Music producer Swizz Beatz narrowly missed doing federal time on piracy charges two weeks ago. The 33-year-old deadbeat dad flossed like he was making millions off the now defunct content storage website. But as it turns out, Swizz allowed the website's real owner to use his name and likeness on the website -- for free... or so his lawyer says. Of course the truth will be revealed in due time.

Yesterday, a grateful Swizz and his gorgeous wife, Alicia Keys jetted to the sandy beaches of Hawaii with their adorable 15-month-old son, Egypt, for a little relaxation.

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One day after accidentally soiling herself onstage during the Etta James Tribute, singer Christina Aguilera, her son Max Bratman and her boyfriend Matt Rutler arrived at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to see Cirque du Soleil stage show 'Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour'.
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2 lucky NBA fans spotted superstar forward Lebron James biking to work at the American Airlines Arena where the Miami Heat played Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls this past weekend. How cool is that? Imagine going to the arena to watch LeBron play, and there he is sitting on a bike at the red light! Traffic was congested around the American Airlines Arena due to the Miami marathon. So Lebron, who lives in a Miami suburb, hopped on his bike and rode with two of his associates to the arena to help his teammates defeat their Eastern conference rivals 97-93.
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The excitement is building as football fans await the kickoff of Super Bowl 46 on Sunday. Songstress Ciara was given the enviable job of interviewing the New England Patriots players on the field during the 2012 Super Bowl Media Day in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ciara conducted interviews with the Patriots players for 'The Insider' sports show with Kevin Frazier. Ciara got real friendly with NE safety Sergio Brown (#31). You can tell Ciara took her job very seriously. She wore quarterback Tom Brady's jersey number. Isn't she cute? Unfortunately, NE doesn't have a chance against the odds-on favorites, the NY Giants. But it should be a good game for NE fans. It's not who wins or loses, but how they play the game.

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A cop killer had his day in court yesterday, but instead of exercising his right to remain silent, he caused a disturbance, shouting obscenities at the judge and reporters.

Joshua Tremaine Jones, 26, was arrested Saturday and charged with shooting Master Public Safety Officer Sandra E. Rogers in Aiken, S.C. Saturday morning.

According to, Rogers, 49, was gunned down while responding to a call from a concerned citizen of suspicious activity at Eustis Park just after 7:30 a.m.

Jones is also charged with the shooting death of his girlfriend, Cayce Vice, who was shot once in the head in her Augusta, GA apartment on Saturday. Cayce (pictured above) was 5 weeks pregnant.

On Monday Jones stood before Judge Donna Williamson for a bond hearing in Aiken. He entered the courtroom wearing a orange and white striped jail jumpsuit. Jones appeared to be experiencing acute side effects of antipsychotic medications.

"Do you want to be screened for an attorney?" asked Judge Williamson.

"I don't care!" Jones yelled back. After mouthing a few profanities in the direction of reporters, Jones turned his attention back to the judge.

"Do you have the income to hire an attorney on your own?" she asked him.

"Does it look like it? G** d******!" Jones answered back.

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Quick: who won the 2011 US X-Factor?

I watched bits and pieces of the woefully boring US X-Factor reality show, and the worst part of the show were the judges. A judge is supposed to remain neutral and unbiased. How can a judge make an unbiased decision when he or she is emotionally involved to the point of breaking down in tears?

The glaring flaws of the judge's panel drew widespread criticism from the media - especially after Nicole Scherzinger's fake sobbing during the Top 5 performances show in December. In fact, Nicole's "performance" was so bad that enraged viewers slammed her on, and even threatened her life.

Judge Paula Abdul was universally hated for telling Scherzinger to let the public make the decision whether to send 13-year-old Rachel Crow home.

It was clear that something had to be done about the celebrity judges.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Simon Cowell has fired judges Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and the horrible suck-up Steve Jones.

Recording exec LA Reid's job might also be on the chopping block. THR reports that "a source close to LA Reid says the fourth member of the X Factor panel has not been informed of any change to his status as judge."

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Remember when your mom and aunty used to lose their minds over D'Angelo back in the day? It wasn't just his smooth vocals that made the ladies lose it, it was his hard, beefcake bod too! There was no doubt about it; D'Angelo was a good looking man. Plus, he had the confidence to go with his dashing good looks -- or so we thought...

