Singer Alicia Keys kissed her wax figure at the unveiling of her likeness at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in NYC yesterday. Alicia is in town helping to produce Lydia R. Diamond's play "Stick Fly" this Fall. "I'm passionate about this play because it is so beautifully written and portrays black America in a way that we don't often get to see in entertainment," Keys said in a statement. She also re-released her debut album, Songs in A Minor, today as a special 10th anniversary deluxe collector's edition.

I wonder how much Beyonce had to beg Jay-Z tp show up at her record launch party and special one-off gig at O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire in London last night? We know Jay Z is a narcissist who only thinks of himself. He rarely supports his wife's endeavors, but he expects her to be front and center whenever he's in the spotlight. Don't you hate people like that? Jay Z had been spotted watching tennis at Wimbledon, which caused him to arrive late to Beyonce's gig.

Photos: Splash News Online

  • laci

    Jay-Z's hair cut looks nice. At first glance I thought that license plate said looser lol. Im wildin, forgive me :-)

  • prynsexxx

    @Laci I was thinking the same thing like..."his cut is FRESH".

    Now the A. Keys figurine looks like THROWBACK Alicia. PRE-BABY. I almost didn't recognize the ACTUAL "who dat bish in the green?". LOL

  • His_Mommy623

    Madame Tussauds rly just dnt...try anymore huh?

    they been falling off lately..

  • MzDimplez1123

    Is it just me or has Alicia been kinda "spicy" since she started smanging Swizz?

  • brenden

    Isn't Beyonce managed by his company now? Even if what you say about him is true, seems look it would do nothing but benefit him to make sure that her endeavors are successful...

  • amatrex

    I think they could've added a bit more 'color' to Alicia's wax figure, but that's just my opinion :shrugs:

  • missknowitall

    That shirt Jay has on looks awfully young

  • kimip84

    Glad Jigga cut his hair!!

  • GAGIRL87

    I love Songs In A Minor

    brings back some many memories of my teengage years *sigh*

    Mr. Man
    The Life
    Never Felt This Way

    basically the whole daymn album was a classic but I wouldn't be the rereleased version though my old copy is good enough... :coffee:

  • GAGIRL87

    oh btw her wax figure looks like Hoopz :kona:

  • xamaycan

    that does NOT look like alicia (wax figure) needs to have way more hips and thighs first off....I LOVE me some Bey and Jay..power couple indeed!

  • xamaycan

    ....and lots more cankles to be considered alicia

  • xamaycan

    ....and lots more cankles to be considered alicia

  • Drag_Anne_fly

    Is Jay trying to hide a boner? LOL, never mind you were.....

  • Ty

    Don’t you hate people like that? Jay Z had been spotted watching tennis at Wimbledon, which caused him to arrive late to Beyonce’s gig.

    Sandra u know Jay was not watching tennis he was watching Serena's azz

  • KK76

    Nah, Dimpz. Not just you. Climbing on pianos and showing up on tv with the "just smanged" hairdo. Definitely feeling muy caliente these days...

  • jazi65

    Jay got some feminine hands...

  • MzDimplez1123

    @ KK.........I swear cause she usta give me a much more masculine vibe no matter how many dresses they put her in. I guess Swizz brought the tigress outta her. :lol:

  • Tyzgurl

    amatrex says:

    I think they could’ve added a bit more ‘color’ to Alicia’s wax figure, but that’s just my opinion


    I agree, she (the wax figure) is lighter than she should be. And that hand she has up in the air is awfully big. Looks kind of manly...

    Anywhoo, where is this was museum located? I would like to see it one day....

  • Belle

    Alicia is wearin that dress! She keeps addin yeast to them cankles! Everytime I see her they've gotten even bigger. Does this wanch got "the sugar" or sum? Ugh...why must she keep wearin stuff above the knee? And when is she gonna quit w/ this hetero act?

  • xamaycan

    LOL@ Belle "quit w/ the hetero act" LOL

  • MZN

    Damn Sandra! For someone who absolutely can't stand Beyonce, you sure are stanning for her real hard! I mean do we really need another post about Beyonce???

  • vjackson

    I agree, thank goodness Jay Z cut that hair. He couldn't pull off that look. Now if he will only stop dressing like a 14 year old.

  • Tyzgurl

    Neva mind! Auntie says we don't read............. :hahaha:

  • West Coast Chick

    Really @ Sandra? :blink: ummmmm, jay was the one who posted Bey practicing her 1+1 song for American Idol.. its on youtube and very inspiring :yes: he probably just fades to the back when its her time to shine.. I wouldnt say he doesnt support her.. too many videos showing that he does
    #I digress on this one

    BTW: GOT Damn :shocked: AKeys is thick and shiiiiit.. I bet swizz " be knockin the DUST off that puSeeY!" <<(in my Smokey from "Friday" voice)

  • AbsurdVanity

    Yayyy Jay Z cut his hair... Hopefully he is about to drop his album :pray:

  • therapist1911

    ....or he could just be supporting his wife!

  • ELove

    And She (Alicia Keys...) STILL has a FLAT-AZZ !!! :blink:

  • iscream

    JIGGAaAaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! :kiss:

    Love them! I doubt she had to beg him to go anywhere. He is in London with her isn't he? I like how they seem to not drop albums at the same time so they can support each other.

    I can't wait to get my 4 CD today. :yahoo:

  • iscream

    I think Jay is sexy with and without the hair... Something to pull on while he's putting to sexy lips to work..... :coffee:

  • Tatted Diva

    They decided to "freeze in time by wax" her likeness as she was in her "dyking" days, I see! :coffee:

  • West Coast Chick

    ELove says:

    And She (Alicia Keys…) STILL has a FLAT-AZZ !!!


    but them hips and thighs ae a BEAST!!!!!

  • ELove

    @WCC :thumbsup: ... :yes:

  • lnp03

    I'm so glad Jay-Z finally got a haircut!
    Alicia Keys looks pretty! Love the green dress!

  • Daisy

    #teamAkeys she looks GORG!! Can't wait to get the re release of Songs in A Minor #classic

    Jay n Bey have never done anything for me as a couple :yawn:

  • iscream


    Yes we know Bey isn't a home wrecker Mic checker..... #Fanny #Akeys ... :hump:



  • Daisy

    @Chacha thank you and I didnt like Bey and Jay before any of the other drama popped off they have never had any chemistry to me and I never said I liked either of the couples Isc mentioned either :rolleyes: