Kanye West and Kim Kardashian attend the 2013 Met Gala

After years of being snubbed by Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, Kim Kardashian finally got her coveted invite to the ritzy Met Gala Costume Ball — and this is what she turned up in. A bloated and water-logged Kim made sure to steal the spotlight in a hideous Givenchy floral duster. Wintour’s refusal to invite the narcissistic socialite to the Met Gala last year made headlines. Wintour, who is friends with West, declined to invite Kim because she considered Kardashian to be “the worst thing since socks with sandals!” So you’d think Kim would want to make a good impression on the fashion maven? The Met Gala was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday, May 6, in New York City.
Photos: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

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    • Fated4Greatness

      Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy. I bet you cant wait til that fetus drops 😆

    • Diva

      Totally at a lost for words! *pours drink*

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPgpRw9tiuM bnatural

      LOL! Kim had to get knocked up to get invited to the Met Ball..

      And she looks like Hot MESS :nono:

    • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

      You have gots to be kidding me :ghost:

    • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

      . A bloated and water-logged Kim

      :rofl: :rofl:

    • MoniquetheGeek


    • hell_on_heels

      Auntie, please stop posting “stories” on these two. They are both so fu&king THIRSTY!!! :thankyou:

    • jazi65

      You finally got the invite you’ve been waiting for and you come out looking like a walking couch cover? smh at this :chickenhead:

    • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

      Diva :hug:

    • http://santanasantana.wix.com/artist San

      I dont understand…. 😐

      Did someone tell her that was Kouture

    • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

      Kanya looks just miserable :no:

    • http://santanasantana.wix.com/artist San

      WHO made this damn dress :no:

    • MoniquetheGeek

      Kanya looks just miserable
      He looks like he’s about to do a PSA. My name is Kanye, and I do NOT approve of this dress.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPgpRw9tiuM bnatural

      Kanye and Kim should be nominated for the annual Big azz Face Awards that Rickey Smiley hands out every year :coffee:

    • hell_on_heels

      So Kanye was serious when he said “I gotta light skin friend look like Michael Jackson, gotta dark skin friend look like Michael Jackson”. This bytch is really starting to look like Michael Jackson.

    • lexdiamonz

      jazi65 says:

      You finally got the invite you’ve been waiting for and you come out looking like a walking couch cover? smh at this


      I can’t diss the the pregnant girl but I am sorry is Ye dressing Kim!! her style has went DOWNHILL and i remember them FUGLY ASS shoes he “designed”

    • Betamax82

      Kanye doesn’t look as pissed in this pic 😆

    • NaijaGal

      her face is pretty but that gone with the wind outfit is just dreadful

    • Such A F’n Lady

      Why does she look like she has on someone’s sofa upholstery? :nono:

      Not cute. When is this girl due? I am tired of seeing her walking around looking like chit because she refuses to wear maternity clothes.

    • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

      NaijaGal says:

      her face is pretty but that gone with the wind outfit is just dreadful


    • http://santanasantana.wix.com/artist San

      I would like to see her breast seperated from her stomach

    • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

      I love Nicole Richie’s look :yes: Different but nice !!

    • Anna

      the worst thing since socks with sandals!”
      Is that not allowed? :sarcasm:

    • Jdore

      I’m not going to even try to comment on Kim K’s outfit. But why is Kanye’s hand in a fist or half way in a fist in all the pics?? I know you’re suppose to protect yourself at all times but come on

    • http://www.ejb.kitsylane.com Pickachu Tran

      2 sofas, 3 rugs, and 4 curtins died during the making of this dress :coffee:

    • NaijaGal

      I love Nicole Richie’s look Different but nice !!
      :yes: she actually followed the Punk theme

    • GAGIRL87

      That dress looks awful PLAIN & SIMPLE I’m not impressed and I LOVE me some fashion hunny but this here :nono: ma’am

    • Ty

      Morning All :wave:

      Diva where u been :hug: *pours us some get right* :cheers:

      I love Sahara’s dress…my granny has the same deocr on her couch in the basement :thumbsup:

    • GAGIRL87

      Honestly I wasn’t impressed with ANY of the looks at the Met Gala Ball whateva the hell you call it except Jeniffer Lopez but I can always “envison” myself in her clothes 😆

    • MetroAtlMrs

      That dress looks terrible on her. Pregnant women look better in solid or simpler material.

    • Miany

      bEYONCE :newpost:

    • Gigi26

      :no: Her face is beat but this…horrid.

      Beyonce looked just as bad :yes:

    • GAGIRL87



    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahneSxJYnHo&list=UUcbYWMlGF9Jj58Rp10X7Rag that_VA_thickchick

      jazi65 says:

      You finally got the invite you’ve been waiting for and you come out looking like a walking couch cover?

    • Ty

      San says:

      WHO made this damn dress
      I cant even blame Tina and that damn bedazzle glue gun on this one :smack: That dress came straight from Target’s outdoor furniture section :coffee:

    • Diva

      :hug: hey sis
      Gagirl a bish been busy in and out :buttshake: <——stepping out of panties

    • lexdiamonz

      and WHERE the HELL is Mama Chris the fact she aint parlay this ish into a maternity line is BEYOND ME!!

    • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

      the worst thing since socks with sandals!”

      Anna says:

      Is that not allowed? :sarcasm:

      Only in the hood. :tea:

    • flsun99

      she looks cute…from the chin up!

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_S8jrHDNQVE&list=HL1365174233 <–Doesn't Talk To Strangers

      Her attire is MISCONDUCT :tea:

    • AlluringlySweet

      This looks like some shyt Ma’dear would wear…..

    • Smonae

      Kim’s dress :rofl:

    • MsB2u


    • TroubleOh7

      She is giving you Value City Realness in that sham cover…

    • anw_rootbeer

      these pics I actually like the look…some of the pics I saw I didnt like. IDK im crazy maybe

    • https://twitter.com/Cocosilk73 cocosilk73

      All I want to know is…are there any pics of Kim and Anna together in the same picture? THOSE ARE WORTH ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD!

      Kayne must REALLY hate Kim to make her walk out of the house looking like your grandmother’s old sofabed material.

      As for the previous story of Bey being angry of being upstaged by the hot mess known as Kim…Good. It’s nice when Bey doesn’t get her way or the spotlight all the time…