Up to now we didn't know how much Katherine Jackson was getting by way of allowance while Michael Jackson's estate gets probated. In legal docs just unveiled today, we now know the special administrators asked to pay her $26,804 per month.

As for the kids, the family allowance for them is $60,000 per month.

The docs also say "...the Estate assets consist of real and personal property exceeding $500 million and that the Estate is solvent [liquid and able to pay its bills]."

Katherine and Michael's 3 kids will continue to get an allowance -- which is subject to change -- until the estate is probated. That could take between 1 and 2 years from now.

  • masonmom

    they are some cute lil boys!

  • iscream

    Isn't this a lil more than what Kelis is getting for one kid?? Dang Nas is caked up like that.

  • Anna

    They are beautiful looking boys. Sandra was it you that reported that Michael was broke. How can there be $86k to pay per month to take care of his kids that to you are not his? SMH in confusion.

  • aqtpie

    He does have some cute kids!!

  • pinky2083

    That's a nice lil chunk of change.

  • Krysi J

    thats reasonable for 3 kids....Michael ain nothing like these deadbeats...he provided for his children dead and alive.

  • bklynchick

    Ummm wish I was one of Michael's kids...hell I wish I would have birth one of his kids with an allowance like that LOL!!

  • coaretained

    I wanna know whats up with the OTHER dude that was requesting DNA tambout MJ was the pappy... Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson. :eyeroll:

  • Anna

    bklynchick Says:

    Ummm wish I was one of Michael’s kids…hell I wish I would have birth one of his kids with an allowance like that LOL!!
    LOL. That is the "mother boat load of money". I wish the kids well. Sandra I am glad you picked a nice pic of "Mother" and son. Blankets hair is as long as mine and I will say that being he is a boy, "he needs a hair cut". He is a cutie though. Prince Michael the first looks like my nephew. A mixed child with olive color skin. I look like the pic Sandra picked for us slackers. A white cry baby. Sandra are you a racist? LOL. Just joking. I am not my skin color.

  • pointhimout

    no one knows what MJ really had. I always stuck by my belief that owning a huge chunk of the Beatles catalog, he will never be broke. can you believe someone kept saying it was in the will to "give back" the catalog to paul mccartney upon mj's death? i laughed too. all the millions that catalog generates. there was no way in this lifetime the jacksons were doing that.

    how does one go about purchasing a song pockets aren't that deep, but i am curious. dblaq around today?

  • mizzdallas


    I wish birth just one of mj kids, dang it, I be looking at old photos of mike and he just get me all HOT n BOTHERED! this is one man I wouldnt mine being his baby-mama, it wouldve been such an honor to be his baby-mama!

  • ELove

    Blanket has Star-Celebrity Kid written ALL OVER HIM ...

    I WOULD NEVER cut his hair (That's Kid Sampson right there)

  • mjoylaw

    Aowww! Hee Hee!

    MJ is a blessing!

    R I P

  • mjoylaw

    Michael's kids (all of em) fittin to break some hearts, those are some good lookin kids that Mike sired (hee hee!)

  • anti-PC

    Love you Mike!!!

    Idiot media talking about he was in debt...yeah he owed people money but that's because he ain't been paying his bills. NOT because he was broke.

    Can't wait to see his movie!! I will probably bring a box of tissues along...

  • candycane

    Why they look like they have on each others' shirts??? They need to learn how to match

  • candycane

    Cute boys though