shanita Latrice Cunningham and Erica Mae Butts

Two South Carolina women collapsed in court moments after learning they would spend the rest of their lives in prison for the beating death of a 3-year-old girl left in their care.

TEXT Erica Mae Butts and her lesbian lover Shanita Latrice Cunningham, both 25, were charged with homicide by child abuse in the death of 3-year-old Serenity Richardson, who died in their care on Nov. 3, 2009. They each received a life sentence from a Charleston Judge on Thursday.

The two women collapsed in hysterics as the screams of their family members pierced the courtroom. The defendants were wheeled from court by Charleston County Courthouse officials. Butts's mother was forcibly removed from the courtroom after attempting to reach Erica who sat on the floor hyperventilating and moaning.

shanita Latrice Cunningham and Erica Mae Butts

In 2009, Butts told police that she whipped the little girl multiple times with a belt after the child urinated on the floor. Butts said Serenity hit her head more than once while falling in the bathroom, the affidavit says.

The autopsy report shows the girl died from multiple, full-body trauma, including bruises on her head, chest, back, legs, arms and abdominal area.

"It is nearly impossible for words to accurately describe what these women did to that poor little girl," said Elizabeth Gordon, assistant managing solicitor for Charleston County.

"They beat her repeatedly both with a belt and with plastic coat hangers. You can see the outlines of the strikes on this child's body. There is not one area of this child's body that was unharmed except for the soles of her feet."

shanita Latrice Cunningham and Erica Mae Butts

Serenity's mother, Iesha Richardson, said she left her daughter in the women's care for two weeks while she moved from Detroit to the Summerville area. Butts was Serenity's Godmother and Richardson's best friend.

"The explanation they gave (for the beatings) was that Serenity had a potty accident," Gordon said. "Their explanation is 'we didn't know what we did would kill her.'"

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  • Ms. Everything

    These b*tches deserve their asses beat (sorry but it's true) but Sandra, spanking a child in most cases does not lead to death and is not abuse. There is a huge difference between abuse and discipline and most parents know the difference. These broads were sick in the head (probably on drugs) and should've never been allowed to be near a child, let alone be left with one for 2 weeks. But again, a child can be abused in more ways than with a belt and physically and there are alot of cases of "alternative discipline" that can end up damaging a child as well. But a pop on the butt or hand will not lead to the death of a child (based on your last tweet). People take cases like this and use it to say no child should ever get spankings but then you have children running around with no discipline, no sense of right or wrong and you end up with adults acting like the dumb broads at McDonalds a few weeks ago. The problem is not with spanking a child, the problem is with grown ass people thinking they have the right to beat a child and not caring about the outcome. HUGE difference

  • rozb

    They need to keep falling out right behind bars for the rest of their lives.

    How do you NOT know that beating a child with belts and plastic hangers, and making her head crack against bathroom surfaces would not do grave bodily harm? I wanna scream and :cuss: so bad right now!

    What is wrong with some folks leaving their children with nut jobs? I am not a mother, but those of you who are I am sure you have vetted your folks. You know which friends and family will keep your children safe and those you wouldn't leave in charge of a freaking stuffed animal. Did the mother catch any charges at all?

  • TheMusicMogul

    They deserved the sentence they got. And all that damn falling out gets no sympathy from me.

  • Ms. Everything

    And spanking is not bullying (still off your tweets)!!! The purpose of discipline is to teach cause and effect. And for a lot of children the quickest, easiest and most effective way to do so is through that method. Especially with younger children who don't have the full mental capacity to understand why you took their toys away or why you want them to sit in a corner for 2 minutes (which is the standard "accepted" method of time outs 1 minute per age. How do you say, because you did this I want you to sit here for 2 minutes, to a 2 year old and expect them to understand they were wrong). As children get over, spankings should be given less and less because at a certain point it goes from discipline to a fight if your child is as big as you are. And they aren't the end all be all of disciplining and child raising. There are lots of ways to discipline children and parents need to know their child well enough to know what works for them. But don't knock what has worked for centuries worldwide when clearly what alot of parents are doing now is not working at all by citing extreme cases of ignorance and leading into making broad statements like all parents who spank their kids are bullies and promoting bullying Sandra because that is simply not true

  • Torae

    They deserve LIFE! and hopefully someone in prison will beat the crap out of them! They gets no sympathy from me! People also need to stop leaving their kids with EVERYONE. The way this little girl was treated sickens me to my stomach!

    I don't believe in beating or whipping children! it's sick and barbaric. People need to learn how to communicate effectively with their kids WITH WORDS!!!!!! NOT WHIPPINGS!!!!

  • rozb

    I think I heard somewhere about another kid getting abused because of wetting themselves either while in bed, or in their clothes. These children are scared and are urinating on themselves because they are afraid to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, or are not being properly taught to use the bathroom.

    Sick, sick people...

  • BayMami_de4

    They deserve what they got and what they will hopefully get in prison. What they did is so fukking disturbing. It makes my stomach hurt. That poor little girl. She deserved symtpathy.

  • rozb

    There is a difference between getting swatted on the butt for running through a store or tapping the back of the hand for touching stuff they shouldn't, and slamming these toddlers and infants around like they are in the WWE. And beating them so hard they leave bruises, cuts, welts, broken bones, and ruptured organs. Or shaking a kid so hard their brain slams against the skull.

