According to, Rihanna is set to blast her former boyfriend Chris Brown on her upcoming CD!

This is good news to her fans who feared she might give in and go back to the deranged woman beater.

According to CM, Ne-Yo, who is working with the 21-year-old singer on the record, said: "Expect an edgier, almost angrier Rihanna on this one. Rihanna says some things on this album that you've never heard her say before."

He said: "I'm not supposed to say anything but I'm going to work on as many songs as possible with her. I'm going to lighten her up. I don't want an angry Rihanna."

By the way, Brown hasn't gotten the memo that it's over between the two of them. He's acting like a crazed stalker on Earlier today he wrote:

"MY HEART IS INCOMPLETE... the part that is complete is my love for fans, career, friends, family… God. But I'm missing someone or something (sic)."

He then posted a link to a YouTube video featuring that wack track he wrote for Rihanna titled "Changed Man." The video features pictures of CB and Rihanna together in happier times. Get a life punk!

Photo: INF DAILY has the actual audio of Barack Hussein Obama, your president, dissing rapper Kanye West by calling him a "jackass." It's not as funny when you hear him say it.

And loyal reader LIZESOUL is angry with me and my readers for clowning Kanye. She writes:

we cant stick together for two min... hating black folk for chiming in instead of defending kanye... the wack ass president called kanye a jackass... did he call that white mf a jackas ..that called his black ass a folks are wack...

Not to be outdone by Kanye West's immature antics on the VMA's, that other attention whore, Sean Combs, went berserk on a traffic cop outside a NYC venue. The cop asked Sean Combs to move along because the sidewalk was getting a little crowded. Sean barked back, "Hey, yo! Lower your f*cking voice when you talk to me! I'm a MAN just like you."

The cop responded, "I don't give a f*ck who you are!" The two men traded epithets in the middle of the crowded street, but no arrests were made and no punches thrown (too bad). Anyway, click the video to see the rest of the story.

Hey fat boy, are you wondering why the hawt chicks won't give you a second look? Maybe you need to put down those two all beef patties with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun -- and go work out like this guy did.

In the midst of an anti-Kanye backlash that's sweeping the nation, Kanye West picked up the phone this morning to call Taylor Swift and apologize for his rude antics on the VMA's Sunday night.

According to, Swift, who is currently on a pity tour, told the ladies of The View that she hadn't heard from Kanye since he bumrushed the stage to snatch her microphone and declare that Beyonce should have won her award instead of her.

Reps at The View say Kanye rang the show immediately after Swift left the set and offered a big fat apology for being a jackass.

The rep said Swift accepted Kanye's apology.

Miss Info posted this undated pic of then-presidential candidate greeting an elated Kanye West. How could Ye' know that in less than a year the president would make him the laughing stock of the country by calling him a jackass!

LOL, I still can't stop laughing at that fool! Can anyone get on Kanye's blog? I've been trying to load that blog all morning. Please hit me up with a link the moment the paps (TMZ) catch up to Kanye in the streets. I want to hear them heckling his dumb azz, lol.

Oh, and for the folks who feel sorry for this idiot because his mom passed, Kanye was cutting the fool way before his mom died. We need to stop making excuses for these pathetic, over-indulged, narcissistic morons.

Was that harsh? Good!

Cheronda Guyton was living the high life in a $12 million 3,800 square foot beachfront house in the exclusive enclave of Malibu County. The home Guyton and her family resided in was the scene of many lavish galas that lasted well into the night.

Neighbors wondered how a Wells Fargo bank VP could afford the beachfront property's $60,000 a month rent on her salary -- even with bonuses.

The problem is the Senior Vice President in charge of foreclosed properties at Wells Fargo, wasn't renting or buying the posh home.

The previous owners, who lost money in the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, turned the home over to Wells Fargo bank to pay off a higher debt.

The bank agreed not to sell the home so the owners could align their debts and get it back. Guyton and her family moved in shortly thereafter.

According to the LA Times, Wells Fargo last week announced Guyton's termination for the executive's alleged personal use of the home owned by the bank.

Wells Fargo announced it would "take decisive action" against any employee "who may have violated Wells Fargo's policies." The bank in a statement also said it regretted "the disruption to the neighboring property owners since these allegations were made."

Many real estate agents contacted by The Times expressed surprise and said they had not heard of similar incidents.

An agent with Keller Williams Realty, told The Times she was "appalled" by the alleged conduct and what appeared to be an obvious abuse of a position.

But one agent, Farrell "Burt" Bakman of Coldwell Banker in Beverly Hills, believes Wells Fargo knew about the illegal home squatting. He said he saw no problem with a lender using a property "as some sort of a bonus" for their executives.

"It makes sense," he said. "It's thinking outside of the box for Wells Fargo. They just hold on to it as an asset."

Thanks to loyal reader Kimalah for the tip!

Two young thugs take turns viciously assaulting a 17-year-old white boy on a school bus on Monday in the southwestern Illinois city of Belleville while other students on the bus cheered them on.

Belleville police took the two punks, ages 14 and 15, into custody yesterday at the high school they attended. Police Capt. Don Sax said the video made it clear to him that the attacks were racially motivated. No charges have been announced.

It's hard to believe we have a half-black president in the White House. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Janet Jackson, who thrilled fans with her Michael Jackson tribute on the VMAs, attended Marc Jacob's fashion afterparty at Hiro's nightclub in downtown Manhattan last night.

Singer Toni Braxton looked quite Lil Kim-mish at the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show after party in NYC last night.

Pseudo singer Ciara attended the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show afterparty at Hiro's in NYC last night wearing the ugliest boots I've ever seen.

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