Props to R&B Diva Monica for listening to her fans and extending her next single "Everything To Me" to a full version. "Everything" was produced by Missy Elliott, who initially didn't see a need to extend the single from its original length of 2:23, saying it was "short, but sweet and straight to the point."

But Mo's fans made their opinions loud and clear on social networking sites like The label then made the decision to add a bridge and additional tweaks, and we love the result.

Monica's new album 'Still Standing' is set for release on March 9!

  • starr

    Cannot wait for the CD

  • LLani

    I can't wait for the album either, and she looks AMAZING in those pics. I love me some Monica. I've been listening since I was in high school, I'm 28 now and I'm still riding for her lol.

  • Bird

    I didn't listen yet, but I just first had to say BIG UP MONICA!!! Sure the song wasn't for me (in it's original version), but I want the best for this girl. I don't know about anywhere else, but here in Charlotte Monica is in heavy rotation on the adult contemporary AND hip hop radio stations. And on the adult contemporary station it is the most requested song. So congrats to Mo. I'm really happy for her. Now let me listen!

  • Daisy

    Hey Bird

    Monica is working that pic! WORK BISH :clap:

  • jo4mine

    That's a cute picture of Monica,I love the song.Looking forward to her CD being released.

  • KaraZ

    Monica look looks Rihanna inspired, however I think her management team did her wrong by not looking for more commercial opportunities for this woman, she's gorgeous

  • Bird

    Oh well it's not playing for me. I'll here it somewhere I'm sure.

  • Bird

    The bridge does complete it. I don't know why the label treated her like Boo Boo the Fool in the first place. She showed their butts!

  • nika405

    Love love Monica, I will be buying this album!

  • FloridaChick813

    OMG she is beautiful!!!!!!!!

    Everytime I see this woman I think to myself "GET IT BISH!!!"

    She is fabulous!

    Ooh and I LOVE the song

  • kwall

    every time i see her i think the same thing...that gal is so daggone PRETTY. shew! and after watching her show i know she is just as beautiful on the inside. rocko better wife her on up.

    LOVE this song. LOVE it. gone head monica. what is the record company WAITING ON???!!! :mad:

  • Daisy

    @Kwall Monica said her cd would be out in March she said that is set in stone by the label :cheer:

  • D.Marie

    Monica just doesn't do it for me anymore. *sigh* She could have been huge but she choose the ghetto route..But wateva and good luck

  • onlinefan

    i agree, she should be more commercially marketed. Maybe once the album comes out some advertisers will come calling. Her management should be out trying to get her signed up to make up or hair care companies.

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    Kwall... I agree Monica is super beautiful. She is flawless. She is beautiful inside and out. I :heart: Mo....girl u betta work. Monica you know you tha bidness. Rocko...u need to to marry this strong beautiful woman. Love ya Mo. I have always held you down since "its one them days" :clapping:

  • KaraZ

    @missy nothing is wrong with her outfit, I actually love it more than the leather jacket, tight pants I'm used to seeing her pictured in.
    Again this woman needs to consider some commercial opportunities, she's aesthetically pleasing, she's sexy in a sensual way, not pronish like say a LisaRaye; she looks like she has some life experience under her belt but not hardened like MaryJBlige and she's also innocent looking but not in a freakishly childish way. Why wont they seek out opportunities for her to sell or represent something?

  • cutiepie32

    Absolutely love the song and mo is coming back to snatch some wigs off ts dig.

  • Mahogany03

    Definitely considering if I want to change my gravi from Kim to Monica. That bish is too fly for words :yes:

    In today's market, talent is not a necessity and that's a damn shame. I agree that she needs to get with a makeup or hair company....couldn't you imagine her in a L'Oreal commercial?!

  • Daisy

    I think if Monica wanted to be commerical then her team would be working on getting endorsements and what have you and whose to say they arent. Monica is just now making her way back on the music scene so she is starting from the ground up although she isnt a new artist.

  • pointhimout

    told yall man, this song is sooooooo hot. larry jackson, cute as hell, but he was way off when he told her to go back to the studio. monica has a mature audience. leave that beat drop bs in the clubs with them other lames.

    i wanted to say to larry jackson so bad that whitney houston came out and had great music. she wasn't tryna cater to no damn body, and her ass blew up. i know he's doing his job, but he was way off with 'everything.' that song grabs you as soon as monica starts singing "boy if you ever ...." WHOA.