  • Imalover

    They were acting like they were at a funeral. I bet all my earthly belongings they did'nt react nearly as distraught for the death sentence they handed out to this poor defensless baby.

  • Ms. Everything

    @rozb I've heard more reports than I can count of people beating to death toddlers behind potty accidents and it pisses me off because somewhere down the line people have gotten the impression that potty training is a quick process that can be done in a week or less with babies (1 and 2 year olds). Yes some children are capable of doing it that way but the vast majority are not and you really see it in really young parents and their boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/friends where they child will have an accident and then they'll beat the baby hoping to scare them into not doing it again. Beating a child will not make them go to the bathroom and training a child before they're ready (and using fear as motivation on top of that) will lead to more accidents than if you just wait til the child shows interest or gently lead them into being interested,reward them for when they succeed and be calm when they don't. Some of these people need to pick up a parenting book and get the hell off twitter/facebook and maybe they'd know these things :cuss:

  • Sandra Rose

    @ Ms. Everything: it's time for us as black people to realize that child abuse occurs too often in black households. Bullying starts at home!

  • BayMami_de4

    There is a difference between getting swatted on the butt for running through a store or tapping the back of the hand for touching stuff they shouldn’t, and slamming these toddlers and infants around like they are in the WWE. And beating them so hard they leave bruises, cuts, welts, broken bones, and ruptured organs. Or shaking a kid so hard their brain slams against the skull.


  • Sandra Rose

    Torae says:

    I don’t believe in beating or whipping children! it’s sick and barbaric. People need to learn how to communicate effectively with their kids WITH WORDS!!!!!! NOT WHIPPINGS!!!!

    :applause: Whipping is against the law. And it's about time that states begin educating parents and letting them know that violence against children will result in jail time.

  • Ms. Everything

    But Sandra, bullying and abuse encompasses more than just the physical, affects more than just black households and the story above is not a case of discipline, it's two grown nutjobs beating a baby which is so different. That is my point. Yes bullying often is a result of what goes on at home, I agree there, but spanking (correctly, a pop on the butt or hand using your hand AND combined with an explanation and discussion on why you did it) does not cause that. Beating a child with a belt, hangers, shoes and all that is different, it's abuse and should be punished and yes it will cause aggression. But what causes even more aggression in children is yelling repeatedly at a child, not telling a child they're loved by you, not caring for your child, letting your child witness violence and aggression and exposing kids to things not appropriate for their age (sex, rated r movies, suggestive and ignorant movies) those things are more likely to cause aggressive bullies than responsible and good parents who spank their children as a last resort form of discipline so instead of focusing on the nutjobs out there who do this kinda mess and using it to say that all parents who spank are abusive and wrong focus on the fact that these simply aren't good parents or people period. That's all I'm saying Sandra

  • Carmez79

    getting a spanking is far from abuse. this was abuse. i remember my mom used to spank me and it was nothing like this why because she was not crazy. its time for the states to over hall their social service and its time for the parents to stop leaving their children with anyone

  • Sandra Rose

    I don't feel sorry for either one of these women. Their parents beat them, and in turn, they beat this little girl to death. How can we say stop the violence when the violence begins at home?

  • rozb

    I remember swats on the butt. Being given a choice of being grounded or getting that butt tapped. I would accept the spanking and then go out and play. I never had bruises or whelps or cuts from spanking.

    And as much as my brothers peed the bed, they didn't get whoopings or spankings for it. My mother sought help to make sure there were no medical issues like underdeveloped bladders and stuff that would cause it. Eventually they grew out of it and weren't traumatized.

  • cocoa49

    This is a vicious cycle that we have to end. I believe it came from back in slavery when our ancestors were beaten to stay in line. They then thinking this was the correct way to discipline inflicted this behavior upon their children. I had parents who believed in disciplining like that. It has to end. I can tell you horror stories about how i was discipline, but all that is in the pass. That poor baby really suffered.

  • thegifted1

    The little angel lost her life to these fools. God Bless her and her family!

  • buddapecan

    I agree with Ms Everything. Every child is different and as a parent you have to use a combination of different methods to discipline. Instead of throwing spanking out start from the source and prevent deadbeat immature irresponsible lazy people from having children. Alot of people who believe in the "non violent" method parenting don't have kids! Not taking care of someone else's child...I'm talking about birthing, clothing, feeding, raising a child. There are ups and downs with having children and parenting is not easy. No parent is perfect which is why there are imperfect people in this world. For the most part I believe the majority of parents love their kids and have good intentions when they use spanking as a form of discipline. It's unfair to say parents who spank are barbaric and don't love their children.

    (and for the record...these hags should have got the death penalty. NO parent in their right mind would have done those things to their child)

  • dblaq

    There is a huge difference between "beating" or "spanking" a child. A spanking is suppose just one or two pops that hurt their feelings not their body. I do believe that children should get a spanking as the ultimate punishment because kids nowadays have no concept of consequence. A time out corner, taking their toys away ain't doing sh!t and I am speaking for myself where I was delighted to be in a time out corner for what I have done because that was an easy punishment but when Pops came and I knew he was about to tear my ass up, I would damn near sh!t my pants.

    Unfortunately, adult people today all have major issues and seem not to have any discipline about themselves mentally, physically, sexually, financially so how can you pass that down to the children.

