Willy Cartier

These pics were culled from a Tumblr page dedicated to all things Willy Cartier. Frank Ocean, who came twirling out of his closet earlier this year, ended all speculation that he was dating Willy when he took him to the GQ magazine party.

According to my West coast connect, Willy isn’t after Frank’s cash; he has money of his own. Willy keeps a condo in Soho, New York and an apartment in Paris, France.

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Lil Scrappy Obama tattoo

Rapper Lil’ Scrappy commemorated President Obama’s 2nd term in office by getting a tattoo permanently inked on his right lower abdomen. The location of the tattoo of Obama’s face might pose a problem if Scrappy ever comes down with an acute case of appendicitis. The surgeon’s knife would slice directly into Obama’s face so the surgeon could remove Scrap’s inflamed appendix.

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Frank Ocean and Willy Cartier

My West coast connection sent in these pics of Frank Ocean and his rumored boyfriend, model Willy Carter. It figures that Ocean would prefer the LSLH pretty boy type.

She notes that Frank Ocean posted a photo on his instagram page of Willy’s delicate hands and rings. She believes the photo — taken while the men were at breakfast — reflects the fact that they are dating “or something to that effect.” I agree. What man Instagrams a photo of another man’s hands?

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Keyshia Cole

R&B Diva Keyshia Cole recently sat down with Rolling Out magazine for an in-depth interview. She discussed her upcoming album, Woman to Woman, her marriage to NBA star Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, and her relationship with her mother and sisters.

Keyshia, who is a friend of the blog, recalls meeting her future husband for the first time: “I thought he was beautiful the first time we met. We had been talking for months before we physically met each other,” she said:

She added: “We had ups and downs in our relationship, and we grew from it. When you make a commitment to marriage, you have to be serious about it. You can love the person you are with, but you have to be sure that you’re ready to make that commitment.”

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Just a few months ago, Rocsi Diaz thought she was heading to the alter with one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors: Eddie Murphy. But Eddie famously kicked her to the curb after she started consulting with wedding planners before he had even proposed.

Most women would’ve crawled into a hole and died from the embarrassment — or at least gained 300 pounds so they wouldn’t be recognized in public. But not Rocsi Diaz. Unlike most women who habitually date the wrong type of men, Rocsi has no shame.

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Valeria Lukyanova Human Barbie doll

Photos of Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova are causing hysteria on social networking websites. That’s because the 21-year-old beauty has transformed herself into a living breathing Barbie doll.

There have been other attempts at Barbie impersonations by women who starve themselves to achieve Barbie’s near-perfect plastic and PVC dimensions. But no one has come closer than Lukyanova.

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Mariah Carey

Songbird Mariah Carey is settled into motherhood after giving birth to twins Monroe and Moroccan a year ago. Carey, 42, spoils her overindulged cuties by making sure they have only the best that money can buy. Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon lavish luxuries on their children such as designer baby shoes, imported Italian crib linens and bubble baths using only bottled water, according to Star magazine.

Mariah spends $6000 monthly on rich lotion to prevent diaper rash. But on those rare occasions when her toddlers do have diaper rash, Mariah spares no expense on high-priced moisturizer diaper creams imported from Italy.

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