It all started in 2010 when Evelyn Lozada’s “rep” emailed me a photo of Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco on their first “date” in Miami.

The guy was concerned that Evelyn’s latest publicity stunt wasn’t catching fire quick enough with the public. He asked me to write a post revealing Evelyn’s “new love interest on the show.” I obliged because it was a scoop — even though the guy explained to me that the relationship was a fraud.

“Do you think [the public] will buy it?” he asked.

Now pretty much everyone in the free world knows that Evelyn and Chad’s engagement is a fraud — including luxury Miami hotel and resorts where the show’s producers have been frantically searching for a location to hold their fake wedding.

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Angela Simmons was spotted gassing up her white drop top BMW 550i in West Hollywood today. The RUN’S House star is never shy when she spots the paparazzi (or a handsome industry male). She wore a form fitting maxi striped dress with electric blue platform sandals, and a cropped denim jacket. She was quite chatty with the paparazzi. She even talked about a possible romance with former rapper and DWTS contestant Romeo Miller.
Photo: V Labissiere/Splash News

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Kim Kardashian was spotted exiting the gym after an early morning workout. Kim is still a little shy about going natural after years of depending on her super-sized butt pads to boost her self esteem. Her pal Kanye West has encouraged the insecure reality TV star to shed the absurd looking butt pads. It will take another month or so for Kim’s butt injections to fully absorb into her body. By then the world will see Kim as Nature intended her to look. Kudos to Kim!
Photo: V Labissiere/Splash News

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Loyal reader Angela writes:

Hi Auntie Sandra!

Just a quick question. Was Nia Long’s new baby Kez (I think that’s his name) born with Down Syndrome? I saw a picture of him today and he looks like he was born with that disability. Thanks as always! I know you’ll have the information soon.



SR responds: Kez looks like a normal, healthy baby to me. He is adorable!

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  • She was not scheduled to be a surprise guest on Nicki Minaj’s set at the Hot 97 Summer Jam. Rumors swirled that Lauryn Hill and Nas were supposed to come out while Nicki was onstage, but Nicki pulled out of the event after Nicki and her boss, Lil Wayne, took offense to Peter Rosenberg, of Hot 97’s morning show, dissing Nicki’s attempt at pop music on her last album.

    That’s a sore spot for Nicki because she thought she was a crossover star, but her album sales were flat when the pop world (read: Caucasians) didn’t embrace her new music.

    Despite Nicki’s departure, the show went on with Lauryn and Nas performing without Nicki.

    In a statement on her official twitter account, Ms. Lauryn tweeted:

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    According to ABC News, donations to George Zimmerman’s legal defense fund have spiked since Friday when the former neighborhood watch volunteer was ordered back to prison for lying in court.

    Zimmerman, 28, turned himself in at 1:25 p.m. Sunday. He was seen entering the Seminole County jail in shackles.

    Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara said the donations had been coming in at a rate of $1,000 a day. But the amount has spiked since Friday when the judge revoked his bond.

    O’Mara said Zimmerman has about $193,000 in his defense fund, minus $20,000 that was spent on “living expenses, hotels and security … because of death threats.”

    Zimmerman is charged with 2nd degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February in Sanford, Florida.

    Zimmerman and his wife, Shellie, are accused of speaking in code during jail house conversations in order to hide $155,000 in cash donated to a personal PayPal account.

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    More grown folks music from Grand Hustle artist Mitchelle’l. Houston native Mitchelle’l dropped his first track “Only A Few” on us last year.

    Now he’s back with a new silky smooth joint titled “Irene”, featuring rapper Wale.

    “Irene” was written by Mitchelle’l and co-written by actor Omar Epps!

    Mitchelle’l, who is half Eritrean, was discovered on and signed to Grand Hustle Records by General Manager Hannah Kang.

    Irene by Mitchelle’l

    LISTEN: Mitchelle’l – “Only A Few”