  • newscutey

    Poor baby was probably potty-trained but was wetting herself b/c her mother left her with these monsters. It's called relapsing. Kids at 3 years of age don't understand mommy dropping them off for 2 weeks to get relocated. She probably thought she wasn't coming back even if she spoke to her mom on the phone everyday. Trust, my dad was in the military and when he left for germany when I was 3, I was devastated. Even though my mom explained we'd be following in a few months I still felt abandoned. I just couldn't grasp what they were telling me. I have no words and no sympathy these two. And I applaud to judge's decision. May the child rest in peace.

  • cute_BIG_gul

    I can imagine how mad they were when they were whupping the little girl for peeing on herself and the floor, anger influences ur reaction when u spank a child and there was 2 of them. my mother would make me go away from her until she calmed down and then would give my a$$/lecture about watever I had done when I was younger. I'm not a parent yet, but that will definitely be my practice when I am, I have seen and experienced what a rage filled "spanking" can cause.

    Its funny how the wailing and screaming at the beginning of sentencing made me think of how the baby sounded when she was getting beat, wonder if that crossed the jugde's mind at all...............

  • lady_cn

    That is a damn shame. I pray that that poor baby is resting in peace. I bet these women were crying and passing out when they realized the little girl's life was over, but now that theirs is, they want to act like this? :nono:

    I hope they are separating them. It doesn't seem fair for them to be able to spend the rest of their lives together, even if it is in prison.

    Side note, that second chick looks like she's been eating good in prison. :think:

  • Yall still crazy

    Fukc them hoes! :coffee:

    I show my son "some lovin" when necessary, I talk first, then the "lovin" which is followed by more talking. DJM


    RIP Baby Serenity

  • Yall still crazy

    Potty training should not involve whoopings either IMO!

  • ELove

    2 Lesbians Fall Out in Court After Each Received Life...

    I FELL The F-U-C-K OUT Laughing When I read THAT a Saw the accompanying PIC !!! :rofl:

    IF They expected ANYTHING LESS then They are The FOOLS (WORD !!!)

    Spare The Rod... Spoil The Child

    CHILDREN who don't understand Responsibility, Accountability, Discipline ALONG WITH The Ramifications of BAD BEHAVIOR & ANTICS are FUTURE Criminals, Low-Lifes and NON-Positive & NON-Productive Influences upon Society... And NOT SPANKING THEM is the Quickest Way to THAT REALITY (REAL) :coffee:

  • ELove

    LQQKING Like her name is Baby-Chubb :lol:

  • deedeegirl

    This is terrible, that poor child. These women deserve worse than what they got.

  • TheRealAshland

    hope they both rot in hell.

  • Jerrica

    Am I wrong for laughing at them "falling" out and the mama's screaming and carrying on like they don't have no sense? What did they think they were going to get, a slap on the wrist?


    Side note, that second chick looks like she’s been eating good in prison. :think:

    That's exactly what I was thinking.

  • Sandra Rose

    “My baby went down there in one piece, happy, no scars, no nothing. They sent her back to me in a box.“ ~ Ieshia Richardson

  • cocosexylady

    “My baby went down there in one piece, happy, no scars, no nothing. They sent her back to me in a box.“ ~ Ieshia Richardson
    Yeah, Ieshia that's exactly what happened. Granted one of the women was her "godmother" but babygirl made a terrible choice for her child. Did she even knew what the responsibility of a godmother is/are/were? I had my daughter when I was sixteen, it never crossed my mind to make my BFF her godmother. She was hurt but she got over it. Twenty-two years later we are still BFFs; however, a godmother, IMO, is a responsible adult, who you know will have the best interest of your child at heart. This woman provided with me with guidance, along with my parents and she still plays a major role in my daughter's life.

  • rozb

    @Sandra: The mother must be devastated. And probably wondering where she went wrong in trusting these two mentally ill women.

    And the families falling out with them as if they were falsely accused or something.

  • rozb

    @cocosexy: A lot of times when these girls have these babies young, they think it's cute to name their best friend and running buddy as godmother. They don't ask if her friend has the capability to act in her child's best interest, and may not even know what that means. It goes way beyond the occasional birthday gift or school play attendance. They may not be able to take care of themselves or live a life (drugs, gang activity) that runs contrary to child rearing.

    When I was young I had some wonderful BFFs. However, some of them couldn't even boil water or wash a load of clothes, let alone look after a kid.

  • Starr

    Don't feel an ounce of sympathy for those women, especially when I think about what that baby went through. When they were beating the ish out of this poor child, no one thought....this is over the top.

    I don't what is with our people and the first line of discipline being a whooping. Maybe its because I wasn't whooped, most of my friends weren't either. I believe it is possible to discipline with out laying a hand on a child.

  • Smokie

    My son used to wet the bed for a good little while; not ONCE did I consider spanking him! He was ashamed enough. These "women" are animals and deserve their sentences. I'm furious about what they did to that poor BABY!!!

  • RoderickXYZ

    They are both dykes so they won't have much trouble making the transition to prison life although they will have big-azzed targets on their backs since they have been convicted of killing a child via child abuse.

  • Smokie

    And my BFF had her daughter at 15. I am her godmother and I have been for 24 years. I've done a great job and I popped her ONE time when she was 8. I don't care how young I was as her godmother. Anyone with sense doesn't beat and kill a child.