It turns out that D'Angelo, real name Michael Archer, wasn't emotionally equipped to handle his growing fame. D'Angelo mistakenly believed his music was not appreciated by his fans as much as his hawt bod was. So, like most artists who lose their focus, D'Angelo dropped out of the music scene. Paralyzed with self-doubt, he neglected his music and turned to a life of drugs and alcohol abuse.

Along the way, D'Angelo, now 37, was arrested for drug possession and DUI's. He did a stint in drug rehab in 2006. And on Mar. 10, 2010, he was arrested for soliciting oral sex from a female undercover officer in New York City.

But despite his many setbacks, the old D'Angelo made a triumphant return to the stage during a performance in Paris, France over the weekend. Watch the performance after the break!

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Tongues were wagging during the touching performance of songstress Christina Aguilera's performance at Etta James tribute on Sunday. Not because she tore the roof off the place with her amazing vocals, but because she appeared to be leaking bodily fluids on the stage.

Here's what actually happened according to US Weekly:

In photos of Aguilera's incredible tribute to James -- who passed away Jan. 20 -- fans noticed odd streaks running down her legs.

"She sang her heart out. It was a memorial service for her idol and she was nervous," an insider explains to Us of the performance. (Aguilera, 31, has been covering "At Last" for years and called James "a true gift to music and a woman of great spirit and courage" on her website after James' death."

"It was her proudest moment," the source explains. "The sweat caused her spray tan to streak."

Good answer. But she doesn't appear to be "sweating" anywhere on her body -- except in the vicinity of her vagina. Do women spray tan their vaginas? :shrug:

Thanks to loyal reader mzwhang90210 for the tip!

Octavia Spencer should be on top of the world. Her many accomplishments over the past year make her the envy of her peers. But the 41-year-old actress, renowned for her portrayal of a sassy southern maid in 'The Help,' is worried, despite all the accolades.

"I am not healthy at this weight," said Spencer to the media assembled backstage at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, where she won a best supporting actress trophy.

"Any time you have too much around the middle, then there is a problem. [And] when you reach a certain weight, you are less valuable," she said, referring to Hollywood's strict physical standards.

Spencer says that Hollywood should be more accepting of actresses of different sizes, including those who are thin.

"I feel for the overly thin women as much as I do for the overweight women. It ... has to change," she said.

Ms. Spencer indicated that her problem may stem from the fact that she overeats when she's feeling down: "If more women ate, they would be a lot happier. Let me tell you, I am a lot grumpier when I don't eat."

On Friday night, R&B Diva Monica had the distinction of hosting the 2012 Honda Battle of the Bands dinner at the Georgia Dome at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta (above). She wore a beautiful gold embroidered floor length gown to the dinner!

And on Saturday, Monica thrilled the audience by performing during the 10th Anniversary Honda Battle of the Bands annual extravaganza!

Photos by Sophia Jones Professional Photographer Represented by RetnaTel.

They say violence begins at home. celebrity gossip blog TMZ reports that the daughter of Flavor Flav was arrested and charged with assault following a domestic incident at her father's Las Vegas home.

According to TMZ:

As we first reported, cops arrested Dazayna Drayton early Sunday morning following a family spat.

Sources tell TMZ ... Flav tried to break it up and got hit by his daughter for his troubles. It's unclear whether it was on purpose or by accident.

Law enforcement tells us ... Drayton has since been released from custody.

Above is a photo of Dazayna during happier times with her father.

Photos: and

Frustrated moms sometimes threaten their children with abandonment if they don't behave. But one Brooklyn mother made good on her threats, according to the NY Daily News.

Dalisha Adams, 26, spent all day Sunday screaming profanities at her two daughters, Dominae, 5, and Diani, 3.

Neighbors of Adams at the Breukelen Houses in Canarsie often heard her screaming at the girls and their older sister, who lives with an aunt.

“She was always yelling at the kids, ‘Shut the f--- up,’” said the neighbor, who did not want to be identified, according to the NY Daily News.

“One day, I heard her curse out the little baby, ‘I’ll punch you in the f------ face,’” the neighbor said.

On Sunday, police say, Adams bundled the children into her car, drove them about two miles away from home and dumped them out on the sidewalk before driving away. That's where an elderly couple found the girls wandering up and down the street in the cold. The girls were still holding their disposable diapers.