  • pointhimout

    i know some of yall atl folk love JD, but he was the start of her career demise. always a monica supporter, i was outdone when she recorded that song "too hood," written by JD. that's where it all started.

    but it's a new day. she's coming back. she heard the reviews and TRUE FAN responses and will deliver. get the cd when it drops people, please. no bootleg bs.


  • Daisy

    @Point Monica said she liked that song but she didnt want it to be a single and she said the song did well HERE in the A cause it was an ATL song and I LOVED the song and JD wasnt her demise the label picked that as a single the song was HAWT!

  • pointhimout

    Daisy, i hated the 'hood' song. I"m too hood for you, i aint tryna act too good.....golds in ya mouth. WHAT? well, ok, i'll go back to playin my last monica cd where you sang me to sleep at night.

  • Anna

    KaraZ Says:

    Again this woman needs to consider some commercial opportunities, she’s aesthetically pleasing, she’s sexy in a sensual way, not pronish like say a LisaRaye; she looks like she has some life experience under her belt but not hardened like MaryJBlige and she’s also innocent looking but not in a freakishly childish way. Why wont they seek out opportunities for her to sell or represent something?
    Sometimes in ones career others either expect or want you to do this, that, or the other. Some ppl don't want/like change. Maybe she thinks if she branches out she would be turning her back on those who have continued to support her all these years. Monica is a great mother and friend and maybe she has been offered different things but afraid to step out of her comfort zone. She loves for her family to be with her when she has a concert. More tour dates even in the USA could mean uprooting your family at the drop of a dime. "Money Don't Make No Happy Man, Gigalos Get Lonely Too". Do you think Bey is happy touring all over the world without her family? Monica makes great music and we will continue to find it and listen to it. It is hard to balance work and motherhood. We only get one chance at being a parent and she is not hurting as far as paying the bills. I don't care how much money you have or how much you are loved around the world. No woman wants their child to call another woman or the nanny "mommy". Not JMO, but coming from a moms stance.

  • pointhimout

    the label would pick 'too hood' as a lead single to sell a cd? god i hope that is not true. but passed on everything as a lead single initally? wow. maybe it's the label that dont know monica.

  • pointhimout

    #24, i agree with some of that, but hopefully she's going on faith as we've heard her say again and again. i think if the endorsements are meant to be, then they will be. ur not turning ur back on anybody. everyone deserves the opp to capitalize on their abilities. if singing will take her to a much deserved level, grab on to it monica and enjoy the ride. i hope she's not limiting herself like that.

  • wilcoxgirl05

    Monica is very pretty. I love the song!

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    Do yall see them pics.??? Monica is tha bidness fa real #nohomo...just keepin it real... the girl is beautiful. Mo keep pushin.

  • Anna

    pointhimout Says:

    #24, i agree with some of that, but hopefully she’s going on faith as we’ve heard her say again and again. i think if the endorsements are meant to be, then they will be. ur not turning ur back on anybody. everyone deserves the opp to capitalize on their abilities. if singing will take her to a much deserved level, grab on to it monica and enjoy the ride. i hope she’s not limiting herself like that.
    I feel you on what you are saying. It's hard for a women to out shine her man, if he is not secure or they are not secure. My hubby found out that I make more money than he does and he is fine with it, but we are older. Monica is still not married now and maybe she does not want to leave her man "home alone" or out do what he does/has not done in awhile. I don't know her reason not wanting to branch out. I know my excuse for not branching out in my career is, the bills are paid and why should I give up my comfort zone and make more money and risk "failing". I know, you can't fail if you don't try, but 'timing" is everything.

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    Anna.....hi five sis. You know what it is. :lol: I STANS for Monica.

  • Grownman


    Raise your hand or something because i'm applauding you right now.

    I love "everything to me" and I especially love the fact that Monica has decided to heavily use the one instrument that never fails her, her voice. As a fan, I rode the roller coaster she's been on the last few years with her and i'm happy to see her at her absolute best. I hope she knows that as a fan i'm thankful that she went to bat for us and pressured the label to put out material that the people who were part of her initial success in 1995 could be proud of. Take a bow Monica because you really did it with this record.

    Team Monica

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    Yesssss @ Grownman....Mo will always be my friend in my head... lol she has grown sooo much. She knows what's really good. Monica I love your song still standing. When ol dude wrote it for you and then you sung it on show....I was crying with ya sis. You are truly a beautiful woman.