  • Long Time Lurker

    I don't like to wish bad things on anyone, cause karma has a way of paying you your just due, but I really wish someone had went ahead and dropped these two worthless bytches their first night in. :shrug:

  • SummerSweetie

    See...this bulls*it right here is what makes the mama in me want to stick both of these size 9's up them heffas a$$es and tickle their tonsils with my pinkie toes!!!!! :mad:

    Where were those emotions while they were beating that baby to death? What did she do to deserve that, disturb their carpet munching session? And now they want somebody to feel sorry for them? Aw, hell naw! Bishes STFU and serve your sentences like the men you wanted to be. GTFOH!!!!!! :cuss:

  • SummerSweetie

    And that Shanita bish done got big as all hell on that 'kitty' litter in jail. Got you a lifetime supply now, bad azz...bon apetit!!!!

  • peanutbuttercup

    Strange how the mother of the lesbo who fell out screams "That's my baby dammit, I got to make sure my baby is ok". While the mother of a real baby who was murdered by these monsters, cannot make this request cause her child is dead. I bet they hyperventilating and sh*t cause in jail they getting their asses handed to them. There is honor among thieves and they hate child abusers.

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

    fuk them heartless bytches... oh oh now u got feelings because is ur azz getting the punishment what about the baby u fukn beast? :mad: this has fuked up my fukn morning animals pieces of shyt wortheless scum and want to act all fukn surprise bish STFU and die ho3!! :cuss: U BEAT A CHILD TO DEATH WHY?? SO HER CRIES AND SCREAMS DID NOTHING TO SOFTEN UR HEART BUT U WANT SOMEBODY TO FEEL SORRY FOR U UGH!! IM PISSD FUK THEM BOTH TO HELL!! :mad:

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

    how can u beat a child so bad to kill them? how why for what? she was only fukn 3 its not like she was fighting back or stealing the baby just had a fukn accident and u lost it :mad: omg i just cant with people/animals beast pieces of shyt these days we are killing our own fukn kids what the fuk is this world coming to :wtf: do we expect for our future... lord take the wheel :pray:

  • LaTechGrad02

    Wow, my heart breaks for the mother who had to bury her baby. She thought that she could trust her friend to care for her child and her friend turned out to be her baby's worst nightmare.

    I love the look on the judge's face when these two bishes started carrying on like animals. Like seriously, you murdered a defenseless child and you were found guilty, did you think you were about to walk up out of my courtroom like Casey Anthony today?

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

    @latech im mad i cant see the video but from the pic above that shows that beast loosing it i still dont feel sorry for them :nono: how could they?

  • LaTechGrad02

    @laker, they're just whooping and wailing like they expected a different outcome. It's so sickening because they're probably crying harder for themselves and losing their freedom forever than they probably ever cried for the baby that lost her life before she ever got a chance to have a life.

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

    @latech :no: exacly they dint cry or feel for that baby but since is they azz they loosing it... R.I.P baby girl

  • Tania31

    Omg I hope they get tortured every single day in jail. That poor little girl.

  • spongebobfan

    "Sentenced to a period of LIFE. "
    i know thats right! RIP that beautiful little girl. That judge was like, girl bye get up and go to jail, do not past go
    murderers, ugh

  • spongebobfan

    lol those court people gave not one fluck. they rolled they asses to jail hahaha
    RIP Serenity. glad you found justice, not many do :(

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    Sandra I salute you for addressing the "spanking" issue. Of course this case is a very extreme example, but the fact is too many people spank too much. I can't speak for the whole black community, but I know all of my friends in my hood got their butts beat. The boys still grew up to be criminals and many of the girls became teenage mothers and a large number in both groups became drug addicts and alcoholics. Spanking is not the answer. You have to train your children. Tell them what is right and what is wrong and reinforce it constantly throughout their lives. You don't need to use violence to do that.

    Part of the problem is too many parents are lazy. They figure they should have to tell a child someting once and they need to tow the line after that. Yeah right. Once doesn't do the trick and a belt ain't gonna make it do the trick. You have to keep telling them and keep showing them over and over and over. That's what it takes. Some parents don't want to put in all the work and they mistakenly believe the belt will expedite the training.

    Then of course some parents just don't know any better. They ignore the fact that they know many people who got beatings (we didn't call them spankings) who didn't turn out well. They think they are decent because they were spanked and don't think of the other great child rearing qualities their parents had. Some of us didn't turn out great, but think we did because we don't know better.

    Anyway I applaud you for starting this dialogue and speaking up for the victims.

  • Jerrica


    I doubt the fact that they got spanked now has them being criminals, on drugs & teenage mothers. Bad decisions did that. Not EVERYONE who got a whooping or hit turned out to be a bad person. This little girl was BEAT to death, not whooped or spanked there is a BIG difference.

  • A.J.

    this ish is cray!