Police went door-to-door hoping to identify the children. Their search eventually led them to Adams' apartment. Police used a crowbar to take the door off its hinges around 10:10 p.m, but Adams wasn't inside.

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Sultry actress Gabrielle covers the current issue of Miami's trendy Ocean Drive magazine. Inside, she discusses her life with longtime boyfriend, NBA star Dwyane Wade, and the fact that she's not entirely sure whether she wants to be bothered with kids (Dwayne's or her own).

She obviously doesn't feel very secure in her relationship with Dwyane -- despite their outward appearance of affection. We know how easily PDAs can be faked. But the most interesting part of the interview was the fact that Gabby is keeping her house in California -- just in case.

OCEAN: On keeping her house in California:
GABRIELLE UNION: “[It has been] great because I have my own career and life elsewhere, I have a home I paid for with my own money, and I need to be able to nurture that as well.”

On life with Dwyane Wade in Miami:
“D and I have a life together, too. I love my life in Miami, I can’t imagine functioning without both, I love the design district, I love Midtown, I love what’s happening downtown now. I can be at People’s Bar-B-Que or Sustain or Prime One Twelve, and I’m comfortable. It’s rare for me to feel that level of freedom. Miami represents joy for me.”

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In last night's episode of Bravo's Fake Housewives of Atlanta, the crew (except Kim Zolciak) traveled to South Africa. Kandi and the rest of the cast pretended not to know that new cast member, Marlo Hampton, would be riding shotgun on the trip. As soon as they arrive in the Motherland, Marlo and original cast member Sheree Whitfield promptly begin to argue on cue. You could almost hear the director yelling "cut!" between takes. It's obvious that Marlo is replacing NeNe Leakes as the loud mouth, ghetto antagonist, just as NeNe replaced Sheree Whitfield as the aggressor in season 2. NeNe is probably tired of playing the gangsta role, so the producers brought Marlo in to play that role.

And just so you don't forget, the script calls for cast members to repeatedly mention the fact that Marlo "has a criminal past." But the public is growing wary of the constant bickering and the staged fights. The ratings for RHOA are steadily dropping and the show trails behind Kourtney and Kim take NY for the 4th straight week.

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A bullet-riddled photo of President Barack Obama posted to a cop's Facebook page has attracted the attention of the Secret Service.

The picture on the facebook page of Peoria police sergeant Pat Shearer depicts seven young men, four of them holding automatic weapons, and one displaying a black t-shirt with an image of Obama that is bullet-riddled and slashed.

According to published reports, a citizen alerted the Secret Service to the image which has since been removed from Shearer's Facebook page.

"Any time information like this is brought to our attention we have to conduct a follow-up," Max Milien, spokesman for the Secret Service, said, according to

"We understand an individual's right to free speech but we also have the right to speak to the individual to determine what their intent is," Milien added.

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An upcoming episode of NBC's 'Fear Factor' has the network's top brass very nervous. The hit TV show calls for contestants to swallow a glass full of donkey semen, followed quickly by a glass of donkey urine to wash it all down.

Sources involved in the production tell us the stomach-churning stunt was shot last summer -- but NBC honchos were having a tough time swallowing this one as the air date approached.

Our sources say NBC execs had multiple pow-wows in the months after the stunt was shot ... but eventually gave FF producers the thumbs up.

Calls to NBC were not immediately returned.

The episode of Fear Factor, which tests the limits of what humans will do for fame and fortune, airs this Monday.

How often do you hear about a police department editing a 911 emergency call audio before releasing a copy of the audio to the media? Almost never -- unless the subject of the call is a well-known celebrity.

According to celebrity gossip site, the LA police edited -- or redacted -- certain portions of the recording of that emergency 911 call made from actress Demi Moore's house the night she was stricken with seizures.

TMZ clearly indicates that portions of the redacted audio pertained to any mention of drugs that Moore may have ingested or consumed that night.

Being a celebrity has its benefits. If that were you or I, the embarrassing tape would have been released unedited.

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Yesterday, Michael Jackson's children Prince Michael II, 9, Prince Michael, 14, and Paris Jackson, 13, attended Michael Jackson's Hand and Footprint Ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Jackson's children made hand impressions in cement, as well as impressions using Jackson's shoes and the white sequined glove once worn by Jackson.

