Move over Kanye and Amber, the new IT couple made their debut in Paris, France at the Gareth Pugh Ready-to-Wear Fall-Winter 2010 collection today. I am SO impressed with Cassie. Why didn’t I notice how hawt she was before? They look so good together, and unlike Amber Rose, who is just a sneeze away from being broke and homeless, Cassie at least is stacking her paper and Puffy’s paper as well!

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The man who filmed that infamous video of a butch Nicki Minaj claiming she dated rapper Remy Ma and “ate the box”, wants Nicki to come clean and admit it’s her.

We already know it’s Nicki since no one has come forward since this story broke to admit it’s them. If this was any other female rapper, why wouldn’t she want the fame and glory that would surely come if she revealed herself?

That’s because it’s Nicki and she realizes it would be career suicide if she came forward and admitted it.

According to Cliffy Barz, Minaj should confirm or deny whether or not it is her in the clip from 2004. “All I heard was she made a response on Twitter kinda laughing about the whole situation and that’s what my informants have told me,” Cliffy said. “But basically, if it was Nicki, I would like Nicki to holla at me and reach out and let me know if that was her that I filmed back in the day because I showed love to everybody, she’s grown up now, she can show love to me. Like I said, the girl was brought to me as Nicki way, way back in 2004 getting into 2005 when I filmed it, I only seen that girl one time. She came on the show, said what she had to do, disappeared for a couple of years and now everybody’s saying it’s Nicki Minaj.”

“I’m not surprised if it could have been Nicki because the show, everybody was talking about it at the time. It could have been but I don’t know. If it was her, she’s the only one that needs to come out and speak…She needs to come out and speak.”

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According to, the Jackson family’s former nanny Grace Rwaramba was the snitch who called LA County Department of Children’s and Family Services (DFCS) following an incident involving a stun gun.

The source told X17online that Rwaramba, who helped raise the late Michael Jackon’s 3 adopted children from birth, sold the stun gun story to

Our Jackson family source tells us that “Grace is trying to get custody of Michael’s kids while trying to paint Katherine as an unfit guardian. She’s throwing it in Katherine’s face! The children absolutely despise Grace.”

Once the singer died, the nanny made her return to the Hayvenhurst home and was kicked off the property by Michael’s younger brother, Randy. Sources tell us that Katherine is afraid to get rid of Rwaramba because she has been threatening to write a tell-all book. Read More…

The source also told X17online that Grace is the one who sold the video of Jermaine Jackson’s 13-year-old son Jaafar pushing his younger brother, to, which used the video to bolster their theory that the Jackson family home environment is a violent one.

Grace has mysteriously been missing from the home and from the Jackson children’s lives. The last time she was seen in public with Michael II, Paris and Blanket was in January when she accompanied them to karate class. It is believed that she was fired. But if Grace was really money hungry as the source claims, she would have written a tell-all book when Jackson died and made millions. It seems she really might care about the safety of the children, who live with 5 other boys and as many as 6 adults in a 12 bedroom, 25 bath mansion.

Some Jackson fans think the children should be removed from that chaotic environment and placed with a white family.

Burlesque singer Beyonce Knowles is in Brooklyn today where she was given the key to the city. Bey, accompanied by her mother Tina Knowles, received a proclamation and cut the ribbon to open the Beyonce Cosmetology Center at the Phoenix House in Brooklyn.

Doesn’t Tina look proud of her daughter?

Upon closer inspection, Tina might have been reacting to Beyonce saying something stupid.

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Struggling pop singer Ciara was so excited after calling the paparazzi to meet her outside a cafe in Beverly Hills and they actually showed up.  Photos: Splash News Online

Sean “Diddy” Combs wants his 2.5 million followers on to know that he is a connoisseur of the arts. Sean Tweeted this pic of himself posing with the world famous Mona Lisa painting at the Louvre in Paris, France yesterday.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s biological daughter Shiloh is on the cover of Life & Style magazine this week. The cover’s subheading screams “WHY IS ANGELINA TURNING SHILOH INTO A BOY?” The cover calls Shiloh’s boy cut and boyish clothing “harmful” to the 3-year-old. A stylist is quoted inside the magazine saying, “Shiloh is pushing the boundaries of a tomboy look and crossing over to cross-dresser territory.”

Now that same stylist denies ever saying such a thing. In an email sent to this morning, the stylist wrote:

I have lost sleep these past 2 nights due to the horrible thoughts and comments they included and attributed to me in this particular story for Life & Style, as they were taken completely out of context. They use me often for style quotes, so I had no idea they would twist my words, and they always contact me for final approval, which they did not do this time around.

In other words, the stylist said those things, but the stylist forget to say, “remember now, this is off the record.”  Photo: CA

I have no clue why my readers are emailing me about Jay Z, Beyonce and Trey Songz visiting the White House. Who cares? Haven’t they already been to see their boy Barack Obama 3 or 4 times already? Even Obama kept them waiting in a conference room while he tended to more important things.

Obama didn’t even bother taking pictures with them and there are no pics on the official White house Flickr page of the visit. The lames even uploaded Twitpics of themselves waiting in a conference room. How embarrassing. This is news?

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Yesterday, a Drake single titled “Over” was released to the masses and the Internets went bonkers. Curious, I clicked on a link on Miss Info‘s great blog after she described the track as “KILLER”. I could not believe my ears! The track was absolute garbage! I was completely dumbfounded. Is it just me who thinks these rappers today are horrible compared to real rappers of the 70s and 80s?

It seems I am not the only one who isn’t caught up in the hype during what is obviously the last days of Hip Hop. It must be a black thing to think Jay z is g.o.a.t.

Earlier today, Skip Bayless of ESPN’s 1st and 10, and DC rapper Wale argued whether Jay-Z was the greatest rapper of all time. Skip disagreed and said that Hov lacked stage presence and a good voice. Even Jay Hova admitted himself in previous interviews that his voice was weak. So why do we continue to uplift these wack rappers like Jay Z and Drake?

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