  • ELove

    IT DOESN'T and It's TOTAL NONSENSE that ANYONE would think IT DOES :coffee:

  • His_Mommy623

    omg @ that video :rollseyes: those btchs are pathetic..and they got the sentence they deserved so they can go hyperventilate in the pokey...dusty looking ass murderers...and look at the family, sitting in court looking like they headed to Walmart after the verdict. Fugg ya'll hollering for? Ur brawlic ass man-daughters KILLED a baby..smh i cannot..

    im not EVEN gna get into the redundant convo about spankings and child abuse...anyone comparing discipline to a child murder is someone not worth debating with anyway...raise ur own kids (IF u even have any).. people have different opinions on it and thats just what it is :shrugs:

    betta believe NOBODY is gna tell me what to do with MY child... :coffee:

  • ssweetheart85

    Aaaahhhh, this is so sad. Smh..poor baby..but I'm with everyone else who stated there is a difference between spankings and child abuse. Period. You don't spend hours, days or long periods of time spanking or whooping a child just because of some random action, like peeing in the bed. It happens. This just sounds like two people who really didn't want to have the responsibility of taking care of someone elses child anyway. Spankings/whoopings are not to be given out just to make a parent feel better..its supposed to be another method of discipline.

    Last night I argued w my husband about discipling our soon to be born son. He feels spankings/whoopings are best. I say you do with whatever works for your child. Spankings don't automatically work, just like timeouts or punishments don't, but you have to figure out what it is that works for your individual baby.

    My friend spanks her daughter..and clearly it doesn't work. That child is hell on wheels, but you make her stand in the corner and you would think you were killing her. So now instead of spankings she gets the corner hence she gets the message. You act disobedient, you get what you hate the most and in that case its being in the corner.

    Btw, I'm not going to spend time debating w ppl who are outside of my home, do not pay my bills, put a roof over my head, etc..about how to discipline my child. That argument is endless..ultimately, its my child, my responsibility and every child is different. :coffee:

  • Sandra Rose

    Bird says:

    Part of the problem is too many parents are lazy. They figure they should have to tell a child someting once and they need to tow the line after that. Yeah right. Once doesn’t do the trick and a belt ain’t gonna make it do the trick. You have to keep telling them and keep showing them over and over and over. That’s what it takes. Some parents don’t want to put in all the work and they mistakenly believe the belt will expedite the training.

    :applause: Bird, I applaud your entire comment! Most parents (blacks in particular) have zero patience. They think children should understand something they tell them the first time. Children's brains are still developing until they are teenagers. They don't understand the first time! Like Bird says, you have to keep telling them until they get it! I lived with foster parents for two years. Not once did they put their hands or a belt on me. Teachers can control an entire class of children without touching them, but you can't control one child without hitting them with a belt? Some of you need parenting classes if u don't understand that you breed animosity in these kids by beating them. No wonder there is so much anger in the black community. :no:

  • ssweetheart85

    Btw Sandra..I found it laughable when we were all commenting on the post abt the judge spanking his daughter and you were shocked that spankings occurred in middle class/upper class families. Trust and believe black people are not the only ones who spank their goes across social/economic/racial lines. So let's please not make this just a black issues.

  • Tertra114

    oh the fu*k well, bi*ches wasn't hyperventalting when they was whippin that child to death, so deal with what you got, that mother screaming about some "i can't leave my baby" well how you think the mother of that child feels, now that her "baby" is gone at the hands of your daughter

  • lovezoe

    Working with the adoptions department through the STATE, you would be SURPRISED the amount of white people who have lost custody of their kids. Some even at birth.

    -Beating the kids
    -Making the kids witness attempts of suicide.
    -Drugs in the child's system at birth.
    -Being drug dealer.

    Don't make this about black vs. white. Make it about SOME people who can not control their anger. I will never again state on this ENTERTAINMENT blog how I discipline my own, but I will say pissing on your self at such a young age doesn't deserve ANY form of discipline.

  • YSoSerious

    These btches don't deserve take another breath on this planet. Period. :coffee:


    One can achieve all that you said in your comment #27 without laying hands. It depends on the parent and the child.

    Telling everyone to spank their kids to success is the same as telling folks to never spank their children. Effective discipline is not a one size fits all thing. There is no 100% guaranteed parenting method that can be applied across the board.

    Parents need to take the time to learn what does and doesn't work with their children instead of just doing what they were taught to do because they don't know any other way. Or because to actually try something different is too hard.

  • lovezoe

    Sandra, you talk about how teachers and daycare providers don't hit. SOME do, but many yell and talk down to students. I have witnessed it. Let me go enjoy my day before I get really pissed and say something I WONT regret.

  • screwball69

    While this is an unfortunate event, I doubt very seriously that the mom didn't know what these women were capable of. When we were growing up, either it was grandma & granddady or my two aunts that we could be left with for an extended period of time. My parents, especially my dad didn't play that sht. :nono: You can go visit and play for a bit but then you ass is coming home. And hell naw you aint spending the night so don't ask.

  • screwball69

    And when it comes to whipping, I've said it several times. My middle brother got his ass beat all the time and it didn't help. He knew, I take this ass whooping and go on about my business. My middle brother and I may have gotten beat 10 times combined our whole lives because all my mom had to do was talk to us and we understood not to repeat the offense again. My middle brother would respond like hell to being grounded though. Different strokes for different folks.

