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I guess Kanye West's beard, Amber Rose, is feeling some kind of way about my readers saying she's white.

She had her publicist/manager/pimp Janero Marchand email me yesterday to say (I'm paraphrasing here): "Amber Rose isn't all the way white. Her mama's got some black in her. So please accept Amber into the tribe."

Personally, I believe the only thing black about Amber is the sun tan lotion she bathes in. This tramp is not half black or even a quarter black. And just because one is born in a certain geographical location that is predominately black, doesn't make them automatically black. If that's the case then all the whites born in South Africa are mixed.

Janero writes:

Hey Sandra,

Just wanted to say that I read your blog daily and I must correct you on one of your Amber Rose posts where you corroborated with your readers claim that, "there’s no part of Amber that’s black". Well actually that statement is inaccurate, I had the pleasure of meeting Amber's beautiful BROWNSKIN mom who is from a country called Cape Verde which is an island off the coast of West Africa. The descendants from that country are usually of Portuguese and African descent and usually appear fair skin or white.

So actually Amber is half black and her father is Italian and Irish. So in correlation to your readers assumption, yes there is a part of Amber that is Black. Just thought I'd correct that statement for you and your readers.

I emailed Janero back and asked him for a pic of Amber's mom to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Amber is mixed. Of course he couldn't produce one. But he did offer that he was "sure in due time her mom will be accompanying her on red carpets."

LOL! I'm still laughing!

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  • LadyJustice

    she has fake boobs and a fake booty, take all that away shes just your average white chick with a bald head :shrug:

  • aqtpie

    :rofl: Only on SR!!!!

  • mizzdallas

    I fell the phuck out at this comment "This tramp is not half black or even a quarter black


    I knew that the non-talented streetwalking hard face heffa read the blogs they live for the blogs Im soooo through

  • masonmom

    yes she does have a mean azz tan and she's obviously chez whitey cuz she dont need no perm and bleach or not, her roots are still straight! its still all good. TEAM AMBER!!

  • dblaq

    Ok so what is the big deal if she is mixed, black, white, chinese, african, japanese, samoan, filippino, german, irish, italian, cambodian, english, spanish, greek, puerto rican or whatever!??

  • Seattle Slim


    If she were fully black she still wouldn't have needed a perm, because black women don't need a "perm" "relaxer" or any other form of chemical b.s. in their hair.

    Actually it is very likely she is Cape Verdean. I've done research on the country, and basically they are all creoles. Cape Verde is considered to be an African country by most. Imagine Mama Tina, Beyonce and Solange with just a dash more white ancestry, and you have Amber rose...

    Because the black gene is probably recessive, it is barely noticeable that coupled with her father being Italian/Irish.

  • Daisy

    PAGING SHANIA :wink:

  • Nina

    I wonder why she called herself a "white girl" on Lip Service...oh well.

  • masonmom

    im sorry seattle but my black azz needs a PERM!! it aint beady bead but its thick and when i attempted to go natural i didnt have the patience to manage it. if i was natural it would be thick or thicker than joan from girlfriends!

    however, i cant wait for chris rock's "good hair" movie comes out! YES I AM ADDICTED TO THE CREAMY CRACK!!

  • Daisy

    @Nina I heard her say she was mixed during an old interview that was posted on another site

  • Kat


  • LovelyLady

    :rofl: @ this damn post, Sandra has did it again.

  • Daisy

    Oh and this is another ex of an outfit that Amber has on that is NOT HAWT :coffee:

  • omina-homina

    i don't understand WHY amber or her manager feels the need to defend her African/black ancestry. If we're going to ask her let's ask Ice-Ts wife and Kim Kardashian to prove they are not of black ancestry; or ask any non-black LOOKING black (going by general assumption) person to defend that they have black ancestry.

    i think in the current state of the human race as far as our bloodlines are concerned, it's kind of pointless to even question it.

    she has a big butt, light skin, a pretty face and an uncanny style...that's what the masses want to see these days. it doesn't matter what her ancestry is.

  • Nina

    @Daisy - thats interesting. I believe this interview I saw on youtube was old too (like when she first started dating Kanye). Maybe in her interviews she transitioned from saying white to mixed. Im interested in what her mom looks like tho...

  • masonmom

    people mistaken me for white all the time. i cant help it if both my grandmother's are white and i have 'indian in my family'

  • Shauny

    I don't get why her race is such a big deal. I could care less if she's black, white, asian, dominican, why the fuss?

  • pinky2083

    I still say the chick is white.

    Please except her into your tribe.. what the hell is that supposed to mean?!

  • omina-homina

    Consider that many Italian and Irish natives are also been of mixed ancestry. Take the North African (Arab, Moor) bloodlines inherited by many Italians (of which many don't claim) - especially in Southern Italy.

    There are also some with Irish ancestry who have similar bloodlines brought to Ireland when exiled Iberian immigrants (Jewish/Arab/Moor bloodlines) arrived in that country centuries ago.

  • masonmom

    she clearly has her "ghetto pass". if we have accepted halle, mariah, a keys and justin timberlake then we can accept amber.

    Amber i accept you with open arms. yes ur hair is blonde and u wear contacts to cover your blue eyes, however, chez whitey or not i am TEAM AMBER!!

  • Daisy

    Shauny I don't think it matters either BUT I am glad she acknowledges that she is bi racial. She doesnt even look YT to me so I always knew what time it was lol I don't know how anybody can't look at her and tell :shrug:

    Some ppl still havent forgiving MC cause they think she denied her black father when she 1st came out so in this case she is being accused of the opposite.

