Ciara must be forgetting that she's not living in Bankhead Courts any more? Local residents in LA called the cops on CiCi to complain about her loud music. Narcissists typically don't consider the rights of others:

Singer Ciara had a brush with cops on Tuesday night (May 11) when a playback of her new songs prompted complaints from local residents.

The Goodies hitmaker was celebrating a pal's birthday in Los Angeles when they decided to continue the party in a nearby parking lot.

Ciara insisted it was the perfect time to unveil her latest recordings to her friends - but their raucous reactions resulted in a visit from police officers. Read More...

She even posted pics of herself with the cops on her Twitter page (I know, slow news day).

  • Krysi J


    welp, I have to admit

    I don't care :shrugs:

  • spongebobfan

    Damn @ ciara legs... bish can kick down the empire state building.. i wonder how beyonce can maintain her 'softness' and womanly figure but she still workouts out crazy, but ciara looks more manly.

  • tampa813

    I'd call the cops too if I hear her music being played.

  • KaraZ

    tampa813 says:

    I’d call the cops too if I hear her music being played.

    This gave me life this morning! :rofl:

  • Ebony

    *crickets* also her single flopped :coffee:

  • SangriaSugar

    Is that a horse muscle on her leg...that shyt is she just got a shot of steroids in her calf

    Bey and Cassie both wore the Giuseppe's better :coffee:

  • spongebobfan

    lol....Cold as ice up in here




    Dearest Ciara,

    You were once a celebrity waaayyy waayyyy back in the day when Goodies came out but your career has dived faster than the Kardashians at an all Black NFL/NBA convention! Your singing was mediocre but mediocre was the "in" thing so you got a pass with that because you could dance and you were cute. The more you hit the gym the more cut up you became and the more manly you started to look but your legs are in great shape! I have a few ideas that might help add some coins to ur change purse.

  • Val

    Ciara looks amazing... but arent those the same booties that cassie wore the other night??

  • FloridaChick813

    :lol: @ Brown

  • 2thick4u

    Why did Ciara match those booties with that dress?!!!!

    She has a nice body and she is the best dancer in the industry so it's time to hook back up with Jazze and bring some hits!!!

  • tampa813

    :applauds at Brown: I hope Ciara gets your letter asap!!

    You're welcome@KaraZ :)

  • SangriaSugar

    @ Val

    Yep Cassie wore them to a benefit or something and Bey wore them in her Grammy performance. They are Giuseppe Zanotti's

  • qtipthecat

    She has beautiful legs! :nohomo:

  • Daisy

    I don't have a problem w/Ciaras legs or the Kardashians(2 of them anyway) being attracted to black men :shrug:

  • spongebobfan

    @ ciras legs. i prefer them more womanly and soft like beys or hell even rihanna, i dont need to see that calf muscle :nohomo:

  • Daisy

    Oh I don't like those booties no matter who rocked them. Way to bedazzled for me :nono:


    1. Start judging Drag queen contests! if they like you they will buy your cds!

    2. You're in good shape so try a fitness video

    3. Try doing voice overs for animated cartoons. You're not makin any money in front of the camera so you might as well try behind it!


    Daisy I was just comparing the 2, you know they love black male athletes and you know her career tanked fast

  • SangriaSugar

    @Daisy...have you seen them up close?? If you havent gurl you would die...they look like elementary school kids got ahold of some rhinestones and glue from Michael's/Hobby Lobby and went to town.

  • bigtyme

    all i can say is "wow" at those legs!

  • Krysi J

    @ Brown

    SHanked that fooL :rofl:



  • Daisy

    Kims ex hubby was black and not an athlete neither was Ray J

    CiCis body is on point to me esp in her new video. Bey doesn't make any of my list she shaped like my BFF so I am not impressed lol but I do thinkk RiRi has a cute shape!

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    Damn!! If I had Ciara's legs, I would never wear pants!! (a la Beyonce and GaGa)

  • MandaPanda0408

    If her legs look manly, I swear I wanna be a man, she looks hella good :nohomo: