I had no idea that my recent post on the cutie pie Lacefront Baby would draw so much attention from around the country. I'm still getting emails about that post (including one from the baby's family threatening a lawsuit).

Talk Diva Tyra Banks tackled the issue of baby wigs on a recent episode of her hit show. And now Parent Dish has also weighed in on the controversy.

Mommy-n-me wigs may just be the most disturbing parenting trend we've heard in a long time, and The Frisky agrees with us. That site wants to know what's next: Thong diapers?

How about coordinating stripper poles, one for the nursery and one for the master bedroom? Or better yet, twin therapists to deal with their matching self-esteem issues? Suri's high heels are starting to look a lot more innocent with every waking moment.

We even found an entire site dedicated to hair-raising a child.

Not surprising that super models want to check out the trend. Here's a discussion of baby wigs on the Tyra Banks show:

Thanks to loyal reader RS for the tip!

  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice *\o/*

    sandra didnt the mom send u the pictures? :blink:

  • waterlily_76

    :warning: Put the child down and get on the ground!

  • Quitta

    Oh what cutie pie in the 1st pic. But the wigs for infants is absurd. I mean :wtf: Just like college isnt for everyone, neither is having children. SMDH.

  • waterlily_76

    SR Fam ---- this is :offtopic: so I apologize, but

    I JUST GOT A PROMOTION TO DREAM POSITION!!! I can't contain myself :party:

    My God showed out this morning!!

  • http://myspace.com/katgirl33 katgirl33

    Auntie: I’m still getting emails about that post (including one from the baby’s family threatening a lawsuit).

    For what? You didn't take the pic, nor did you put a LACEFRONT WIG, WITH GLUE on your baby's head! It ain't your fault Momma probably den got a home visit from Family Services......stupid is as stupid does!

  • ReadTheBlog

    Those parent should feel like fools! LOL @ lawsuit. Where they gonna get the money for the retainer fee - they already spent it on the baby wig.

    Tell these foolish parents to buzz off.

  • http://myspace.com/katgirl33 katgirl33

    Alright Waterlily......

    Make that money girl!


  • Kimmy

    If you are so upset that people keep mistaking your baby for a little boy, why don't you just put a head band around her head. I've seen plenty little girls with a band around their little "bald" or "hardly no hair at all" heads. Or maybe get her ears pierced, idoit. I mean anything is better than a dang toupee/wig.

  • shannon04

    congratulations :cheers:



  • http://mrswindycity.blogspot.com Windycitychick

    Everytime I see this picture it makes me ill.

    Why would you do that to your child? It just wrong on so many levels

  • shannon04

    These people need to stop with this wig mess. Let babies be babies.

  • waterlily_76

    Thanks kat and shannon

    I am in shock right now.



  • LadyLew

    See I was under the impression that is was all a joke. I didn't think the wig was really glued on or that she take the baby out the house like that. This is ridiculous. People need to do better I swear

  • pyt305


  • trynabeme

    Yea for waterlily_76 :cheer: Wonderful way to start the NEW YEAR! What's the dream postion if you don't mind sharing?


    CONGRADS :yea:


  • LovelyLady

    :wtf: Thats is all i have to say.

  • Shauny

    Congrats waterlily!!

    I don't even want to get my pressha up talking about wigs and babies...SMH

  • LovelyLady

    waterlily_76 Says: :cheer: Get Girlyyyyyyy Yayyyyyy

    Sidenote: *whispering* dont gloat to much some commentors might come for your neck.

  • http://thechoklitfactory.wordpress.com/ ChokLitFactory

    Congrats WaterLily!
    This is a mess, who is tryin to sue Sandra now??

  • trynabeme

    On topic, the 1st pic doesn't bother me. It's "cute" just for a picture, but the idea that anyone would do this to a BABY????? I've always felt one should have to pass a psych eval before even getting pregnant. Hell weaves/wigs torture ME & I'm a grown a$$ woman dawg! That ish be HOT!!!!!!!

  • Natasha

    Just plain dumb!!!

  • kwall

    gone on and getcho career woman on @waterlily.


    i am in raleigh, nc so i have seen first hand pastor shirley show out many a time @14. lmfao when i read that.