Justin Bieber, Melanie Fiona, Chris Tucker, Smokey Robinson and other celebs and dignitaries attended the ceremony. Paris Jackson was beside herself when Justin gave her a hug. In her intro, Paris said, "We are all very big fans of [Justin] and his music" -- and then, with a coy smile, she added, "I know I am."

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Last night on 'Braxton Family Values,' the sisters meet with their therapist Dr. Sherry to discuss their emotional conflicts with each other. Toni Braxton irked her sister Traci's Soul by suggesting that Traci lose "20 to 30 lbs now. And stop thinking that her tummy sticking out like that is hot, 'cause it's not."

Toni added: "You're too cute of a girl not to care about... to let herself go like that." Toni also said Traci's tummy wasn't always like that "so that lets me think she's comfortable."

The nerve of Toni to decide when another woman is comfortable with her body when Toni is sooo uncomfortable in her own skin!

Toni was extremely insensitive to suggest that her sister Traci lose weight to fit Toni's jacked up standard of beauty. Toni, with 20 lbs of weave on her head and a face that is surgically altered beyond recognition, is not so perfect herself! Isn't it funny that people who think they are so perfect always see their flaws in others but not in themselves?

Clearly, Traci is happy and comfortable with her weight -- which upsets her sisters who hate the fact that Traci accepts her beauty. Traci probably has no problems keeping a man, unlike her thin sisters who think they're so perfect.

I realize that this is just a reality show, but Toni irked me with that comment. I'm shocked that Towanda (the more level headed sister) didn't speak up for Traci. And what kind of therapist is Dr. Sherry to day Toni was "just being honest"?

Dr. Sherry should have turned that mirror back toward Toni so she could see the hurt in herself. Because only hurt people hurt others.

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Normally I wouldn't waste my time with this, but some of you ladies still don't understand that this fake beef between Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams is manufactured to drive up ratings for the upcoming season of 'Basketball Wives.'

Even professional sports groupie Jill realizes something in the milk ain't clean:

Basketball Wives returns to VH1 on February 20th. I’m going to start with that because I really hope that’s what is behind the public back and forth between Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams. The grown-up in me hopes that’s all this really is. Williams recently gave an interview where she explained what she feels Evelyn’s beef is with her. Jennifer claims Evelyn is jealous of her friendship with Nene Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame and that Evelyn is always in competition.

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Oscar winner Sandra Bullock was all smiles as she picked up her adorable son, Louis Bardo Bullock, from his private preschool in beautiful Los Angeles today. Little Louis threw a serious side eye at the paparazzi for getting too close to his mommy.

Sandra always dresses Louis appropriately and his diapers are not soggy and sagging like they once were. Plus the fact that she picks him up from school herself every day rather than sending her nanny like Halle Berry does. Good for you, Sandra!


Word has it that VH1 is developing another fully scripted TV series after scoring high ratings with 'Single Ladies'.

VH1 discovered that dealing with amateurs (such as NeNe Leakes and Sheree), who think they're celebrities, is really difficult because after awhile they start thinking they're too good to toss water on each other and call each other bitches every week.

Besides that, VH1 knows that more and more of their viewers are catching on to the fact that these reality shows are 100% fake.

So following the success of fully scripted 'Single Ladies', VH1 is developing another fully scripted series -- this one is based on a fictional cheerleading team, according to celebrity groupie Jill.

“Bounce” will center on the fictional L.A. devils and their dance team, the Devil Girls; specifically, one young lady who dreams of being a part of the Devil Girls (following in her disapproving mother’s foosteps), and works her way onto the team, only to learn just how cut-throat and competitive it is.

Sanaa Hamri is the director, she also directed the basketball themed film Just Wright and a pilot is scheduled to shoot in March. Source

The way I understand it, real cheerleaders are forced to sign strict contracts that calls for professionalism on and off the field. I'm guessing it was difficult for VH1 to find real cheerleaders who were willing to toss water on each other and call each other bitches every week.

One of Pooch Hall's followers on social networking website is questioning his marital status after he sent out flirtatious tweets on his Twitter page.

Loyal reader Tricia writes:

Hey Sandra, can we find out if Pooch Hall is still married. It disturbs me on twitter how he just flirts with these women. And he NEVER mentions anything about spending time with his wife and kids. She must be a good one, couldn't be me.
Thanks Tricia

After checking Pooch Hall's Twitter page, it seems Tricia is right: Pooch is conducting himself as if he's a single man -- at least online. In one tweet to a female follower, Pooch wrote: " breath smells like fresh sex wit a hint of cinnamon and crest!"

