Cartoon rapper Nicki Minaj continues to build her bubble gum brand by teaming with Casio to roll out the company's new Tryx camera in Times Square and at Best Buy in NYC yesterday. Nicki, 28, wore her trademark bouffant afro puff wig and a skin tight body suit over her industrial size butt pads.

The flip video camera is neon pink and features a hollow flip handle that you can hang on your wrist. Nicki will be honored as NARM’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the 2011 NARM Awards dinner in LA in May. Don't ever think mediocracy isn't rewarded.

Aging fashionista Karl Lagerfeld, 77, unveiled his new designs for Diet Coke bottles yesterday. The pink and black Diet Coke bottles are the 2nd collection bearing Karl's name. The new Diet Coke Karl bottles go on sale soon.

Photos: Splash News, Wireimage/Getty

  • Eb

    I refuse to put anything pink in my mouth.............

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!


  • YSoSerious

    From bad (Nicki) to worse (Karl). :no:

  • anti-PC

    Nicki Minaj is a joke.

    Please bring back the likes of Eve, Queen Latifah, Rah Digga and even Li'l Kim. If this is the direction hip hop is wonder most are claiming it's dead.

  • chibytex

    :shotsfired: at Nikki's career......
    I wish someone will please take us out of our misery!!!! She's like soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wack!!!

  • YSoSerious

    And promoting a camera called Tryx...Must we be so obvious about EVERYTHING Miss Miraj? :coffee:

  • Mamacita

    #teamnicki :cheer:

    Hell I could've designed those coke bottles! What's so special about them? :shrug:

  • therapist1911

    As much as I like Nikki.....a big hell and no for that wig.

  • cheeks8683

    Why does Karl look like he is an extra in that movie cacoon??? He prolly sleeps in black silk pjs

  • Candi Apple

    I like Nikki keep dooing it big.

    I must admit I don't like the hair. Try something new

  • chibytex

    I have to realize Nikki's music is not for me........
    But I was so happy to learn that my 16 year old sister HATES her....she thinks she's stupid and a total gimmick!!! My 16 year old is pretty wise for her age...

    But my 20 year old sister loves her...Go figure....

  • lexdiamonz

    can NM EVEN RAP is she british??? what is up with the accent?? karl BOY BYE looking like Bram Stokers DRACULA!!!!!!!

  • mirsmommy

    Go Nicki :cheer:

    Even though that wig looks like a big ole popcorn ball.

    Good Morning :waves:

  • KK76

    Um, I like her nails :shrug: And her booty didn't look like that in yesterday's photo, but I thought it was photoshopped anyway for the European readers.

  • YSoSerious

    :waves: @ MIRS


    I fukking HATE popcorn balls. But every Halloween as a kid...UGH.

  • renegadesince1985

    :yawn: I'm so tired of seeing Nicki in these god awful get ups

    Karl Lagerfeldt is a fashion legend... :bow: Though he's a bit of an azzhole sometimes, he designs some hawt shyt.

  • mirsmommy

    Heyyyyyy Yso :hug:


  • PAHairston

    Hello All. Karl looks like he's standing up in his casket. Oh to be young again!

  • YSoSerious

    Karl looks like a gray-haired version of MJ from that "Keep It In the Closet" video. :coffee:

    (adjusts MJSTAN4LIFE hat)

  • GoldenGurl

    YSoSerious says:

    And promoting a camera called Tryx…Must we be so obvious about EVERYTHING Miss Miraj? :coffee:



  • YSoSerious

    Sooo :dead: @ PAHAIRSTON

  • prynsexxx

    Nicki's hair reminds me of those shaved ice treats with the different color flavors in'em.......and you suck all the color out of it and you end up with just the ICE!

  • Al-Ameera

    What I want to know is, does she have stylist or does she do all that to herself?

  • YSoSerious

    Nicki's azz and hair are made from the same materials. :coffee:

  • kahmmillion

    The bottom of Nicki's belly looks puffy like the first stage of pregnancy. Then again, it could be silicone leaking from her arse into her tummy. Nicki just simply looks and sounds like a total idiot. I am so over her and every other no talent person who comes up with a gimmick in order to make it and people who are actually talented get no shine.

  • madeitoN