  • waterlily_76

    Thanks all - :smile: I appreciate the luv

    @tryna - Its a senior public policy analyst position.

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    Her momma needs to be suing her self for doing that to her baby! SMH

  • Peachizz

    :wtf: Baby Wigs, I think was a joke gone wrong!!!! IF teh parent(s) family members didn't say nothing no one would know who the baby is anyway!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Q_ATLANTIS Q_ATLANTIS

    i guess i should be thankful these werent out when i was a baby...my mom said I didnt grow hair until i was 4. however, IF i ever have a daughter i would never do that. i'll stick to taping (medical tape) bows on her head like my mom did me.

  • LaTechGrad02

    Those parents are taking it too far, sad.

  • http://facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1224695543 Karamelkisses76

    Is that a shirtless daddy holding that baby? They're probably real, real young parents.

    Congrats, Waterlily!!



  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom
  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    @waterlily_76, PRAISE HIM!!!

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    Congrats waterlily. :rofl: @ lovelylady

  • CoCoBelle

    We have got to do better! :confused: But on to great things...Congrats Waterlily...go on and do great things...Show them why they promoted you and WHO promoted you!

  • j.c.

    congrats water lily! I love to see my people excel!!! YAY FOR YOU AND TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!!!

  • http://sandrarose.com Ms.kaylamomma

    YAY @ waterlily. Don't start smelling yourself. Just playing. :lol: I love, love to hear good news about promotions and jobs in the middle of this recession.

    On this topic, we have to do better y'all.

  • http://umysis.com Kim

    Congratulations, Waterlily! God is SOOOO Good!!!!

  • trynabeme

    @ LovelyLady/21 I knew you was gonna say sumpin' :lolol:

    At least you shut it down, I never saw another comment. :shrugs:

  • mistarie

    This is disgusting. I have never in my life... WTF is wrong with people? There are sooo many good people out here that want babies and can't have them, and then you have FOOLS who can get pregnant if a man sneezes their way. I think that we should enact a bill where FOOLS are not allowed to procreate. :rules: And thank you.

    And to the parent, please don't get mad at SR because she called you out on your stupidity and hoodratishness. You're really angry because you thought that WE the readers and commenters would think that it was cute that you want your Baby(she's adorable by the way :thumbsup: ), to grow up and idolize a puzzy popper named Beyawnce. SMDH at mother's who encourage their daughter's to sunscribe to an unrealistic and self hating image that is being projected to the masses by someone who has been sucked, tucked, and sliced so much that she probably couldn't spot her real nose or stomach if it walked by her on the street; someone who is so afraid of the REAL her being seen that she wears a lacefront to go swimming in the ocean. #wheretheydothatat And this is who you want your daughter to look up to. SMDH even more at grown azz women still idolizing Beyawnce. :nono:


    Congrast @ waterlily :cheer:

    I thought this pic was a photoshop joke.. :shrugs:

  • Quitta

    Congrats Waterlily!!!!!! :claps:

    You going out today or this weekend to celebrate :party:

  • ReadTheBlog

    Hey Waterlilly :koolaid: GO GIRL.... Can I borrow a dolla?

  • laterthannever

    Everyone mistakes my son for a girl (big pretty eyes with long eyelashes and a head full of hair) and its not a big deal. "Oh she is so beautiful." "Thank you, HE is a charmer too." *smile* I'm not gonna walk him around in a bow tie or put him in a shirt w/a penis because of something so trivial.

    The mom on the Tyra segment is the same kind that will have a little miss anorexia nervosa when she's 11. So Ignorant. Worry about the child feeling loved, nurtured, accepted, and educated. Hair comes and goes. Heaven forbid the child ever lost their hair due to illness :(

  • kwall


    can we get a buju banton goes to jail..."skrait to jail...do not pass go...do not colleck $200"....post sandra?

    for trying to cop FIVE kilos? :wtf: buju?

    anyway it is all over all of my email updates.

  • T.A.

    :wtf:@parents trying to sue........they need to get a LIFE :rolleyes:

    Congratulations to Waterlilly!!!!

  • laterthannever

    Yay waterlily!!

