There’s only one word to explain this picture: GORGEOUS! Mary J Blige and Taraji P. Henson attended the NY premiere of “Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself” at the SVA Theater last night.

UNBEWEAVEABLE! Turn around, girl, let me look at you! LOVE the hair! That’s right, show these young chicks how to rock the real hair and still look glamorous!

LOVE the shoes! Rihanna, are you looking?

Multimedia personality and gossip blogger Egypt attended the premiere with her soon-to-be hubby. And look, he’s not gay! Why is it that New York woman can spot a gay man from a mile away but southern women can’t?

Is it just me or is director Tyler Perry looking quite manly in this pic with Mary J Blige and one of the child stars of his movie?

Even Wendy Williams was looking right last night!

Actress/rapper Queen Latifah, whom I hear was finally outed while I was on my mini vacay, attended Paper Magazine & HP 25th Anniversary Gala at The New York Public Library last night. Did I tell y’all I had a library card there when I was a kid? I used to check out a stack of books taller then me and I was always one book over the limit. I was a bookish kid. Anyway, that’s the legendary singer/actress Liza Minelli (“Cabaret”) posing with her.

Model/TV personality Tyson also attended the Paper event.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

  • yvonne79

    Oh Tyson, you are simply too fly for that mess you call a beard. :coffee:

  • ELove

    NOW MJB has a DONK that can be appreciated…
    ALOT of celebrity chicks pay for Butt-pads for that effect !!!
    And TPH can SO GET IT — Where @DocJam at (HOLLA!!!)

  • iscream

    I LOVE YOU MJB… BEAU TI FUL. Can’t wait for the new CD… but even you can’t draw me in to see that new movie. (Besides your acting skills are sub par… even Bey is a better actress) <<<— I still love you though. I’m just being real.

    Egypt is my girl. She has come a long way. I remember when she was on WBLS and Wendy got her fired. Then Ed lover came and got her booted from power 105. She also had that tv show.. Can’t remember the name but it was good. Glad to see she is still around & getting married!!! I remember she wasn’t even dating. You go girl.

    Wendy you moving on up girl. Walking the red carpet not interviewing (which I love). & you look so pretty in that blue. See you in November…


  • LovelyLady

    I am so proud of Taraji. I remember when I was younger (in middle school), and she was in LA tryna becoem an actress and would come back home (to DC) and visit her family. I always thought she was so fly. lol. Im really close friends with her sister April Henson, we grew up together and Taraji gave me all her clothes from high school Lawd, idk why she thought i would rock that shiz from the 80’s or early 90’s lol.

    N E hoo she made it and everytime i see her it makes me smile.

  • anti-PC

    1. Wow, Taraji’s wig looks half way decent. A rarity for sure! Mary J. looks awesome. I love the hair cut and her shoes are DOING IT!

    2. I always thought Egypt was beautiful. Her fiancee is scrumptious! Go Egypt!

    3. Tyler is looking nice in his jeans and Wendy looks like a real woman. Go figure….

    4.Queen Latifah….those yellow sneakers have got to go! You are standing next to a legend!

    5. Tyson makes my mouth water.

  • Daisy

    @Lovely sorry I love me some Taraiji but she always looks OLD AS HAIL in her pics! She is one black chick that is not aging well for some reason and that hair is NOT helping at all

    Anybody follow lil duvall on twitter and see him clown MJB in her new commerical for not knowing how to walk lol FUNNY AS HAIL! I always thought Mary had a stank walk (sorry Ice) she looks FAB in the pics her new short blonde do is growing on me dont like the dress LOVE the shoes! HAWT! Get it Mary! She is on the cover of Essence this mth Ice.

  • LadyJustice

    Mary’s shoes are HAWT

    I saw those pics of Queen Latifah at that SKRIPPER party. everyone knows shes like that so it wasnt a big deal. i bet she still wont say anything about it. in the pics she looked exactly like she did in the movie “set it off” lol kinda strange. def NOT feeling those ugly yellow sneakers. smh

    egypt and her boo are a cute couple

  • LovelyLady

    @ Daisy *dead* take ur azz to the corna lmaoooooo,

  • iscream

    Forgive or Forget… that was the name of Egypts show.

    & what in the banana boat hell does Latifah have on her feet.