  • Krysi J

    Whatever she is she should be proud, because it what made her who she is....why the hell should she be upset because she is being called white if that is what she is??? Hell, do ya stunting on deez bytches regardless white, yellow, orange, purple, brown, still a bad bytch! Be proud of who you are.

  • Krysi J

    Its no different from yall giving props to Kim K...fake booty, fake boobs....photoshop...cute shape....famous for being pretty.....its all the same.

  • Daisy

    Krysi I like Kim I think she is pretty. Amber doesnt do it for me in the looks dept. she isnt ugly but I dont get bad bish from her either although you and others do. Her body is on point I will give her that. I dont like that pink lipstick either.

    I have never knocked her hustle if she likes it I love it. I hope she is stacking the paper that is starting to come her way as well.

  • SunnyPA

    We're all family in the eyes of the Lord.

  • masonmom

    light skin girls: ur just a jigga boo, gotta find somethin to do

    dark skin girls: ur just a wanna be...wanna be better than me!

    Thanx spike lee

  • pointhimout

    we can give a rats ass what's flowing through her gene pool. where does she come from and why is she here? i'm so tired of the blogs reviving her insignificant existence as it unfortunately relates to my entertainment news. geesh.

    she may be the sweetest person, but i need her to complete night school, get a purpose outside of the kanye persona and then come back to see me.

  • Anna

    Sorry, I did not read the comments. can anyone not tell by looking at her that she is mixed? Aren't we all mixed? I have a sis by the same white mom and her skin is darker in color, she may not looked mix but she is. Some ppl think I am totally white. Ok white ppl explain my nappy locks and I am not Jewish. LOL. Sorry but Jewish ppl have out of control afros more than black folks. Maybe they need to get to know a hot iron or a kiddy no lye relaxer. I don't know why my comments are mean today, maybe it's because I am on staycay but the man who pays my salary called me to come in to work yesterday. I am not salary. LOL.

  • mirsmommy

    Damn near all of us are mixed, so what difference does it make what race she is?

  • Krysi J

    Amber doesnt do it for me in the looks dept. she isnt ugly but I dont get bad bish from her either although you and others do.

    oh yeah like how I feel about Rhianna...but Im not a I have to giver Rhianna her props when her props are due...if I'm not feeling her I try not to comment unless I have some FACTS for that azz.

    she may be the sweetest person, but i need her to complete night school, get a purpose outside of the kanye persona and then come back to see me.


    that should go for all of em, not just a few.

  • 2thick4u

    Did I start some shit by saying Amber wasn't BLACK :) !!!

    I feel so important :)...whatever race Amber is, she is a cute chick that wears hot clothes. I am glad that she is making moves on her own without Kanye.

    Like I said in an earlier posting 98% of the time she is on point and she didn't disappoint...those shoes are FIERCE :) !!!

    I will slap a **tch for those :)

  • Daisy

    Krysi I am not hater either I said her body was on point. When she has on something I like (which is rare) I will give her props. Also, I never call you or anybody else a hater for not liking Rihanna although I stans for her I know everybody is not going to like her dont confuse me with a Bey stan please and thank you! I dont even like the word hater lol

  • Krysi J

    Also, I never call you or anybody else a hater for not liking Rihanna

    I wasn't saying you were a hater boo, I was stating that "I'm not a hater" as in "I." I was actually speaking on myself concerning Rhianna, the old fashion way??

  • dblaq

    I have an idea why don't we just kill eachother then we wouldn't have to worry about none of that sh!t. We all be dead and nobody would care!!??? Good idea?

  • iscream

    I don't care about her race (but she was sure much darker yesterday) I just want to know now that the Kanye ship is sinking when she jumps off or gets pushed will she write a book... :coffee:

    Girl I hope you didn't sign no hush hush papers. & if you did have a family member or friend write it.. mmm hmmm.

  • spongebobfan

    Um saying you are 'mixed' dont always mean black anyway however what shws mixed with italian and cape Vernen the cape verden is a black/mixed country...however why does it matter

  • lexdiamonz

    WOW i thought she was part SKANK

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    LMAO@ Sandra, LOL Sandra you be killing me with your comments. lol.

  • intensemocha







  • Bird

    You been hatin' on my girl while I've been away Miss Sandra? Anyway, thanks for clearing that up. I thought Amber was Cape Verdean herself. I look at them the same as creole. A group of blacks whose ancestors mixed on such a large scale that they practically created a nationality. Most Louisiana Frenchmen look black AND white. Cape Verdean's appear to be the same. Since Amber's dad is white its amazing she looks as black as she does. Anyway, if she's got an ounce and she's owning it, I'm going to call her black. You can call her multi-ractial like you do others, but she ain't white.


    Daisy Says:

    im here!...was working hard yesterday ...forgot to log on

  • Charles

    Im over it


  • jsquare

    So, I just read somewhere that this Janero Marchand dude is a 22 yr old NYU law student. He's the one that introduced Amber to Kanye West and now he's "supposed" to be dating Rihanna. This dude's got a lot of hustle in him, that's for sure.

  • jsquare

    Ok, so now he says he's not dating Rihanna and he goes to Georgetown, not NYU. This stuff is hilarious.

  • keely107

    White or black, her ear lobes will be snapping in 5,4,3,2 if she dont stop wearing them heavy arse earrings!

  • LiliesOfTheField

    This is her mom.

  • LiliesOfTheField

    Here is another