  • His_Mommy623

    I think its absolutely unprofessional of Sandra to keep making this a black issue. I get that this is ur blog but if ur readers are being respectful to u then u need to extend the same courtesy. How dare u keep implying that black parents who believe in discipline are some type of animals who are mauling their kids. its in poor taste. U have no idea what goes on in peoples home and to be honest ur last comment in regards to teachers (blah..blah) made no type of sense...what does a teacher who spends an hour at a time with each group of kids or even 8 hours have to do with raising a child? Maybe u should go holler at the colombine falculty and ask them why they couldnt get Eric and Dylan to calm down before they went batsh!t retarded and shot up the school...dude, what are you even talking about? WE GET IT u will never spank ur non existant churrens...stop tryna be a voice if ur not even gonna come correct with it..

    it doesn't even appear organic...ur position almost seems forced. whats your REAL reason for all this sudden concern for children who receive spankings? oh my bad, this is a post about a child who was MURDERED. apples and oranges hunney...apples and oranges :coffee:

  • 100% usa made!

    This is disgusting!!! That poor child, too suffer that way is inhumane!

  • Daisy

    Well I am gonna tell you what the Lord knows and that is I will NOT be talking to a child all day telling/asking them something :nono: I will snatch my niece and nephew up after so many warnings/looks after that they need some assistance and I will give it to them...they are old enough to know right from wrong. I believe in all forms of discipline and parents have to figure out what works for THEIR children. I don't think parents who spank/pop are lazy either, at the end of the day it is a personal decision. You best believe their are men and women who sit in prison today who were BOTH spanked and NOT spanked you just never know.

    God Bless the mother I can't even imagine :pray:

    This story is heartbreaking

  • Daisy


  • talkingwithtami

    I've been told I have very respectful children(thank you Jesus). When we are out they are like yes mam,may I, can I please. That didnt come without me and my husband whooping their tale a few times. Call me dead wrong but once you train your kids when they are young, they have some kinda since when they get older. I turned out half way decent and my mom would yell and pop me in the mouth and I'm alright.

    Each child is different but Im not going to keep talking to mine 1000 times to pick up this and do that, hell to the nawl! All that time out Tommy chit don't work and they think you are playing! So to each his own but UNTIL you have kids of your OWN, then there is no telling what you will do when you are at your wits end. #thatisall :coffee:

  • BayMami_de4

    YSoSerious says:

    Effective discipline is not a one size fits all thing. There is no 100% guaranteed parenting method that can be applied across the board.
    Parents need to take the time to learn what does and doesn’t work with their children instead of just doing what they were taught to do because they don’t know any other way. Or because to actually try something different is too hard.

    True that!! I know my 4 kids are very different personalities even though they are all raised in the same house.

  • Atypical

    Wow this happened in my neck of the woods…I think that people who do things to kids should be taken in the street and beaten… :coffee:

  • Jerrica

    @ Daisy & @ Tami:


    My nephew knows not to try it with me at all I have to do is give him a look. He also knows when we are out in public you better behave or when we get in the car or home it's going to be a serious problem.

    ALL KIDS ARE DIFFERENT! What works for some may not works for others. Period point blank.

  • screwball69

    :rofl: @ Daisy.

  • Celli Cel

    This trial probably wouldn't have as much backlash had the defendants and family not put on such a spectacle. How dare they act like victims! How dare Erica's mother put on a show like that about "making sure her baby is ok" what the wrong with these people!?!?! What about the poor 3 year old baby girl that suffered at the hands of these 2 heartless monsters. What about that baby!?!?! UGH :cuss:

  • KDub

    Their parents beat them, and in turn, they beat this little girl to death.
    Sandra. So you mean to tell me because their parents mighta got in their azzes during childhood...THAT is the reason they beat this baby to death?

    My grandmother beat the living piss outta my uncle once for lying for saying he had took a bath when he did he woulda beat his godson to death...that woulda been the reason?

  • His_Mommy623

    @Kdub, don't even bother :lol: SR is on a crusade to have all parents whisper at their kids and put em in time out.. :coffee:

  • GottaBigOne

    HAVE YOU EVER???!!!???

  • KDub

    Getting a spanking or whatever you call it in your family...for US is family tradition.

    My great-grandmother got in the azz of my grandmother and 'nem, who in turn beat MY momma and HER sibs...

    My momma and my aunts and uncles were quite handy in their use of shoes, pocketbooks, even a computer mouse (my cousin got hit in the head with a computer an OLD skool IBM. His dad was typing a paper; he was being bad and uncle unplugged the mouse...hit his son in the head with it, and then plugged it back in and kept right on typing) and kept us in line.

    Now amongst us (my sibs and our cousins) we have a doctor, a CPA, a fireman, a librarian, 3 teachers (and other gainfully employed folks in respectable fields of work) who are keeping our OWN kids the FUGG in line! We ain't neva kilt a kid by our form of discipline. To each their own..but us? We got our azzes chin checked.

    God bless this mother who lost hers to some crazed women who did not know the limit.

  • KDub

    @Kdub, don’t even bother SR is on a crusade to have all parents whisper at their kids and put em in time out..
    We come from a family of crazed idiots when kids are being bad. But we not killing them NOR whispering to them. When my aunt had cancer and was going through chemo...she would call my cousins to her bedside and they would have to kneel down to get smacked. The cuz who is right unda me had her teacher call and this lady just had chemo. :nono: We beat kids even if you are deathly sick. But we not killing nobody. :no:

  • His_Mommy623

    "My momma and my aunts and uncles were quite handy in their use of shoes, pocketbooks, even a computer mouse (my cousin got hit in the head with a computer mouse…to an OLD skool IBM. His dad was typing a paper; he was being bad and uncle unplugged the mouse…hit his son in the head with it, and then plugged it back in and kept right on typing) and kept us in line."