  • KaraZ

    ... wrong does not even begin to describe this! i thought the first pic was photoshopped :-|

    congrats waterlily, you go girl

  • MrsHawthorne77

    "No Vaseline for Tiger Woods"

    I read it and I must say that I :cosign: 100%

  • LovelyLady

    Trynabeme and Cinnamon Kisses. :lol:

    Whatttttttt, I aint do nuffin. I was just tryna warn her. :rofl:

  • MrsHawthorne77

    Congratulations Waterlily!!!!


  • mirsmommy

    Quitta Says:

    Oh what cutie pie in the 1st pic. But the wigs for infants is absurd. I mean Just like college isnt for everyone, neither is having children. SMDH

    Congrats @ waterlily :cheer: Can I get a loan? :lol:

  • mirsmommy

    shannon04 Says:

    These people need to stop with this wig mess. Let babies be babies
    Exactly. That's why some of these kids out here are so f*cked up now!!!!! :mad:

  • va_shawty

    :pray: Jesus take the wheel!

  • Yolanda77

    waterlily_76 Says:

    Put the child down and get on the ground
    too funny :lolol:

  • waterlily_76

    Again - Thanks ALL - you guys are the best

    God gets the Glory

    @ Yolanda - I felt like doing a citizens arrest for that foolishness

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    @MrsHawthorne77, Mr. Moore went in Tiger's azz without any vasoline. Didn't he?

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    Where is DFYS when you need them?? Pierce her ears and dress her like a girl baby and you won't have a problem.

  • H-Townmama

    OK. I first want to congratulate Waterlily! You got your dream job, because you know who your Real Boss is!!!! So wonderful to hear.

    Now....on to the issue at hand. WTH is wrong with people? I thought that pic was photoshopped of that baby! I cant believe those parents did that to that baby and if they got a visit from CPS they needed it. Thats child abuse both physical and emotional(later down the line). Both of my daughters came out with a head full of hair. My youngest has enough to pull back in one ponytail and shes 8 1/2 months. Ive been saying 7 but man time flies. LOL.

    But even with pierced ears and pink outfits Ive had people, usually yt, still ask if they are a boy or girl.
    And having names of Sydney and London hasnt helped I guess:rolleyes: And Ive seen people with boys that were mistaken for girls...It happens. No need for baby wigs at all. And most blacks that Ive known who had no hair or very little as a baby have more than they can handle later down the line...
    I personally dont do weaves, nothing wrong with them, but I have my own hair that I keep up and its so healthy looking most people swear I have one one regardless. Ive damaged it and cut it off to start over and still didnt rock the weave, but taht because I dont feel the need to conform to the world's standard of pretty hair. The most I do is texturize it and Im rocking color in it...When it comes to my children I hope that if they wear wigs/weaves, its not because they feel pressured to, but becuase they want to.
    Sorry for the rant guys, Im just waking up and Im feeling great. Today is my last day then Im off for ten days! I love my job.

  • Yolanda77

    @waterlily_76 I feel ya and congrats on your new position. God is good!

  • pointhimout

    so Sandra, are your sources tossing Victoria Rowell's name as the newest ATL housewife? Mine weren't either. This is a shocker. TBC i guess.

  • Cinderella

    When I vactioned in Orlando,Fl 6 yrs ago, I saw a set of twin girls no older than 3 with curly ponytails. We were at that waterpark Wet & Wild and those little girls had tons of black gel in the hair.SMH

  • trynabeme

    @ pointhimout, I heard that on the radio this morning. I never really paid much attention to her until recently. I read her book & what's ole boy's name? Christph St. John or whatever said some slick ish about her on the Foxxhole a while back.

    They say she's off the chain...I don't imagine her to be, but...if that's the case its just what they need to "refresh" the show. Laneitha & Kim get on my dayum nerves!

  • trynabeme

    Well don't judge me (so what if yall do!)...

    when my daughter was 6yrs old I put a phony pony on for our Xmas pix. Her hair was french braided up into a ball (w/o any hair added) & I bought a cute lil palm tree phony pony for her to wear for the pix...it was cute. She did look like a lil lady! :lolol:

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    @pointhimout, I vote for Tameka Raymond. Victoria Rowell is to boring. They already have Lisa Hartwell.

