Celebs Out & About: Shaquille O’Neal and Hoopz

Shaquille O’Neal, 40, and his fiancee Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, 28, were spotted leaving a SoHo hotel in NYC today. Now if you believe the blogs, Shaq and Hoopz are no longer together. I’m not even going to repeat the blog lies. But pictures don’t lie. They certainly look happy to me. Bloggers are always making up lies about couples out of jealousy because most bloggers have issues and can’t maintain a steady relationship.

Photos by Bauer Griffin


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  1. 1
    jealousCNenvy says:

    LOL @ AUNTIE…..you know first hand about those bloggers and the lies they tell huh?
    Bloggers are always making up lies about couples out of jealousy because most bloggers have issues and can’t maintain a steady relationship.

    LOL, Thats right!!

  2. 2
    lovezoe says:

    Looks like Hoopz stay on her knees. :coffee:

  3. 3
    vero says:

    Zoe, on her knees, she would reach his… knees :lol:

    hello btw :waves:

  4. 4
    WUT-IZ-SWAGU says:

    @LoveZoe… with Shaq… do she really have to be on her knees she look just about **** level to me. And what the hell is ole boy in the back staring at? He looking like “DAYUM Shaq got a fat ass!”

  5. 5
    yallcrazy says:

    Vero :cheer: where’ve you been yo? :D

    WUT, he is trying to catch a peek :lol:

  6. 6
    WUT-IZ-SWAGU says:

    @Yall :yes:
    @Vero I was bout to ask the same thing WHEREYOUBEEN?

  7. 7
    vero says:

    Yall don’t read the blog????? I was in hospital for a few days. Got back home like 10 days ago. i was on bed rest. now i’m just on regular rest :lol:
    but i’m still tired so i mostly sleep relax rest and watch reruns of friends

  8. 8
    WUT-IZ-SWAGU says:


    I can’t stop checkin this dude! He is looking disgusted and turned on all at the same time! he is confusing the shyt out of me! :rofl:
    He looking like “Is that Shaq **** I see.. from the back?

  9. 9
    vero says:

    i forgot :hug:

  10. 10
    Sandra Rose says:

    @ vero: It’s good to see you back! :hi:

  11. 11
    yallcrazy says:

    Vero, do we need to book a flight? :karate: Who done it?

    :hug: I am glad you are doing better. I will say a :pray: for you honey bunny :hug:

  12. 12
    vero says:

    aww thank you Sandra :kiss: if i may :)

  13. 13
    yallcrazy says:

    WUT, you see Shaq checking back to see himself getting checked out :rofl:

  14. 14
    vero says:

    yall it’s fine. when you need to beat someone up, i’ll let you know
    for now i’m good.
    it’s easter vacation, so while i’m home i’m enjoying my little boy, although he gets on my nerves sometimes.
    i’m good
    thank you :D

  15. 15
    Sandra Rose says:

    vero says:

    aww thank you Sandra :kiss: if i may

    Of course you may. As long as I can :kiss: you back :)

  16. 16
    WUT-IZ-SWAGU says:

    Oh Vero!!! :hug: Pookie bear! That’s to make you feel better

    :spank: ANNND That’s for not peaking in and saying you are okay! Don’t act like thangs changed since you been gone… :coffee: hmph!

  17. 17
    LaceFace says:

    I have those shoes Jessica Simpson “Greeta”, but they look better on me…. :smile:

  18. 18
    vero says:

    :rofl: Wut, i did say i was going away and i did say i was back.
    but you know it’s a madness on SR during the day ! i tried to catch up the posts and the gossip, i gave up !

    Sandra, anytime :)

  19. 19

    *logged in to say HEEEELLLLOOOOO VEEEE-RO!*

    Glad you’re okay Mamas.
    & you get major cool points for the reruns of Friends.

    <~~~~ has the ENTIRE series box set

    :hi: Aunty!

  20. 20
    vero says:

    Lashelle !!! thank youuuuuu :happy:

    and i got the ENTIRE series box for Xmas but never had the time to enjoy it. i didn’t want to watch it bit by bit.
    now it’s just PERFECT

    i LOVE it !

    I knew you were a cool girl :lol: (lovely picture !)

  21. 21
    WUT-IZ-SWAGU says:

    Sandra Since you are here tonight. Can you tell me about SVT’s?
    My daughter has it. They said she has spots within her heart that have spasms. They went in and did a cryo freeze of the spots a couple years ago, but she is showing symptoms again. When she haves episodes her heart begins to race, and she could be just sitting still. When they are over she looks and acts as if she’s run a marathon. She is exhausted. I am afraid to go to sleep worried her poor heart might just give out and Im going to get a call! They are saying medicine could help but she is so young and she is so irregular with taking medicine on her own. (she is in college and don’t keep up with her daily iron pill she must take) Have you heard of this and is the doctor sugar coating something I should really be scared about?

  22. 22
    WUT-IZ-SWAGU says:

    @Vero Oh… mkay.. whell..shoot..um… (trying to come up with an excuse why I ain’t apologizing for the spanking) Well next time use BOLD AND ALL CAPS SO I CAN SEE YOU FONTING NEXT TIME

  23. 23
    vero says:

    :dead: @Wut, honestly, i hope there won’t be a next time :lol:

  24. 24
  25. 25
    ELove says:

    Just read the Comments Though…

    Soooo GLAD You’re Feeling Better BABY !!! :hug:

  26. 26
    KDub says:

    Vero! :2dance: I agree some Whipfinity and/or kneepads ill in order for Hoopz.

    What happened to my earlier comment?

  27. 27
    @NikkeMinxx says:

    @Vero and Chelle.. TI has the boxed set of friends, too. Remember MTV had a show and they hung out on peoples tour bus? Well, they had asked what was the thing most people would be surprised that was on it and the BG busted out laughing and then Tip got to stuttering but finally admitted it.

  28. 28
    YSoSrs says:

    I still don’t know how these two fck. Even though I don’t really want to know I can’t help wondering when I see them together. :no:

  29. 29
    TiFan4Lyfe says:

    Shaq looks odd in everything he wears to me…but we cool I just hope he don’t wife this girl.ion trust her.

  30. 30
    TiFan4Lyfe says:

    Oh wait “fiance”….Smh.

  31. 31
    3halos says:

    He should have stuck with Shuanie and worked on his family. Just saying…

  32. 32
    Angie says:

    Welcome back @ Vero. Good morning SR fam! :peace: Just like Vero I try to keep up with these post too but its too fast for me. Be done got me fired. Lol I’m always lurking tho! :danban:

  33. 33
    Lady_L says:


    Bloggers are always making up lies about couples out of jealousy because most bloggers have issues and can’t maintain a steady relationship.


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