T.I. attended his "Power And Beauty" Book Event Presented by AKOO Clothing And Ciroc at Porta Via Restaurant in Beverly Hills, yesterday (Oct. 25).

(L-R) Imani Showaller, Gloria Govan and Laura Govan of Basketball Wives: LA attended T.I.'s Power And Beauty Book Event Presented by AKOO Clothing in Beverly Hills last night.

BBW LA star Gloria Govan did not look at all like a baby mama whose unstable fiance has dumped her again. They say her ex, Matt Barnes was also at the event but we haven't seen any pics of him yet.

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Rapper T.I. was the celebrity guest on comedian Chelsea Handler's show last night. As you might have guessed, their comedic exchanges were priceless!

Chelsea Handler: Hi, welcome back! Are you happy to be out of prison?
T.I.: Well, today.

Chelsea: Walk me through what happened: 'cause you went to prison then you got out, and then you went back, right?
T.I.: Well, it seems like every time I leave here I'm going to prison.

Chelsea: Don't you think that's weird?
T.I.: Yet I keep coming back.

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The husband of "Braxton Family Values" star, Tamar Braxton, was hospitalized over the weekend in serious condition, according to a source close to the Braxton camp.

Vince Herbert was admitted to a New York hospital after experiencing breathing difficulties. The source said Herbert was being treated for a blood clot in his lungs.

Last week, Herbert accompanied his wife and her sisters to Atlanta on a promo tour for the show. They visited Spelman College on Wednesday and later attended a dinner/meet & greet at Frank Ski's Restaurant and Lounge.

"He'll be alright. He's in our prayers, He's a strong guy and he'll pull through," said the source, who added that Herbert's condition has changed since he was hospitalized. The source indicated that Herbert was on a respirator to assist him with his breathing.

Earlier this year, tennis star Serena Williams was also hospitalized with a pulmonary embolism.

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Police in New York have arrested a teen suspect in the schoolyard shooting that killed a mother of 12 and injured a fifth grader last week.

According to NBCNY, Andrew Lopez, 18, has been arrested. Sources said detectives tracked him based on a tip

Zurana Horton, 34, died of a gunshot wound to the chest on Friday just after school had let out for the day. A gunman standing on a rooftop across from P.S. 298 opened fire on a crowd of children and mothers standing outside.

Police said Horton tried to shield the schoolchildren from the gunfire when she was shot and killed. "This is the third child I’ve lost from gunshots. I’m really going to miss my daughter," said Horton's mother.

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Webcomic artist Ryan Casey tackles the Hollywood elite with his comic strip parodies of the #Occupy Wall Street protests.

In his hilarious comic series, Casey shouts out the privileged, narcissistic, wealthy Hollywood elite, referring to them as the "asshole %" -- a pun on the top 1% of taxpayers who pay less taxes than the middle class.

His hit list includes Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Chaz Bono -- and our personal favorite: Anderson Cooper.

The only celebrities missing from his set are Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher, Sean Combs, Jay Z and Kanye West.

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Actor/comedian Eddie Murphy attended the world premiere of his action flick 'Tower Heist' in New York City last night. But it was the powerfully built tennis star Serena Williams who stole the red carpet. The Diva wore a black cashmere sweater over a leather skirt and platform heels. 'Tower Heist', starring Murphy and Ben Stiller, is in theaters everywhere Nov. 4. Also attending the premiere were Sean Combs, Nas, Donald Trump, Sarah Jessica Parker, actor Matthew Broderick, Ben Stiller, Tea Leoni, Tracy Morgan, Gabourey Sidibe and more.

Earlier in the day, Eddie Murphy and rapper Nas, left, stopped by the set of BET's "106 & Park" at the BET Studios to chat with the shows co-hosts Rocsi, and Terrence J. Terrence does not look a bit shook, does he?

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A Pinellas County court (in Florida) has released the names of the 12 jurors (plus 3 alternates) who acquitted child killer Casey Anthony of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, after a two-month trial in Orlando, Florida, in July.

In light of the public outrage, Judge Belvin Perry asked for a three month "cooling off" period before the names were made public. Many of the jurors expressed concern for their safety, and one woman quit her job out of fear. The jurors were sequestered until the controversial verdict was announced.

Anthony is now serving a one year probation at an undisclosed location in Florida for a check fraud charge.

According to Star Magazine, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson has called off her engagement to wrestler David "Punk" Otunga. Who didn't see that one coming?

He loved her when she was thick but, due to her low self esteem, Jennifer couldn't love herself enough to lose weight in moderation, through dieting and exercise. Instead, she chose to lose weight drastically through gastric bypass surgery (allegedly), and now she's lost her man.

From Star Magazine:

After a three-year engagement, Jennifer Hudson has abandoned plans to walk down the aisle.