  • PAHairston

    Mary, Mary, that’s my girl! She ALWAYS looks beautiful and classy. These young chicks sure can take lessons from her. And her figure! Boy, would I give up my retirement for a rump like that but oh well, one has to be born with that! You go Mary J. Blige. But where the heck did the Queen get those loud sneakers? Oh well, any style goes today. Peace.

  • Daisy

    Ok somebody let me know when I can come out the kona—->

  • Kymystry

    Mary Looks fab.

    Queen .. not ..

    Taraji looks like Eddie the Monster with all that weave on

    carry on. . . .

  • KaraZ

    everyone outshines Tarji on this red carpet & she’s the star of the film. Le boo.

    Egypt is having a fight with her iron or steamer, she’s quite wrinkly. Love her clutch though

    MJB, let go of the blond hair already.

    Wendy is shaped like a woman in this dress, she needs to get 2 in every color.

    Tyson Beckford, you still fine. (keep gay rumors to self, ruins the fantasy)

  • iscream


    HEYYYYY GIRL :D :hug:

    (Waving like a mad woman)

    How’s the job going?

  • mirsmommy

    I loves me some MJB,Taraji, and Wendy… Tyson is fine as hail, but sooooo “How U Doin” lol.

  • mirsmommy

    Oooops, I forgot Egypt. Love Egypt. She’s so down to earth.

  • iscream



    Its okay. Its hard to walk straight when you holding so much junk in ya trunk :rofl:

    I also checked out the video. I thought her hair and make up looked flawless. Of course, as always, clothes was on point.

    I wonder where Kendu was? He don’t ever miss an event… not even a commerical.

  • ontaya brooks

    I can finally say that money does make a difference I have never seen Wendy look this good. Her feet fu**ed though. They are a hawt damn mess, please fix that asap. Mary always flawless, she was walking funny in that commercial. @iscream, Kendu was probably in the back networking, I think he is her manager or something.

  • Daisy

    @ice nice try but Kim K walks just fine to give you an ex lol So does Angela Bassett lol

  • Kymystry

    hey iscream ! ! … it was good… but it was temp .. back on the grind … :-)

  • Bird

    Good LAWD Egypt’s man is foine!

    I don’t think I have ever seen Mary rock her own hair before. At least I can’t recall it. I’m not loving it. Taraji’s hair is looking guite untidy as well.

    I went to see one of Tyler’s plays and also thought he was quite manly in person. Sexy even.

    I can’t put my finger on why, but I am not in love with Tyson anymore.

  • pointhimout

    i always thought egypt had a nice rack. and she does. her man candy is definitely easy on the eyes. i shall pay close attn to this couple. they may become my next fantasy, behind will and jada at the same time.

  • pointhimout

    Sandra, can we start a “who turned him out” game on your site, kinda like blind item? i’ve always wondered who turned Tyson out (lucky basterd), and a few others.

  • Charles


    Are you a gay man ??


  • attorneymom

    Can someone tell me what the h*** does Dana Owens has on???

  • attorneymom

    Is Dana Owens standing next to a wax statute of Liza M?

  • iscream

    @ Kym well good luck and Welcome back.

    @ Point. Was is not D. Jeter Yankee short stop? Or did he turn JD out???? I remember Wendy drove poor Tyson mad with that rumor… saying he had a tat on his arm. Lol at how upset he was trying to prove her wrong.

    @ Bird she has worn her real hair before here and there. More so durning the no more drama album.

    @ Ontaya Kendu is her MANager. Never been a big fan of that.. Wendy has the same thing. I almost feel like its a pimp position. Plus if the woman loses their position the whole household suffers. But on the flip side Wendy says who better to have her best interest at heart. :shrug: I guess its working so I guess its all good.

  • Daisy

    @ice in the essence interview they ask her about having to fire her sister for Kendu. I am glad to know they are still cool and that didnt come in between them. I saw her and her sister in a twitter video she posted a few wks back.

  • Songbird27

    Mary and Taraji look amazing and Tyler Perry is hansome as always!

  • iscream

    Thanks for the update Daisy. I’ll have to check that out… is it on line. I stop buying mags with Mary interviews because I got tired of them asking the same dang on questions about her drug use… hello there are other things to ask her about. Sheesh.

    Or maybe it was because I was buying every magazine (up until 7 years ago) that would do a story on her. Yeah I was bad but hopefully now they see the growth and learned how to conduct a good interview.