For any other married man, this type of tweet would be inappropriate and disrespectful to his wife. But does his fame make a difference? Does anyone know if he's a single man?

Exhibitionist Rihanna left nothing to the imagination yesterday when she left home wearing nothing but a teeny white tank top tucked into her black pants. Rihanna, 23, was seen out and about in LA last night -- one day after getting her fingers tattooed with the words "THUG LIFE" in pink ink.

Photos: RF

Rapper-turned-comedian Snoop Dogg gives sound advice to hopeless romantic Kris Humphries, who followed his heart -- and not his brains -- when he married narcissist Kim Kardashian in a made-for-TV wedding last year.

It's not entirely Kris' fault. It's a holdover from evolutionary days that some men lose all common sense when they are in the presence of a pretty woman.

In another video making the rounds on the Internet yesterday, rapper Young Jeezy, weighed in by saying he would rather die than marry a Kardashian. We're sure he meant Kim, not Khloe.

The assistant to fake butt implant surgeon Oneal Ron Morris was attacked yesterday on a TV talk show. Corey Eubanks was a guest on Cristina Saralegui's talk show in Doral, Florida Wednesday when he was attacked with a syringe wielded by the mother of one of Morris' patients.

“My face has a mark on it and my head is killing me," Eubanks told The Miami Herald. He said he appeared on the show to tell his side of the story and to clear his name.

The syringe was on the set for a demonstration related to the butt implant surgeries, and Eubanks’s attacker reportedly scratched his face with it, according to

Morris made headlines all over the world in Nov. when he injected tire sealant and other industrial substances into another man's buttocks, sending the patient to a local hospital in serious condition.

As previously reported, Eubanks, 40, acted as the booker for Morris, 30. Both men were arrested in November for performing illegal butt enhancement surgeries without a license.

Photos below show the progression of fake doctor Oneal Ron Morris from troubled young man to deformed older woman.

Earlier this week, paparazzi photos of troubled singers Rihanna, 23, and Chris Brow, 22, leaving the same nightclub fueled rumors that they were seeing each other. But nothing could be further from the truth. As we told you in this post, Rihanna and Brown, who was accompanied by his girlfriend KT, did not speak to each other.

PEOPLE confirms that Rihanna and Brown never bumped into each other that night (or any night for that matter).

Well, that could have been awkward: Chris Brown and Rihanna were both partying at L.A. nightspot Greystone Manor Supperclub, but the exes stuck to separate sides of the venue... According to the clubgoer, the exes never interacted.

According to my credible source, the fact that Brown chose Karaoke over Rihanna is "messing with her mind."

Rihanna is a classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder; she thinks she's entitled to have whomever or whatever she wants, she has little empathy for others, and she is very manipulative in relationships. Which explains why men (and women) avoid her like the plague.

Meanwhile, Brown continues to pollute the radio airwaves with his techno junk music. His latest musical offering is something called "Turn Up The Music". Click below to listen.


Heavily Photoshopped pictures of Evelyn Lozada's fake abs are on all the blogs today. That must mean a new season of the Fake Basketball Wives of Miami is right around the corner. Speaking of Evelyn, she is featured in the new issue of Maxim magazine, looking like a KING magazine reject. Whoever airbrushed her abs did a poor job.

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The Hip Hop police never sleep. While former drug dealers-turned-rappers cavort onstage flashing the products of their ill-gotten wealth, the feds are meticulously gathering evidence against them.

According to The Sun, British police arrested Jay Z associate Chris Nathaniel, 39, and charged him with the stabbing of Danny O'Shea, 18, in East London.

The police nabbed Nathaniel yesterday when he landed at London's Heathrow airport on an international flight from the United States.

The entertainment guru — linked with a host of sports idols, showbiz stars and leading politicians — was held with a pal aged 33.

Both were quizzed over the killing of Danny O'Shea, who was stabbed in the neck after being chased by a gang for 300 yards.

The teenager bled to death outside his mum's home in Canning Town, East London.

Nathaniel was instrumental in brokering a business deal to open a London branch of the "Throne" rapper's 40/40 restaurant and bar franchise.