The American Idol alum, 30, and WWE star David Otunga - who have a 2-year-old son, David jr. - are on the outs, clashing over Jennifer's career obsession, commitment issues and reluctance to have more children.

"They were going to tie the knot in August in Jennifer's hometown of Chicago... but it's not going to happen," an insider reveals.

Source: Snitch

Tamar Braxton is the undisputed star of "The Braxtons: Family Matters" reality show. With her quirky antics and catchy phrases, Tamar has even managed to upstage her superstar sister, Toni Braxton.

Tamar is never timid when it comes to speaking her mind. And when it comes to readers trashing her family on gossip blogs, Tamar does not bite her tongue.

“Sometimes I agree that it’s a hot mess. And sometime I feel like some of the negative things are definitely unwarranted. It’s a little harsh, but this is the business. We didn’t start this reality show saying ‘We want to start a reality show to be famous.’ No. So at first it was really, really difficult for me to watch. [...] But now, we’re kind of more used to it and it’s just whatever. You can’t really please anyone but yourself and God.” Source

Please note: The Ustream session with Tamar's sisters, Trina and Towanda, originally schedule for Wednes, Oct. 26, is being rescheduled due to family obligations. We will let you know the new date soon.

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According to sports groupie extraordinaire, Jill, -- Lakers bench warmer, Matt Barnes, and "Basketball Wives: LA" star Gloria Govan have called it quits. The couple have two boys together.

Jill posted the following official statement from Barnes' publicist on her blog today:

Statement from Lakers Forward Matt Barnes:

I’d like to address the rumors surrounding mine and Gloria (Govan’s) relationship. We have reached the difficult decision of ending our relationship and will be going our separate ways at this time. We will work together to raise our sons and wish each other only the best.

That's sad to hear. Especially when little ones are involved.

"Basketball Wives: LA" airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

Don't you just LOVE Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union together? Gabby always looks so lovely! But it bothers me when a man has terrible taste in fashion, and his girl allows him to leave the house looking crazy. You owe it to your man to always have his back despite what the stylist says.

According to Upscalehype.com:

NBA Star Dwyane Wade attend the 2011 Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award Ceremony with his girlfriend actress Gabrielle Union wearing a dark gray suit with a matching scarf and a pair of Air Jordan 3 black/cement Sneakers. As for Gabrielle, she wore a Missoni dress.

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Beyonce Knowles, 30, was spotted entering that same office building in New York that she visits daily. We know her career is sort of on the downswing. So does she have a job?

Speaking of jobs, word has reached our ears that Beyonce's husband, Jay Z, gave Bey's bodyguard, Julius, a stern talking to the other day. The tongue lashing had something to do with the way he -- Julius -- performs his duties.

Actually, we thought Julius performed his duties a little too well. He's always hands on and getting in the way of the paparazzi. So what could be the problem?

Our source wouldn't be more specific because only a few people in that camp are privy to such confidential information. We'll update you if we hear more.

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

The Scream Tour starring Mindless Behavior, OMG and Diggy Simmons rolled into Atlanta on Sunday, Oct. 23.

T.I.'s son, Domani, made his rap debut onstage under the stage handle, G-Money. The 10-year-old kicked his rhymes while his proud daddy looked on. Also on the bill was T.I.'s oldest daughter, Zonnique, 14, who is a member of the popular R&B group OMG Girlz (below).

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A 19-year-old Milwaukee prostitute has been arrested and charged with strangling a client with his suspenders for trying to kiss her.

According to jsonline.com, Precious Dupriest, 19, was working a street corner on Sunday, Oct. 16, when she was picked up by 63-year-old Billy J. Murray in his silver Cadillac. He asked her if she wanted to "get high and have fun," explaining that "fun" meant sex acts.

The two were seen on surveillance video entering a room at the Village Inn on Wisconsin Avenue. According to Dupriest, they smoked a piece of $40 crack cocaine together, then Murray tried to kiss her. She told him no because 'that's disgusting,' according to the criminal complaint.

Dupriest and Murray tussled on the bed and ended up on the floor of the motel room. She said she reached for his red suspenders and began to strangle him. After Murray passed out, Dupriest kept on choking him until she was sure he was dead. "She could not stop strangling him because if he woke up then she could end up in trouble," the complaint said.

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Apparently, there are several Free Rayon McIntosh funds set up to collect monies for Mr. McIntosh's bail. Unfortunately, they all seem to be scams, according to the Support Rayon McIntosh facebook.

If you're thinking about contributing to such a fund, wait until the family confirms its authenticity.

Updated: Here is the email to contact the manager of the McDonald's where Rayon used to work: paulinofoodsmcd@yahoo.com

And here is a direct link to email McDonald's with your comments/complaints about how they handled this situation: Social Responsibility: McDonalds.com

Message from the Support Rayon Facebook page:

Rapper Drake celebrated his 25th birthday with a bash at TAO in Las Vegas last night. We don't care if he's gay or straight, as long as he hurries up and drops his much-anticipated CD, Take Care, on Nov. 15.