  • LovelyLady

    @ Cinderealla ,

    I see girls no older than 3,4 or 5 wearing weaves ALL THE TIME. They got fake braids and fake ponytails. its like when you see it its not a suprise casue i see it so much. But this ish right here above takes the cake.

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    @pointhimout, I vote for Tameka Raymond. Victoria Rowell is too boring. They already have Lisa Hartwell.

  • jazi65

    Why get mad at SR..be mad at the face behind the camera or better yet, look in the dam mirror.

    With so many children these days being born with disabilities her azz needs to be thankful that hair is the only thing missing.

  • Kia512

    Congrats WATERLILY God is always in the blessing business praise him !

    Now I thought this picture was a joke. I have a picture of my baby girl with my mother wig for fun and those embarrassing photos for later on in life but I wouldn’t dare put it on her to wear for real.

    I am not going to let her have it cause someone once let me have it about putting a perm in my 5 year old head but they were not the ones going thru 2 combs breaking every hair do I was proud of myself for waiting until she was 5 years old to do it cause Lord knows she need a perm a 1 years old. And before someone says it yes I tried the hot comb and before I got finish straightening her hair it was nappy.

    But a wig was never an option but to each its own.

  • j.c.

    tryna, i keep waiting on your gravi to open dem eyes!

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    pointhimout Says:
    so Sandra, are your sources tossing Victoria Rowell’s name as the newest ATL housewife? Mine weren’t either. This is a shocker. TBC i guess.


    Yes. But the person who told me asked me not to reveal her name. :)

  • trynabeme

    :lolol: JC, I wish we could have active gravi's!

    When ya gonna make that happen Sandra?

  • MzKaren83

    I think it's crazy to buy a baby a lacefront because they probably just gonna pull it off anyways
    Sidenote: Congrats Waterlily :cheer1:

  • SweetPea

    I thought that pic was photoshopped!!Dam! :-?

  • onlinefan

    i thought the baby pics were a joke and didn't think the mom really had glued that poor baby's head!

    this is way too much and that mother needs to be checked, her mind ain't right y'all.

    congrats sandra on the mention in the article. it was one of the first things i saw when scrolling through aol news this morning.

  • Red Feather

    What's so messed up is that the "Lacefront Baby" looks EXACTLY like my youngest daughter when she was about 3-4 months old!!!! My daughter has those same big eyes, same skin complexion, except my daughter just turned 1 this month & I can put 2 French Braids down her head! So NO LACEFRONTS FOR MY BABY!! :lolol: (Lemme see if I can attach a pic of her to this comment...)

    Okay, I can't figure out how to get it on here, but I almost got pissed when I saw the first post on this baby because I thought my daughter's father's ex-girlfriend had done this to my baby while she was with them one day as some sort of sick joke to get at me & posted the pics on the net. This post almost got a booger choked out of someone's nose! Glad this ISN'T my baby! :lolol:

  • H-Townmama

    I keep coming back to that pic...I really cant believe someone thought it was a good idea or cute to glue a wig to a baby's head!!!!!

  • free

    that lil girl looks like SANDRA!

  • Peachizz

    LOL@ Free
    Congrads Waterlily...... Starting the new year off right!!
    I love to see my sister's excel!!!!

  • LovelyLady

    free Says:

    that lil girl looks like SANDRA!

    You made me spit oout my damn Strawberry soda. That will be 1.49 from you thank you.

  • MrsHawthorne77

    This has GOT to be the most ignorantest (I know thats not a word but it fits the situation) mess I've ever seen! Somebody need to be suing that momma for puttin that crap on that babys head! :nono:

  • MrsHawthorne77

    attorneymom Says:

    @MrsHawthorne77, Mr. Moore went in Tiger’s azz without any vasoline. Didn’t he?

    He sure did and rightfully so. I have been so angry with a few of my fellow FB friends for trashing others who have something negative to say about Tiger and his situation that I haven't even logged on in a few days. He put himself in that situation and I don't feel sorry for him one bit as a black man, white man, asian man, or whoever it is he is trying to be.

  • mickey6272

    Congratulations, Waterlily.

  • Vneezy

    Been dying to comment on how cute that baby is, the wig is a mess though.