According to the NY Times' fashion writer Cathy Horyn, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade was perched in the front row today at Yves Saint Laurent show in Paris, France. She said he was "as friendly as he could be." But it was the snapshot above of Dwyane and her description of his attire that piqued our interest. She said, "I loved the splashy effect of his scarves against his light blue suit."

Splashy effect? Scarves? Light blue suit? She could have been describing Clay Aiken instead of the manly star guard. Is it any wonder that other bloggers have drawn their own conclusions that Dwyane Wade has tipped on over to the other side?

Isn’t he fresh off a break up with Gabrielle Union? Perhaps between that and the loss of the championship has caused him to wander around looking extra. As a single father, I’m sure he doesn’t have time to dress his self.(SARCASM) Obviously, he was dressed by a stylist. This suit is light blue. Yes, I said light blue and I don’t know about you guys but this looks suspect. Perhaps I’m reaching I tend to date guys in white tees so maybe I’m jaded.

Photos: Splash News Online and Cathy Horyn/NY Times

  • Jersey Girl

    *sings* I'm coming out, I want the world to know......... :casket:

  • Banana

    wellllll he surely has the lips for the lifestyle :tape:

  • Eb

    Chris Bosh got into Dwyane :coffee:

  • Torae

    He looks like a damn fool...THE END!!!!

  • flsun99

    Dammit Sandra! Everyone isn't gay :rolleyes: I refuse to believe it about D Wade so stop your :gossip:

  • Plegend007

    hehehe, it could only be you Sandra.
    I think he is dressed so, in part due to his audience. European men, are not so hang up in carrying "machismo" upon their sleeves like American men seem to.
    Parisien men by American standards will always be portrayed as "sissyfied" but that does not make one gay and Wade is merely dressed as a parisien.

  • datsmdubya2u

    he's at a fashion show everybody looks "extra"

  • too hot to trot

    Maybe this is a ploy to get Gabby's attention?!!
    "Please help me Gabby?!! I can't help but look like a damn fool without you"

    Note: to Gabby - help him out PURLEEESE - he looks ridiculous.

    PS - :newbie:

  • KK76

    You know. That drug called relevancy, er I meant,"fashion". Nails on a cliffhanger is how folks try to hang on....

  • KK76

    BTW- a great way to miss all this was to win. All else- WE WILL CLOWN.

    Happy Saturday!! I did my own hair Thursday night and went to work looking like Frederick Douglass. Thank Goodness for Saturday appts!!

  • Redeemed777

    Today is the Sabbath day!

    Honor it the best way you can. I know some of you have to work today, but that's fine; continue to pray to the Lord to show you the TRUTH because your Sunday church leaders will not.

  • Redeemed777

    '' They do not turn to the Most High; they are like a faulty bow. Their leaders will fall by the sword because of their insolent words. For this they will be ridiculed in the land of Egypt.''

    Hosea 7:16

  • prima_donna2163

    You know what, I would blame his stylist for this, but D Wade I KNOW you hot MIRRORS in your house! :nono: Regardless of her job, when are you going to say you'd like to be dressed a lil more manly? Come on D Wade get it together!

  • prima_donna2163

    Typo *got*

  • mexidorean

    He's been hanging around Kanye too much

  • Yardgirl

    Plegend007 says:

    hehehe, it could only be you Sandra.
    I think he is dressed so, in part due to his audience. European men, are not so hang up in carrying “machismo” upon their sleeves like American men seem to.
    Parisien men by American standards will always be portrayed as “sissyfied” but that does not make one gay and Wade is merely dressed as a parisien.

  • RegyBery


  • Crickett

    I think he is dressing for his audience- the French. Where is the rouge and white wig D-Wade, we always trying to assimilate, let them fools assimilate to you.

  • TruGemini

    :rolleyes: He's at a fashion YSL show at that. Yall know good and well we tend to get extra in the company of "others"....trying to show off our sense of style, even if it means wearing every trend at the same time. I'm betting he was "dressing for the ocassion".

  • Cocoabana

    REDEEMED! :bow:

  • Belle

    Looks more :gay: than fashionable to me...I'mma need him to cut that out. :nono:

  • ELove

    I'm not going to go SO FAR AS to call My Home-Boi GAY but I've seen him LQQKING Extremely ZESTY in some of THESE Stylist Picked Attire... No STR8 MAN should have to go THAT FAR to blend into the Fashion Crowd IMO :coffee:

  • scorpio

    Don't know if he's gay or not, not that it even matters, But he's always had that kind of "sweet" face to me.

  • Mamacita

    What the f*ck does his attire have to do with him being gay?!?!? He's at a fashion show so that would explain the style. A plain ol boring suit and tie just won't cut it at events like this.

    See the problem is that women/men believe that if a person dresses a certain way they're gay BUT it's plenty of gay men who dress like thugs/reg average joes. So keep judging off of OUTWARD appearance. That's why chicks wind up with these down low men these days.

  • Sandra Rose

    @ ICY_TWAN: your account was disabled because you can't follow simple instructions. If you want to post here, follow instructions and re-register. Thanks.

  • Milf-n-Cookies

    Thank You Mamacita!!!!!


  • therapist1911

    If he is sitting front row at YSL....chances are he is wearing YSL and that is what that stylist selected.

    How small minded is it to reduce this to is sexuality? What's the correlation?......I'll wait.

    One minute someone talking about "WE" need to pull our pants up, the next they tell "US" to wear small tshirt/clothes, now "WE" can't wear something tailored without questioning "OUR" sexuality.

    Just worry about what you wearing and all else falls in place...

  • Daisy

    @therapist While I understand and feel where you are coming from ummmm D Wade looks real suspect in these pics to me :shrug: I don't like the snug cut/look of clothes from Europe

  • Fayla

    *2 snaps in a Z-formation @ the 1st pic* HATED IT!
    having said that, unless he comes out wearing a dress/skirt & heels, u cant base a person's sexuality soley by how they dress. & for goodness sake it was a fashion show. when in rome..

  • therapist1911 that is a fk'ed up pic tho

  • Ms. Everything

    He isn't gay and I'm not one to call someone out based on their clothing but... these "stylists" need to be stopped. Not because they're making him look :homo: but because that outfit is just plain tacky and ugly :rolleyes:

  • MissGauzzz

    @Ms Everything...

    I agree.. These stylists are wayyyy too much! He looks like a clown!! A mixed up and confused one! :coffee: His whole look sucks...

  • Jay Bee

    nawh wade good.. he is a fashion week.. so wat, we to quick to classify black men..cut it out..this is prime example why gay will never be the norm or excepted (wholly) because u will never her someone say o damn i think bobby brown is straight, or damn i think sandra rose is straight azz shiiiit #examplesOnly.. another example is it wouldn be such NEWS/GOSSIP if a man or woman was suspected of same sex interest

  • lexdiamonz

    i don't care but i know COTDAYUM well that YSL scarf cost a good 8-10G's so why he couldn't swing by wal-mart and snatch up a tub of proactive for can't be fresh to death and face look like a topographic map..... (attn FAB)