Sean "Diddy" Combs is no longer shielding his relationship with pseudo-singer and sometime model Cassandra "Cassie" Ventura. The two were spotted leaving their yacht in Cannes, France on Monday. They are in Cannes to attend the Cannes film festival. You can always tell the size of a man's, shall we say, ego, by the type of women he dates, and/or the type of car he drives.
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A social studies teacher in North Carolina was suspended with pay for threatening an anti-Obama student with arrest.

Tonya Dixon-Neely, who is black, took offense to the student challenging President Obama who criticized Mitt Romney for bullying when the future president himself bullied an overweight, black girl in high school.

In his best-selling book, Dreams From My Father, Mr. Obama recalled an incident when he shoved the girl and told her to get away from him because Mr. Obama didn't want his white friends to believe he liked her. At the time, Mr. Obama wrote that he sought to impress his white friends by disrespecting the black girl.

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New music, "Celebrate," from the upcoming film remake of Sparkle, featuring the late Whitney Houston and Jordin Spark singing a midtempo duet. "Celebrate" is being promoted as Whitney's "final" song. But we already know that Whitney's estate (managed by PAt Houston) will somehow "find" other "final" songs recorded by Whitney in the days before she died.

Sparkle, the remake of the 1976 film starring Irene Cara, opens in theaters on Aug. 17.

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Terricka Cromartie writes:

I don't generally read your blog nor do I ever feed into negativity but I can't keep my mouth closed on this. You put a complete bullshit post up yesterday regarding a friend of mine, Terricka Cromartie. It was an ignorant post with no truth or validity to it. It is hurtful and disrespectful to belittle someones character when you know nothing about them.

Terricka is the first person who ever embraced me and befriended me when I was a scared kid living in Los Angeles with no friends. Terricka is the person who took my calls at 5 am when I was heartbroken and hysterical and wouldn't hang up until I was calmed down and okay. Terricka is a smart, kind, caring, loving person. She is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend and so on. Can you please not throw dirt on her name when you know nothing about her.

The attention should be given to the lowlife who is stalking her and all of her friends on instagram, twitter, etc and sending you these bogus stories. You like to say "this is a family blog so I won't post this at this time..." and things of that nature so can you please think of her kids and her family before you blast her for no reason on your "family oriented blog" you run. Thanks.

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More testimony in the ongoing child custody case of Usher Raymond IV vs Tameka Foster. During today's proceedings, Usher explained a disturbing incident involving his crazed ex-wife, Tameka Foster, and his current boo, Grace Miguel.

According to TMZ:

... under questioning by his attorney, [Usher] revealed how Tameka once went ballistic and "wanted to fight" ... when he showed up at her house with his new sidepiece.

Ush testified Tameka walked to his car and said, "I'm gonna kick your ass. Bitch get out of the car. How dare you bring this woman into my subdivision in my house?"

He added, "She continued to spit. At this point she pulled the door open, tried to swing at her."

Usher claims he had to get out of the car and block Tameka ... who then hit him. Usher said he pleaded with Tameka to calm down, but claims "she threw a plate of food at the car" ... as he fled the situation.

Update: Usher broke down in tears during a tense cross examination by Tameka Foster's attorney Lisa West.

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A New Brunswick judge today sentenced 20-year-old Dharun Ravi to just 30 days in prison for his role in a webcam invasion of privacy incident which resulted in the suicide of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi.

Ravi, a former Rutgers student, had faced up to 20 years in prison.

The judge, who apparently wasn't affected by intense media pressure, also didn't order Ravi to be deported to his native India after he serves his sentence.

Ravi had earlier rejected two plea deals which would have sent him to prison for 3-5 years.

Ravi shed tears as his mother read a statement during the hearing, saying he was "broken into pieces" by Clementi's death in 2010.

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Singers Pink and Joe Jonas slammed Chris Brown on for lip syncing his way through his song "Turn Up the Music," during Sunday night's live television broadcast of the 2012 Billboard Awards.

Pink took to her Twitter page Sunday night and tweeted:
"One day if i lipsync i hope i do it as well as him…"

After getting raked over the hot coals by Brown's immature Stans, she tweeted again, "Oh my lord, its so easy…its so damn easy. Keep it coming people, this is some good reading…"

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NY Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie has 99 problems -- and his wife is one of them.

According to the NY Post, Terricka Cromartie, 31, is a manipulative, vindictive woman who lied about a suicide attempt because she thought Cromartie -- a man with 10 children and 8 baby mamas -- was cheating on her.

Obviously, Terricka is one of those delusional chicks who thinks she is unique, and has special powers to change a dog into a caring, thoughtful, responsible man.

Women like Terricka are always unpredictable when they are forced to face the hard truth that they are not that special.

The Post reports that Terricka, while seven months pregnant with their second child, sent Cromartie, who was in Miami, text messages that read: “God forgive me, I don’t want to die. What have I done?” and “I cut my wrists. I took those pills."

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Embattled actor Jon Travolta released a statement today calling Bee Gees member Robin Gibb "a real friend." The statement came one day after Gibb died of cancer at age 62.

Robin, along with brothers Barry and Maurice -- wrote and performed the soundtrack for the 1977 disco classic "Saturday Night Fever" -- the film that made John Travolta a superstar overnight.

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