NFL star Michael Vick celebrated with a coming home party at the Velvet Room on Sunday night. They say half of Decatur came out to welcome Vick home. Vick was kept busy all night chatting up the fine ladies. I'm not sure if this is Vick's baby mama or not, but the two certainly looked cozy.

Other celebs in the house included comedian Mike Epps and singer Bobby V, who hosted a party at the Gold Room last night.

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Last month a Manhattan judge delayed convicted rapper Lil Wayne's destiny with Bubba at Riker's Island until today so he could get major dental work done in Miami where he resides. Weezy's attorney convinced the judge that the well-qualified dentist's on the NY state's payroll couldn't get the job done.

But as a loyal reader who is familiar with dentistry pointed out, if Wayne had his implants redone, it means his old implants failed. It also means they will fail again since Lil Wayne looks like he chews on rocks in his spare time. So all that expensive dental work was for naught since he will soon be sitting in a dentist's chair in the big house anyway.

All that thug posturing he's been doing in Ustream videos last week won't help him once he becomes government property. I hear Weezy is so shook the NY Crips are going to get at him in prison that his reps have asked for extra protection for the diminutive rap star. Word is he will be locked down on a special unit reserved for snitches and VIP's to keep him out of the reach of the Crips and the general prison population.

Keep it here for more developing details, including pics of Lil Wayne going in. If we're lucky we'll see a few tears.

The video for Trey Songz's "Neighbors Know My Name" premiered on BET's 106 & Park yesterday. Trey has a hit on his hands but his voice is annoying to me. I remember him saying he was working with R.Kelly on this track like two years ago. It's no coincidence that he sounds just like R.Kelly at the beginning.

Trey does a hell of a job playing the role of a straight man in this video. Keston Karter might want to take notes. Trey's leading lady is S.I. model Jessica White, who is used to sleeping with men who don't quite measure up in bed.

You know an artist has truly made it when they amass a dedicated, hard core fan base (some may call them Stans) who will stick with them through thick and thin. These fans will stand in a torrential downpour to buy tickets to a concert even though their idol hasn't released a record in over a decade.

These are not your typical bandwagon rider fans of today who tend to dump an artist as soon as their record stops spinning on the radio.

The list of urban superstars who have such a rabid cult following is a small one. The list includes singers Monica, Beyonce, and rapper Lil Kim.

Last night, Lil Kim's hard core fans went to war on the social networking site, with Lil Kim's new "team". Her hard core fans feel that Lil Kim's new team routinely sends her out looking like a mess in order to garner negative media attention. The idea is that any media attention is good.

Well, that tactic worked in the past for singer Whitney Houston, whose matted wigs, unkempt appearance and stories of illicit drug use made her fodder for the tabloids.

The battle royal began when one of Lil Kim's "team" accused a popular Lil Kim fansite of altering Kim's pictures. The popular fansite,, responded by threatening to shut the site down for good. This was all brought to my attention by loyal reader Anthony A. who previously emailed me the hilarious Lil Kim makeup tutorial video that I decided not to post, but all the other blogs did. has the complete rundown of the war that took place last night on Twitter.

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Is this Lil Wayne's baby mama, Nivea, on the left? I know that's his other baby mama Lauren London on the right. But I didn't realize Nivea was this thick? I've never met her so I Googled this pic of Nivea to compare.

While the features are similar, I can't be sure. If it is Nivea it's good to see that all of Wayne's baby mamas get along for the sake of the kids at least. The two ladies were snapped at the Jay Z, Jeezy after party at Compound.

A number of people called and sent texts yesterday informing me that former Xscape singer Kandi Burruss actually spent the day working at her boutique for the first time in a long while since the Grand Opening. If you recall, an associate of Kandi's was upset that Kandi spent more time promoting her own self interests than she did promoting the shop which was reportedly losing business and having to close early on week days. Of course Kandi denied everything in a subsequent interview with the AJC. But it tickles me that she felt the need to tweet the fact that she was in the shop. She is so transparent, I can see right through her. It's sad that you have to publicly shame these celebs into thinking about others.

Multimedia TV personality and entrepreneur La La Vazquez was spotted out & about in Beverly Hills yesterday with wedding planner, Mindy Weiss, left, and a friend. The ladies were "RING" shopping at XIV Karats in Beverly Hills. La La's fiance and baby daddy is NBA star Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets.

As you know, Carmelo and La La have set their wedding date for July 10th. I have yet to receive my wedding invite, but there's still time. Me and La La go way back.

I've never been married so I have a question: Does a man give his fiancee his credit card to go buy herself a ring? Or does the woman buy her own ring nowadays like La La appears to be doing, and like Kandi Burruss did?

In the old days it was the man who bought the ring and his fiancee never saw it until their wedding day. But I guess things have changed.

In a post titled 'Hope Iverson’s Sick 4-Year-Old Likes Her Henny', reports that NBA star Allen Iverson, who is on leave from the Philadelphia 76ers reportedly to attend to his sick 4-year-old daughter Messiah, was partying the nights away in Charlotte over the weekend.

Iverson was at the CIAA in Charlotte hosting parties with Jermaine Dupri. If he can party with JD then he can go to work, right? Or maybe Iverson's absence from the team was for a different reason other than the one he gave.

It's good to know that Messiah is doing well enough for him to go party in Charlotte.

VH1's Famous Crime Scene show reenacts the death of superstar pop icon Michael Jackson on June 25th at age 50. The show gives viewers a revealing look behind the scenes of Jackson's tragic death. VH1 interviews the doctors, paramedics, an Jacko's associates to get a timeline of exactly what happened in the hours leading up to the King of Pop's death.

Over the weekend, a wannabe rapper by the name of Joe Budden tweeted that Marques Houston used to smash Beyonce. Since I have no clue why Budden is even relevant (has he ever had a hit record out?), I ignored the story.

But loyal reader Kelly sent this old VIBE magazine clip that confirms the story (at least as far as Marques is concerned).

Didn't Beyonce say Jay Z was her first boyfriend of something to that effect? This proves once again that Beyonce is a compulsive liar and just an all around dishonest woman.

It looks like U.S. president Barack Obama's political troubles are causing him to hit the bottle excessively.

As you know, Mr. Obama is widely considered to be a narcissist, and narcissists tend to have addictive personalities. In Obama's case, his addictions appear to be to cigarettes and alcohol, rather than drugs.

Obama, who smokes 8 packs per day, famously told the media last year that he had quit smoking. But that was just a lie. He also promised his wife, Michelle, that he would quit his nasty habit. But, unfortunately, even nicotine patches couldn't help him stop smoking.

With Obama's approval ratings dipping near 40%, and his $3 trillion health care bill on life support, it's no wonder that Obama is drinking himself under the table as a form of self medicating to take his mind off his worries.

According to UK's The Guardian, Obama recently had an annual physical. And while his doctor gave him a clean bill of health, it was noted that Obama is "still struggling to kick his smoking habit."

But most interestingly, Obama's doctor recommended "moderation of alcohol intake".

That last note is important because if Obama was a casual drinker there would be no need for his doctor to advise him to drink "in moderation." It means Obama is hitting that bottle hard, and the liquor (and smoking) are likely affecting his health.

While Obama's doctors portray him as being healthy, we know there is no such thing as a healthy drunk or a healthy cigarette smoker. At some point, the excessive imbibing and the chronic smoking will take its toll on his liver and lungs.

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