Convicted woman beater Chris Brown is scheduled to appear before a judge today to prove he's been in compliance with his court-ordered community service in Virginia.

For months, Brown has been seen in photos partying and globe hopping -- everything but getting his hands dirty doing hard labor as he was told to do as part of his plea agreement for assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna last year.

Brown will also testify that he's been staying 300 yards away from Rihanna even though we know that's not true.

Source: TMZ

NFL star Terrell Owens walked the runway at Richie Rich and Pamela Anderson's Amuse fashion show as part of the Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week in Bryant Park, NY.

Why didn't anyone tell me about Solange Knowle's Valentine's Day performance where she sang Groove Theory's "Tell Me" so far off key that she blew a speaker? [Click to watch the video] It seems Solo can't decide whether she wants to be a singer or a DJ, so she's doing a little of both. But if she sounds this horrible onstage she might as well stick to Deejaying.

He's not a celebrity, but he might as well be: Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment Group (wearing black jacket) found himself stranded in Dallas over the weekend after promoting parties during the NBA All Star weekend. Hundreds of flights were cancelled due to the snow and ice. So Alex rented a private jet to fly him, his family and friends back home to Atlanta because he's ballin' like that! How many club promoters do you know who can drop 20 stacks just like that for a private jet?
Photo by Prince Williams/

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A chubby Tiger Woods was spotted jogging near his Orlando home yesterday with an androgynous looking personal trainer by his side. Tiger has never looked so out of shape in his stellar career.

The disgraced former golfing champ needs to work harder to lose those extra pounds and get back into shape now that he's rejoining the PGA tour after being released from that so-called sex rehab facility.

It's been 3 months since Woods was last seen in Orlando following his bizarre after Thanksgiving Day accident that made headlines and exposed the dark side of his double life.

Tiger will come clean about his double life (and his scores of other women) during his first news conference on Friday (Feb. 19) at 11 am where he's expected to read a prepared statement and apologize to his fans.

Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg says: “Tiger will make a public statement to begin to make amends.” Steinberg went on to insist that it is not a press conference and Woods will not be taking questions.

The only person Woods needs to apologize to is his wife Elin. And if she has any common sense she won't take him back since malignant narcissists like Woods can never be cured.

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Pop star Rihanna was spotted arriving at LAX airport from London's Heathrow today.

Singer Mel B showed off her newly shaved head at the BMI afterparty for the Brits Awards 2010 in London early this morning.

Sexy chocolate Sean Garrett attended the G-Star Raw Presents NY Raw Fall/Winter 2010 Collection at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC last night. I spoke with him while he was there and he said to tell you ladies he hasn't forgotten you. He will do a live chat as soon as he's grounded and he will invite a few of you to his studio!

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LisaRaye covers the April 2010 issue of Black Men magazine. O - M - G! Her body is ridiculous! And it's all natural too. LR is featured in a sizzling hawt 20 page photo spread inside the magazine -- a first in the Black men magazine's history.

Don't call it a comeback since since she was really never gone. LisaRaye's hotly anticipated reality TV show of the season (along with Vivica A. Fox's reality TV show) will put her back on top. Her fans can't wait to see who her new man is. LR will be the most watched Diva of 2010.

Thanks to J. Peak, Sr. publicist for Peak Publicity!


Singer Alicia Keys was spotted over in London earlier today without makeup on. It's common knowledge that Alicia's has a hormones problem that causes chronic acne. It seems that modern day acne treatment doesn't work on her skin.

Alicia was in my hometown London to perform on the Brits 2010 show with Jay Z. Normally, I prefer my women without makeup. But in this case, Alicia Keys should never leave the house without at least some concealer to hide her craters.

She even has acne on her lip! Not sexy at all. Do better, Alicia.

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A college acquaintance of Barack Obama recently sat down for an interview with B-Cast.

John C. Drew, who graduated from Occidental College the year before Obama, described "Barry" Obama as a "pure Marxist" who praised the Soviet Union and insistently argued a communist point of view. "He definitely saw America as the enemy."

Drew said,

"[Obama] made a very principled, dedicated, impassioned argument that in fact a real revolution was coming. And that, in a sense, we should all get on board and prepare ourselves physically and emotionally for that revolution."

According to Drew, in 1980 Obama saw America as "the enemy" and he predicted a future where the people would "rise up" and "overthrow the government."

A CNN poll out today shows that the majority of voters don't think Obama will be reelected to a 2nd term.

An argument could be made that Obama was a young, impressionable, idealistic college student in 1980. But the facts prove that Obama still embodies the same communist/Marxist ideals that he was so passionate about in his college days.

Couple that with the fact that Obama refuses to release his college transcripts from Occidental which, some say, proves his participation in Marxist groups on campus.