Actress Vivica A. Fox attended the "Puss In Boots" Los Angeles Premiere at Regency Village Theatre yesterday (Oct. 23) in Westwood, California. Rumor has it that Aunt Viv and her handsome boy toy, local promoter Omar "Slimm" White, are no longer together. We reached out to Slimm for confirmation but he had no comment. One tell-tale sign of trouble in paradise is Slimm and Viv stopped following each other on Twitter.com. Viv also removed all signs of Slimm from her Twitter page. But she's still wearing the 8 carat diamond engagement rock that he gave her. So, being the credible blogger that we are, we will wait for the official announcement from their publicist before we comment any further.

Actor Antonio Banderas and actress Selma Hayek attended the "Puss In Boots" LA premiere yesterday. Here they pose with their characters.

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In case you missed it (or just didn't care), Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon finally revealed the faces of their twins, Moroccan and Monroe, on ABC's 2020 with Barbara Walters on Friday. The twins look like your average mixed celebrity children who were bred for publicity purposes. There's nothing unique or special about them -- except to their publicity-hungry parents.

Mariah and Nick even created a website called Dembabies.com where they posted personal family photos for their fans. In one photo, Mariah and Nick dress themselves and the babies in The Incredibles costumes.

Mariah and Nick wrote on the website: 'We deliberated for so long about how to reveal the first pictures of our babies to the world.

We just didn't want to do the typical thing and display them in a tabloid (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Well, the "typical" thing would have been to tweet photos of their children like Victoria "Posh" Beckham did shortly after her daughter was born. But narcissists never do anything typical, do they.

Anyway, if you care, you can see more pics of the twins at the aforementioned website, or click here.

Watch the video of the interview after the break.

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The former McDonald's cashier who was arrested for assaulting two female customers with a metal rod is claiming self-defense.

Rayon McIntosh, 31, was still wearing his McDonald's uniform when he was arraigned in court last week. McIntosh is being held at Rikers Island on $40,000 bond.

In a jailhouse interview with the NY Daily News on Friday, McIntosh said his shift at the Greenwich Village restaurant on Oct. 13 was uneventful until Denise Darbeau and Rachel Edwards, both 24, came in and paid their check with a $50 bill.

One of the women became outraged when McIntosh checked to see if the bill was genuine, as required by store policy.

"She started saying nasty things to me," said McIntosh, speaking in a thick Jamaican accent.

"She said, 'Oh, you think my s--t is fake?' ... She started saying, 'Suck my d--k.' She called my mother a whore."

The women, particularly the Dom/stud Darbeau, became increasingly hostile, spitting on McIntosh and threatening to "cut me up," he said. "Then she came over the counter and slaps me."

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Earlier this week, I told you that Tamar and Trina Braxton would participate in a live Ustream chat session with you guys. That was incorrect. Towanda and Trina are the sisters who will be participating in the live chat next Wednesday, Oct, 26, so mark your calendars. The Ustream video will be posted here on Sandrarose.com and the ladies will respond to comments that you write in that post. My apologies for the misinformation.

From a press release:

Gearing up for the anticipated second season of WE tv's hit show BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES, the Braxtons made several appearances in Atlanta this week that included a stop at Spelman College's Homecoming and an intimate dinner with local press. On Wed, Tamar, Trina, Towanda and Traci (Toni was in LA filming) screened the new season's premiere episode for 300 Spelman students and participated in a lively Q&A that ended in a brief a capella song by the Braxtons.

Then last night, new ATL hotspot Frank Ski's Restaurant played host to a private dinner with the Braxtons which included an episode screening and Q&A. Attendees - which included everyone from CNN, Associated Press, CBS Radio, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11Alive, Bossip to Jezebel/The Atlantan, JUICY, StraightfromtheA and many more - enjoyed calamari, fish tacos, short ribs and red velvet cupcakes. The Braxton sisters along with Mom Evelyn (aka "Miss E") were all smiles and laughs as they dished on life after the first season, their love lives, upcoming album projects and that feisty Tamar! As Miss E put it, "You'll have to watch and see what happens!"

The new season of BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES premieres Thurs, Nov. 10 at 9pm ET/PT on WE tv. Visit the show at http://www.wetv.com/shows/braxton-family-values.

Photos: James Pray

According to Snitch, Mathew Knowles other baby mama has dropped the tea that Beyonce and Jay Z were looking to adopt her son, Nixon Knowles -- secretly, of course!

Alexsandra Wright, who got pregnant with Mathew's son while he was married to Tina Knowles, tells Star Magazine that Mathew wanted her to give their baby to Jay Z and Beyonce to raise.