    :dead: I will never leave or ur stories bew :hug: :lol:

  • His_Mommy623

    ew my bad...i should stop laughing while typing :lol:

    that should say, I will never leave YOU or ur stories bew :D

  • chibytex aka the people’s champ

    Damn that was hard to watch! But that's what their asses get! :rofl:

    Us parents have to be very careful who we let watch our children. I dont leave Ladybug with too many people. Mostly its me, her daddy, her granny or her daycare which has proven to take good care of her. It was very hard for me to even put her in daycare cause I know how my child is.

    Ladybug is not very friendly with strangers. Its like she can sense who's good and bad. I have friends who have volunteered to watch her and I say no, cause they dont have kids and I dont trust them to know how to discipline her like I do. And I would hate to have to fukk them up over my child.

    On another note, Sandra your "dont spank your kid" campaign is clearly ridculous. You dont have any, and until you do you should chill on the rights and wrongs on how to "properly" discipline kids. Teacher and daycare providers dont have the right to put their hands on kids cause the didnt birth them, so its only right for them find other ways to discipline, but as a MOTHER, I have the right to discipline as I chose. Being a mother trumps being a teacher anyday. You really cant compare the two.

  • JMO

    :cosign: with daisy, Chi, Hismommy, screw and most others

    First off, whoever said the woman on the right looks like the main ape Caesar, in the movie planet of the apes is dead wrong... :coffee:

    On topic: Essentially, one can not tell another person how to raise their children. Every child is different. If you look at those children on the television shows "Scared Straight" & "Beyond Scared Straight", 95% of those parents said they don't whip their children and they don't know what to do. What's the explanation then??

  • Daisy

    @JMO I want to jump through the TV and chin check some of those bad azz kis on Beyond Scared Straight

    @Screwball Glad you found my comment funny :lol: I am dead serious though I will NOT be telling or asking you something 5011x my mama didn't play that and I ain't either!

  • lovezoe

    As my children get older, I am comfortable leaving them with more people. Now there are some friends I won't leave my kids with anymore. One "friend" watched my kids overnight and she only had them change undies. WTF?! Thankfully they had a bath before I took them over there, but I didn''t come pick them up until around 5pm. She has a child!

    Right now, there is about two people outside of husband, mom, to watch my kids. I was about to call the teacher because my son told me she said he asked too many questions.

  • screwball69

    @ Daisy, I know. I got an ass whooping once every 4 years. I remember when I told my mom that I did not have my report card and I had actually forged her signature and turned it in. I don't know what the hell I was thinking. I had a D (normally a straight A student) so I didn't want her to see it. :coffee: needless to say I didn't try being slick again. That ass whooping solved that problem and prevented future ones from occurring.

  • ELove

    I DIDN'T say or state it was the ONLY WAY but NO KIND of Serious DISCIPLINE (Where They CLEARLY Understand the ERROR of THEIR WAYS) is asking for NOTHING BUT TROUBLE (Real) But I Basically agree with Your Premise about Nothing is ABSOLUTE SUCCESS Guaranteed

    I'm with The VAST Majority that SAY... I'm not talking/telling them TOO MANY TIMES about not listening & constantly doing the SAME STOOPID THINGS Over Again (NOT HAPPENING On MY WATCH !!!)

    If They choose to Constantly Mess-Up and Get Themselves IN Trouble then THEY WILL Get Handled and Even Maybe GET BODIED But It's Necessary & Warranted and It's DONE Becuz I Truly Care (And LUV THEM...) :coffee:

  • His_Mommy623

    I popped in to let ya'll know I'm probably gna choke slam the kid tonight...I tried Sandys method of whispering but lil offspring buddy is clearly in need of a violent wrestling move induced coma :D



    :yawn: Yeah I know it's late....

    But I couldn't sleep...

    But um Sandra your wrong about spanking being illegal here is Georgia Law. I learned it when i worked for corrections. I have three children. I use corporal punishment when it fits the situation. Here's GA Law for those who live here and is being scared out of spanking your kids butts. (Officer friend of mine stated that spankings should be restricted to just the butt area where the most meat is :grin: )

    [Georgia Code]

    Physical forms of discipline may be used as long as there is no physical injury to the child.
    Secs. 19-7-5/19-15- 1/49-5-180. [Civil Code] Parent or person in loco parentis reasonably disciplining of a minor has a justification for a criminal prosecution based on that conduct.
    § 16-3-20. [Criminal Code]

    I you want the code in your state here is the link take out the spaces

    http:// kidjacked .com /legal/ spanking_ law. asp#georgia


    :yawn: yep sleepy... I meant If you want, not I you want

    Oh by the way my use of the GA code produced a daughter that's in med school, a son who is in accelerated classes... and daughter who is crazy... :shrug: you can't win them all...

    Just kidding, she is an A/B student.... crazy A/B student...

    I don't just spank my kids and send them off. As they got older I explained why they received the spanking and what I needed to see from them from that point on.

  • FeFe

    I hope these trifling bishes get beat and abused every day of their rotten life on lock down...I felt absolutely NOTHING listening to them holler and scream like two hyenas...maybe now they can have just a hint of an idea of how that poor baby felt when they were taking her life away from her!