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    *sung it on your show*

  • Anna

    We love Monica. I want to see her blossom more. I like some reality shows, because "we" the fans/stans get to see a differnet side of them. Some think her show is boring, but me being a mom of 3, I get to see her and what she provides for us on a music and mommy level. I get tired of seeing celebs out and about coming out of a restaurant and get tired of "reality shows" that insult the viewers intelligence. Monica's reality show is not for entertainment, but real for our enjoyment.

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    :cosign: Anna.... Monica shows us what's really good. Being a mother first and foremost. Monica is a great role-model.

  • Grownman


    Again, ITA.

    I may not have watched every episode of her show but it's a make you feel good type of show. Everyone can relate to the things she deals with on her show. She said she's in talks with BET for seasons 2, so we'll how that goes.

    @Cinnamon Kisses,

    I met Monica once and she was nothin but sincere and showed love to everyone who was there to talk with her. She's as real as it gets.

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    @ Grownman...I already know. She is so humble and layed back. Imo Mo is tha bidness. Monica....werk it ma. You know u are tha shyt. Phuck tha haters.

  • KaraZ

    @Anna, I know she's a dedicated mother and all, but I think she's being shortchanged with all the actual talent she possesses. And some commercial opportunities would allow her to stay home and raise her children, with her voice she could easily do voice over stuff and her face and figure, she could do some print work easy. I know she might be in a comfort zone in singing, but change and pushing past out comfort zones is how people continue to grow. Maybe she could consider a radio gig, she fills in for folks on vacation occasionally on V103 and the public seems to respond to her well. She's mastered singing, I'd love to see her explore past that.

    As far as outshining her man, any man who is intimidated by his better half's success needs to really check himself. Most mature men I know are proud of their women when they achieve their goals, they love seeing her happy & support her in all her aspirations. I don't know Rocko, so I can't speak about him, but Monica was a name before he got with her, I'm pretty sure he's not the type to be intimidated by her success because she had it before he came into the picture.

  • Kimi

    I like Monica but she can't pick singles to save her life. That single she picked is not it.......this album won't do well :coffee:

  • Kimi

    pointhimout Says:

    the label would pick ‘too hood’ as a lead single to sell a cd? god i hope that is not true. but passed on everything as a lead single initally? wow. maybe it’s the label that dont know monica.

    Everything is an OK song, but it has zero cross over appeal, and it's been out for a while so it's not new. Monica just does not make music with commercial appeal anymore, and it's sad because she is such a great talent with a beautiful voice. She needs to get with The Dream and Ne-yo, tricky with some producers that make hits, because everyting she puts out sounds so it could have been put out 10 years ago.

  • attorneymom

    I went to one of my other favorite websites and see that Monica has mutilated her body once again with several tattoos containing her children's names as if we don't know that she is a mother of two sons. Marking your body like that is sign of mental illness. It makes you look cheap like trailer parkish or hoodratish.

    Would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley? Blank stare. I realize that Monica wants to be a hoodrat with marginal success. Next.

    Without a vision (that upgrades), people perish (never grow or advance).

  • nika405

    Morning Fam! I listened to the song last night and the changes did make it better. I love Mo because she has always been herself. Good or Bad and I can respect that. For her to have started in the business so young and to still be here without all the problems most child stars face is a blessing. So do you Mo, I will be buying the album because I love her as an artist, she could sing the telephone book on a CD and I would still buy it!

  • geezy

    Monica is a beautiful woman! She should start modeling. Her body is thin then and she has height! Her and Rhianna are two women when I see them I think MODEL. Although unlike Rhianna Monica can BLOW!


    Can't wait 4 the album to...(as Ester Dean would say)drop drop drop drop...!!! She is SO underrated it's ridiculous.

  • Jewelry

    I feel sorry for Monica. Her time in the spotlight is a bridge and get over it. Find another line of work. She does not have staying power and it is apparent with all of those flop CD's she has put out over the years. So sick of her trying way too hard to be relevant. Ugh!

  • ShoYaRight

    Great move Monica.

    We need "Love All Over Me" as the next single OR as the third single. That's a bonafide HIT!!!

  • mizzdallas

    Her pic looks beautiful but however if she doesnt get rid of her cousing/manager whatsherface her album will flop!

  • cmj

    :yea: Finally!!! I can't wait.

  • dallas214

    Good Morning....

    @jewerly (#45) please shut up...u dont know what youre talking about....out of four albums, only ONE album didnt sell like the others...HOWEVER it did manage to produce a top 40 song on the Hot 100 and sell around 400,000 off two singles..... Her other albums have all sold over a million copies..produced # 1 singles..She has had 4 albums during her 15 year career and is still on a MAJOR record label...please shut up..Next time your speak, make sure youre actually SAYING SOMETHING

    BACK TO THE SUBJECT....The bridge really completes the song. However, I loved the original version. I applaud Monica for sticking to her guns and releasing real music. No gimmicks. She dont need a hot beat to sell a record. Just pure vocals...these other "singers" need to take notice.