Alexsandra tells The Star,
"My first thought when he asked me if I would give up our child to Beyonce and Jay Z was, 'Are you out of your mind?' . . . Nothing in this world, no amount of money, would make me give up my child. You can't BUY my child from me."

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Even though Beyonce and her husband Jay Z are the richest couple in entertainment, she still accepted $2 million in blood money to perform for the son of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi at a New Year's party in St. Barts in 2009.

Just 6 years earlier, in 2003, Colonel Gaddafi had admitted to sponsoring the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 that exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 that killed 270 total in the air and on the ground. Among the fatalities were 189 American citizens.

Even if Beyonce was too dumb to know about Gaddafi's atrocities against Americans -- a simple Google search would have enlightened her.

Mutassim Gaddafi was executed yesterday in Sirte, Libya. The man who once bragged of spending $1.9 million a month on his lavish lifestyle was found cowering in a dirty drainage ditch alongside his murderous father.

Click the link below to see what happened to him.

Caution: the images are graphic and may be disturbing to some!

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Paris Jackson went to the Chris Brown concert yesterday at the Staples Centre in LA. She was seen throwing up illuminati hand signs in the front row with a few friends.

Michael Jackson is rolling in his grave right now:

The daughter of the late, great, Michael Jackson, sang and danced along to Chris’ set. She even screamed out his name and made a heart shape with her hands, showing her love for the singer. Source

Update: Thanks to loyal reader Marie S. for alerting me to the fact that Paris Jackson doesn't know what illuminati hand signs are.

The boyish NY Yankees fan who assassinated Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi is a being hailed as a hero in Libya.

20-year-old Mohammed El Bibi is being credited as the man who found the former dictator hiding in a dirty drainage pipe near his home town of Sirte, Libya, Thursday. El Bibi and other revolutionary fighters dragged Gaddafi from his hiding place then beat and bludgeoned him. El Bibi is reportedly the fighter who discharged two bullets into the head of the man who ruled Libya with an iron fist for 42 years.

El Bibi wore a baseball cap bearing the NY Yankees logo and a t-shirt with the words "I love you" inside a red heart.

Afterwards, El Bibi was hoisted on the soulders of other rebels who paraded him through the streets chanting ‘Allah akbar’ – ‘God is great’.

El Bibi kept Gaddafi's 18K gold plated pistol as a war souvenir. With today's price of gold at record highs, Gaddafi's golden handgun is probably worth a small fortune.

Photos by REUTERS, AP

Former Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl, right, and socialite Paris Hilton were both spotted out & about wearing Rachel Zoe's Ali Wrap Cape. The camel wool crepe Cape with rich black leather trim was part of Zoe's first clothing line that launched earlier this year. The cape, which retailed for $695, quickly sold out everywhere.

Hilton, 30, paired her Rachel Zoe cape coat with black leather pants and thigh high Christian Louboutin boots. While Heigl, 32, kept it simple, pairing hers with a canary yellow ruffled shirt, black shorts and animal print booties.

So who wore it worse?

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

INFPhoto.com just published photos of Kim Kardashian's husband, Kris Humphries, carrying boxes and luggage out of the Gansevoort hotel in Manhattan where the couple had been staying since their wedding day. He was not wearing his wedding ring.

They have been married just eight short weeks but their marriage is said to be crumbling.

And despite newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries stepping out for a double date last night, sources claim the couple are already heading for divorce.

A source close to the couple has told MailOnline: "I don’t know when they’ll announce the split or why they got married in the first place but they are done."

They are divorcing. Kim has been staying in a New York hotel which Kris has failed to visit.

In a further twist a source told MailOnline that Kris is no longer being represented by Kim's agents at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME).

This is sad news but not at all surprising when you consider the marriage was made-for-TV, plus Kim's history of running through athletes like they're going out of style.

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

Former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi pleaded for his life after revolutionary rebel forces dragged him from his hiding place in a drainage pipe this morning. The Libyan leader was holed up in one of the last few buildings under his control when NATO airplanes strafed the buildings with rockets and ammunition.

Gaddafi attempted to leave the area in a convoy of vehicles but they were forced to turn back when the convoy was hit with a Hellfire missile. Gaddafi was injured, weakened and bloody when Rebel forces found him hiding in the drainage pipe near his home town of Sirte.

"He had been wounded in the legs," NTC official Abdel Majid Mlegta told REUTERS.

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They say French men make good lovers, but Rihanna doesn't think so after a French fan tried to cop a feel of her breasts today. The incident occurred as Rihanna was leaving her hotel heading to Bercy for a concert in France. That's when a frisky fan seized the opportunity and reached between 2 bodyguards to grab a handful of Rihanna's right breast.

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