Reality TV personalities Nene Leakes, left, of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and Gretchen Rossi of "Real Housewives of Orange County" got together for a promotional love fest yesterday in Beverly Hills to see who was the biggest attention whore. Of course NeNe won hands down!

Bravo made sure photogs were there to capture every minute of the slobbering.

NeNe's husband Greg Leakes even got in on the action by kissing up to Gretchen and her boyfriend Slade Smiley (yes, that's his name). Attention whores need love too!

Does Greg have a job yet or is NeNe still supporting him on her Bravo paycheck?

  • pointhimout

    According to my sources, Greg will be signing up for night school along side Amber Rose. First subjet: business management 0098, the remedial course.

    slade and gretchen look good together. very sexy. he wasted so much time with that idiot jo.

  • Charles

    Lolll well anyway! Does greg hav e a job lmfao

    Sandra does monica have a job? Does diamond have a job? Does rasheeda have a job? Does rihanna have a job?

    Keep it kewte! And im here for nene

    Nene >>> your faves end of

  • Peachizz

    LOL.. Does Greg have a book.. When Rocko gets one he'll get one!!!

  • 2thick4u

    C'mon now...Nene supporting Gregg...I hardly believe it :( !!!

    Oh well...she did say that he took care of her so she can support her man a while...if it's true!!!

  • pinky2083

    Love Gretchen!!

  • alexander

    gretchen is a pretty white woman...i really like her. i'm glad she's still taping after her fiance's death. or maybe its a staged relationship with slade...don't like him.

  • Shauny

    Can't stand Slade or Gretchen. She was doing an Anna Nicole and waiting on dude to die. Slade's middle name is Slime.

    I still LOVE Greg and even if he isn't working, he's worked long enough to give NeNe the chit she had BEFORE RHOA so hell he deserves to sit back and relax and let her handle it (if he isn't currently working). I would be glad to do it for my hubby if this was our case.

    DEAD @ Greg in the 3rd pick with Gretchen He's looking like "this bish"

  • Divinebrown

    Gretchen is so fly!!!! Even though, she'd dingbat central station, she's my favorite. Her and Slade been going at it for a minute. I dont think it's staged.

    Nene is too fake now...everything out of her mouth irritates my soul. I can't even listen to her talk. Her classy, Hollywood act is so extra. I like how she slid her new porclain teeth in on us and thought we wouldnt notice.

    and Ya'll leave Greg alone...he's the only normal one on the show.

  • Anna

    NeNe is ok. I was laughing at her helping to cohost the Emmys. She did not like most of the dresses the women had on and her dress to me was not all that.

  • shay1

    Is that Slade - Jo's Slade?