    As a fan since the begining, apart of me would looovvvee to see Monica touring the world, make up endorsements, movies, all that. But on the flip side, I respect Monica soo much for not being commericalized. We have a Beyonce. We have a Rhianna. Whats meant for Monica will be meant for Monica. I for one can appreciate and respect the fact that she puts FAMILY FIRST. Her first priority isnt music and I aint mad at her. Cuz at the end of the day, when the career is over, all u got left is family. If Monica is happy with HER career, I cant do anything but be happy for her. And I am.


    Oh and attorneymom, if Monica wants to get THUG LIFE across her chest, its her choice! Im sure if she took a look at all the choices youve made in life, she wouldnt agree with them all. However, those are choices youve made. Everybody is not gonna get it and it doesnt make it wrong.


  • BayArea

    March 9? Cool, you don't have to tell me twice!

  • Kat

    Monica looks cute on the usual. And I can't wait for her cd to drop! I've been a fan since day 1. And I liked her last cd a matter of fact, I'm about to listen to it now! :dance:

  • mizzdallas


    I about to send a follower request too you!

  • dallas214


    WHATS UP HOMIE!!! I will def accept you!!! Imma warn u, I be clowning on TWITTER, lol

  • dallas214

    And unless Sandra got late breaking news, I think the album is scheduled to come out March 23 (Mo also mentioned the 30th)

  • talkingwithtami

    Who took these pics... gorg! Congrats to her!

  • Jewelry


    I have my opinion and you have your opinion. I will not shut up because I have every right to type my opinion on this message board.

    Her time is up and she is only relevant in one else is checking for her anywhere else. Her focus is her "family" because she has nothing else to do at this point in her "career." ***LOL...I am crackin' up big time!***

    Alas, go ahead and celebrate an artist that only ONE BLOGGER is hyping. ***OMG...I am so funny today!!!***

    ***Drums please...***

  • Krysi J

    I hope no one gets offended....especially not you Monica....I love the effort, I love your strength in this cut, but as a 1st not feeling it. I don't know if this is going to give you the position you need in the game to have a successful album.....but thats just MY opinion boo...please continue to DO YOU! and congratulations!!!! :grin:

  • nikkinikki

    I just don't understand how come Monica didn't blow up like Beyonce.I am still trying to figure that out...I guess because she don't do all the shaking. But, Monica is the best!

  • dallas214 r def entitled to your opinion. Why wouldnt u be...HOWEVER, all Im sayin is their is a difference from having an opinion and talkin out ur A$$...CLEARLY ur talking out ur A$$

    If you feel her time is up, then thats cool...

    As far as Sandra being the only blogger talking about her...u tried it. But Google her...bloggers all across the net are taking about her and her new single...

    As far as her being only relevant in Atlanta...umm I guess thats why she has been doing shows all across the country for the past two years promoting her album. I guess thats why BET picked her show up for 12 episodes...I guess that why she was invited by Bill Gates to perform at the National Get Schooled Campaign. I guess thats why Trust was a top ten hit. Ummm I guess thats why she is about to embark on a headlining national tour sponsored by BET...I digress

    In other news, Monica's Everything to Me debuts at # 61 on the Billboard R&B charts after only being OFFICIALLY released on Monday...

  • Lady_L

    I cannot wait until her new cd drops.. Miss Thang wil always be my favorite cd of hers

  • mosnique

    I loved the song before but I love the extended version even more! @ dallas214 - :cosign: !!!!! love love love Mo!

  • yanna402

    Ay Dallas214, I sent you a request on Twitter. Team Monica all day, everyday.

    "Everything to Me" is the perfect single because it is so different from what is being play on the radios.

  • flsun99

    :preach: I :cosign: everything you said...well expect the mental illness part.

    I too believe Monica is afraid to step outside of the "ATL" which is her comfort zone. She is very talented vocally, but she should branch out and try other avenues to secure a check coming in at all times. She is very pretty, seems to be very nice but I really & truly believe she is limiting herself.

  • netta0281

    #team her love her love her and i will bet her album will do well...

  • netta0281


    the album comes out March 9

  • netta0281

    jd wrote a hot song for monica call love all over me

  • netta0281

    it will be on her new album