy? Maybe my afternoon hunger pangs are making me dilerious...

  • ReadTheBlog

    Big Love was poppin'! Nicolette is out there and everyone's turned their back on her.

    Question? Do mormons pose their dead up like that all the time, cause that was creepy and totally inappropriate.

  • teecee

    Daisy Says:

    WHY IS SHE RELEVANT???????????


  • iscream

    The crazy part is Nikki, even though the fam was there was still showing the DA mad love. I feel so bad for her. For the first time in her life she was free to do her . & what was up with Wanda's brother? Was he the guy who Nikki was forced to marry the first time.

  • Daisy

    @Mizz I am in the A she is not relevant here..lol

  • Kymystry

    iscream .. my sister's are too seasoned to be on that circus of a show .. and NOT ONE OF THEM .. are married to pretentious ballers .. they got some good menz .. lol

  • keely107

    Sounds to me like the email writer gave up the boot-tay and got played. Im just saying, why is he a fraud after all that? (passing the sugar for that lemon) Again who cared enough to address this woman and her fiance?

  • Shauny

    I'm guessing Kandi is becoming relevant because she's about to be on one of the most watched tv shows of last year. I'm not sure if her personality wish mash with the girls who are left though.

    I asked in the first post iscream, who validated these emails? Just because it's typed up and emailed doesn't make it true. Could be a scorned woman, ex spouse, family of the ex spouse, Sooooo I won't start roasting him until I hear more (sound familiar..lol)

    Kara, sorry peeps said what happened on Big Love last night. I was SO good! I'm stil team Nikki! I can't stand Margene.

  • Buttercup417

    Okay Auntie when will we find out who he is?

  • Shauny

    With the smiley on his face doesn't the frame kinda look like Puffy?

  • iscream

    @ Kara sorry about the Big love comments it was 2 good to hold back.

    @ Shauny glad I'm not the only one questioning these emails. Sometimes I feel like punking these blogs by making some crazy mess up mass mailing it and seeing how many actually run with it.

    & I too am team Nikki. She is so real. I love the way she stands up to all of them. & Margie gets on my nerve with her young confused behind. I know her and that son is going to get something poppin soon.

    @ topic/This chick said all this mess about dude but in the end said I can't wait to see the show to see if its him?

  • Toi

    Is ATL Housewives on video yet? I can't find anything on the internet where I can watch old shows? Bravo is not on my cable list.

  • iscream

    @ toi try youtube.

  • http://groups.msn.com/televisionland CaliGirlinGA


  • KaraZ

    Its alread iscram/shunda/RTB, I'm watching now... Roman has some nerve showing up, someone should trip him again. Joey must've really loved Kathryn though, he's just losing his mind! Now is it the glare on this TV, or did Don take that letter out of of the safe. Barb's sister is a focking bish, couldn't be my sister, she'd be dead by now.

    @Shauny why don't you like Margene? She's just young and silly, but I think she's growing out of it.

  • Shauny

    Well right now I don't like her because I know she's going at least kiss baby boy. She's all on Nikki about what she's doing but she has her own stuff that's going to hit the fan.

    You'll see what's up with the letter at the end of the show.

    Yes, I hate Barb's sister. I'm secretly wanting Nikki to leave and just date the DA just so she can see what a 1 on 1 relationship is all about. She liked working that job.

  • shunda

    Sorry ya'll couldn't post about big love the man ran my internet history and I cannot log in anymore from work. My internet activity was too high

  • KaraZ

    Sorry shunda, I hope they didn't ban all your sites, I was hurt when they did that at my old job, focking tossers, that's why I browsed from my blackberry most of the time.

    @Shauny, but she isn't actively trying to seduce the boy, it's not her fault that she's so close in age to Bill's oldest kid's. I mean isn't she like 26 at most? Bill is already using Viagra, what did he think was going to happen.
    Nikki would never leave, she wouldn't even be able to admit to herself that she wanted a different life, she'd just get passive aggressive and start picking n Margene or start an uprising against Barb. So Don's ex-wives are lezbyans? Well well well!

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