  • TiFan4Lyfe

    i wouldnt have left my puppy with these h*es let alone my child..2 weeks??? no ma'm

  • LaJuliet

    Them h***s should have been snatched the f**k up and made to walk the hell out of that courtroom on their own power. They got better than they deserved, they should have recieved the death penalty!!!!

  • GAGIRL87

    I can't begin to imagine what this child went through :no: I still can't grasp my mind around why any ADULT would hurt a harmless CHILD... These bi*tches derserve the chair point blank period. My son goes wherever I go sometimes you have to make sacrifices as a parent everybody can't be trusted with your kids no matter how long you've been knowing them...

  • Creamychic

    Prison is way to easy, they get to live almost a regular life, just in an orderly way, prison life is so much better than a jail, they eat steaks , shrimp , lobsters, they work like 9/5 jobs , hair salons, church, librarys, movies, etc. computers, email, some allow them to get on utube, the penal system is a joke.

  • CreoleCutie7

    Watch this last night ...smh I don't know where all that mercy crying went when she was beating the poor little girl.. throw away the key!

  • Fayla aka NotSammySosaSister

    Creamy maybe it's diff here but aint NONE of what u mentioned above goin on out here in FL. trust me :no:
    RIP to this lil angel & her mammy is lucky she didnt get :shotsfired:

  • Creamychic

    Yea its goes on but I must say state is different fom federal, thats the difference

  • free

    His_Mommy623 says: im not EVEN gna get into the redundant convo about spankings and child abuse…anyone comparing discipline to a child murder is someone not worth debating with anyway


    ^^^^ this ^^^^

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

    morning and shyt... :coffee: sandrita mija sweetie honey bunches of zycho :hug: let the shyt go how would u know what it takes to raise a child right? u have none of ur own so there for ur comments are just a "if i had a kid i THINK i would do this and that" its like me trying to correct u on something that has to do with nursing i CAN'T i have no experience i have no way of knowing what u know :no: so if u ever get to be a mother hit us up with ur KNOWLEDGE not ur SARCASM :)

  • Fayla aka NotSammySosaSister

    @Creamy :yes: i wish my peeps woulda got fed time :crying: God i miss her :heart:

  • Unpredictable

    These two idiotic, careless and heartless bishes deserved what they got.

    There is a very big difference between spanking, and straight up abuse. :rolleyes:

  • Genia

    The video is heart wreching to watch. But I am sure their turmoil could never equal that of the mother who trusted her best friend to care for her child..only to return and find that child dead. My heart and prayers to all parties involved.

    Why did it take two women to dicipline a 3 year old baby regarding a potty accident?...since when does potty training and corporal punishment go hand in hand?

    Horrible horrible horrible for all involved.

  • Genia

    His_Mommy623 says:
    I popped in to let ya’ll know I’m probably gna choke slam the kid tonight…I tried Sandys method of whispering but lil offspring buddy is clearly in need of a violent wrestling move induced coma
    :rofl: If you don't stop documenting your intentions to hurt that baby...we are all going to be forced to testify against you.

  • Genia

    “My baby went down there in one piece, happy, no scars, no nothing. They sent her back to me in a box.“ ~ Ieshia Richardson
    I have nothing but prayers...heartfelt prayers. Father God, praying piece that surpasses understanding for this family.

  • Nola_D

    You damn right... They're asses should have gotten the death penalty... but what I find even more upsetting is that just a few weeks ago some of yall were saying how it was ok that that coward of a man beat the shit out his daughter with a belt... This is what COULD happen if you beat your children... one blow could kill them... Now I'm all for disciple... But abusing a child is unforgivable...

  • free

    Genia says: The video is heart wreching to watch. But I am sure their turmoil could never equal that of the mother who trusted her best friend to care for her child..only to return and find that child dead. My heart and prayers to all parties involved.


    also, the little girl had "erica" as a part of her name. serenity erica something something. i mean, the fact that you could do this to your namesake....

  • Trucie

    they want to fall out in hysterics when their handed down a life sentence. I didn't hear death penalty so I don't see what their problem is. You get to live and breath another day regardless. You can't say the same for the 3 year old baby whose life you took away for no fucking reason other than her being a baby and doing what babies do. I don't feel sorry for them. What possesses someone to beat a helpless child so badly. These women have no souls. I can't care for ppl who have that kind of evil in them. My heart aches for the baby, and aches for the mother who will no doubt deal with the fact that she thought she was leaving her child in good hands. I don't have children of my own but if I did and something like this happened, I would probably be the one getting life. Them bitches wouldn't have made it to jail.

  • Choco aka Hippie

    Im surprised they were surprised to hear of their sentence that chit is almost hysterical

  • MzDetermined

    What these B*%^4es need to realize is that falling out will not get them their freedom back. This story is making me real mad because who in their right mind would beat a harmless child to death like that. They deserve that life sentence.

  • trenee

    yeah, what everyone said! #cosigns

  • telltruth777

    I agree!

  • telltruth777


  • telltruth777

    It makes me so sad.

  • telltruth777

    EXACTLY! !!!

  • Claudia Christensen

    May they rot in prison and in hell.

  • Sheila Carrigan

    NEVER never leave your child with anyone not related to the child. Even that wont stop all risk... But it will improve the child's odds.