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Which former celebrity stylist -- who is having difficulty getting stylist gigs because no one wants to work with her -- was rudely rebuffed when she tried to get an invite to an ultra private NBA All Star party in Dallas this past weekend?

The recently divorced mother of five ordered her reps to secure her an invite to the NBA party, but I'm told that once the organizers got wind of her request they said -- and I quote -- "We really don't want her here."

The reps, who were wary of bruising the Oakland native's very fragile ego, tried to let her down easy but she figured it out anyway that she simply wasn't wanted at the party. So she did what any self-respecting narcissist would do -- she decided to go anyway.

This twice divorced stylist, who believes with all her heart that she's a celebrity, took matters into her own hands and called around Dallas finally locating a NBA wife who could get her an invite to the glamorous affair.

Photo source: BET

Singer Alicia Keys flexed her shapeless gams at The Brit Awards 2010 over in London, England yesterday.

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performed their hit "Empire State Of Mind" live on stage at The Brit Awards 2010 at Earls Court in London, England yesterday.

Singer Lady GaGa tried to steal the show in her Bride of Frankenstein-inspired getup at The Brit Awards 2010 in London, England yesterday.

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Kim Kardashian's botoxed booty made quite an impression at her bebe Kardashian Fall Collection at Stage 37 in NYC yesterday as part of the Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week.

My favorite celebrity mom Janice Combs (center), her grandson Justin Combs, left, and his mama Misa Hylton-Brim attended the Korto Momolu Fall 2010 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Union Square Ballroom on Monday.

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From a Press Release:

R&B star Ashanti has teamed up with the producers of Ugly Betty and The Office to create a new reality TV contest.

The singer/actress has just signed a deal with the brains behind Reveille Productions to produce and host her own version of American Idol.

Details of the show are being kept tightly under wraps, but Ashanti's manager/mother Tina Douglas tells WENN, "It's an unscripted television show that is definitely music related. We'll be revealing more in the coming weeks.

"She has her own record label, called Written Entertainment, and the show is going to revolve around her label... It's going to be really big."

I don't know about that last bit.

Source: PR-inside

I think I have a newfound respect for Beyonce's dad Mathew Knowles now that I've seen the woman he left his wife for. She's far from being your typical jump off. You know: the LSLH, video vixen types.

It seems that Mathew might be the father of little Nixon after all. It was revealed that Mathew paid Alexsandra Wright $10,000 toward uninsured medical bills and baby stuff earlier this month.

And now he has been ordered to pay his mistress and jump down, Alexsandra, an additional $20,750 for the month of January and $8,200 per month -- at least until the March 1st DNA test results come back.

Ol' Mathew messed up when he coughed up the cash for the baby clothes and stuff. He probably thought Alexsandra was loyal and self-respecting enough to take his money and be quiet. Lol, apparently, he doesn't know today's jump offs!

Money may not buy love or happiness, but it sure does buy better lacefront weaves.

Source: TMZ

A second grade teacher was savagely stabbed to death by her boyfriend who, police say, then got into his car and flagged down a patrol officer to turn himself in.

Dana McFarlane, 35, of Snellville is being held at the Henry County jail on a murder charge in the death of his girlfriend Kinaya Schenese Byrd, 34, who was stabbed during a quarrel at her home in Stockbridge.

According to the AJC, Byrd's father, Richard Byrd was afraid for his daughter's life after she began seeing the low life. "I had a deep feeling he might hurt her someday," Richard Byrd said of his only child.

Richard Byrd said a neighbor heard the fight an tried to stop McFarlane. But she was dead before help could arrive.

The pretty future educator taught at River's Edge Elementary School in Clayton County. Her death comes as a shock to friends, some of whom were classmates of hers at Spelman College.

A "Celebration of Life" service for Kinaya Schenese Byrd will be held at 1 p.m. Friday at St. Paul A.M.E. Church, 1540 Pryor Road Southwest in Atlanta. The wake will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at Murray Brothers Cascade Chapel, 1199 Utoy Springs Road Southwest in Atlanta.

Thanks to loyal reader Stephanie Vaughn for the tip.

Source: WSB has obtained a photo of a newborn which they allege to be Beyonce's half-brother, Nixon. I'm sure TMZ paid a grip for that photo, but that's besides the point. The point is that Matthew Knowles denies paternity of the child -- and he has yet to take a paternity test.

According to TMZ, Alexsandra Wright, a former employee of Knowles' sued him for child support back in October before the child was even born! Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

She then gave birth to Nixon on February 4. Wright claims she carried on an 18-month affair with Knowles.

That may be true, but until there is a paternity test, why should we believe the child is Matthew's? If Alexsandra had an illicit affair with a married man, it would seem she has no morals, no character or self respect. A woman like that will sleep with anyone.

On the other hand, why hasn't Matthew taken a paternity test yet to prove his innocence?

"We are not aware of the birth of a child. These rumors are untrue," he said in a statement to TMZ.