Jose Mangual

Staff Sergeant Jose Mangual searches tirelessly for his son, JoJo, whose body is somewhere under the mud and debris at the site of Washington's deadly landslide. 29 people have been confirmed dead and 20 people are still missing -- including 13-year-old JoJo.

Jo Jo was at home with his stepfather, Bill Spillers, and his 3 siblings when the landslide hit on March 22.

His mother was out shopping and survived.

The body of JoJo's 5-year-old stepsister, Kaylee, was recovered. His two-year-old stepsister, Brooke, and his stepdad are still missing.

"I want to be there, I want to be find my son. I wouldn't do it any other way," Jose Mangual told CNN. "Of the five deployments I've been on, nothing compares to this," he said of the mud that is 70 feet deep in some places.

Jo Jo's 4-year-old stepbrother Jacob was rescued by a chopper crew the next day. The rescue was captured on video and repeatedly aired on news stations across the country.

"I have no bad feelings just because [Jacob] got to get rescued and my son's still missing. Nothing at all, I'm happy that he's back with his mom," Mangual said.

Mangual spent time with Jacob over the past week. He said the little boy is too young to understand what happened.

"He's too young, he doesn't understand. I just hope in the future he's able to overcome, because this is a lot to take."

Mungual said he will keep showing up at the search site daily until his son is found.

"It hasn't been easy, but I just have my faith in God, and keep on pushing, pressing on. I still got faith, so I know I'm going to find him, and that's pretty much all I'm focusing on."

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    Mungual said he will keep showing up at the search site daily until his son is found
    God bless this man. I got a throat lump :sad:

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    Just is not fair.

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    this is heartbreaking

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    Rest In Peace :pray:

    TO the family, Be strong :hug:

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    :wail: I pray they can find closure.

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    Father of compassion and comfort I beg of you to cover this man and his family with Your love and kindness. Bring him through his pain. Come alongside him and lead him to his son. Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted.


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    prayers going up for him and everyone that is affected by this ;(

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    hey OTB, I miss you

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    Hi Keesh! :hug: I miss you too! Hope you and yours are well! Come chat with me later. :yes:

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    Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted.

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    SR :warning: Another shooting at Ft. Hood just now.

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    Shooter is still on the loose.

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    This shooting at fort Hood is ridiculous !

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    But twists. :eek: And afros, Sandra. That's what the brass are worried about.

    Shooter dead, theyre reporting. Again, shame on it. And gun control is a non point because military. So I've got nothing. :shrug:

    God speed to the victims for sure. And this man. This poor faithful man, ontopic, God bless him.

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    Sad, praying for this man and his family.

    btw Sandra the Washington Post said that it would like all you media outlets to stop reporting about the black kid that was accepted to all the Ivy League schools

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    Good Evening Roses! I'm finally mostly caught up with today's posts...lots to read!

    On topic: I hope and pray this man finds his son and gets some closure. Please bless his mother and brother as well. It will be difficult for them going forward.

    Off topic: I'm not the military type but I find the Army regs offending. I have had locs on and off for the last 8 years and my hair is its neatest and healthiest when it is loc'd. The misconception that loc'd or twisted hair is automatically unkempt is ridiculous! I personally wash and twist my hair every two weeks and you can always clearly see my parts...much neater that when my hair was in braids or loose.

    Locs are a necessity rather than a fashion statement for me because my hair is too soft/fragile for perms or tons of heat. It is its healthiest and grows like a weed when it's in locs. I don't have any aspirations to be in the military but it is unfair and unrealistic to say that little girls who grow up wanting to serve their country but whose hair is not suited for regulation perms/weaves/braids shouldn't be able to do so. In the private sector it's easy to say if you don't like the rules don't work there. You can always find another job in your there another US Army I don't know about? I'm sure there are many white and Spanish girls whose hair may be too "big" or curly to fit under a small hat as well, are they penalized?

    Sad that in 2014 Black women still need to be "groomed" to fit into some ridiculous ideal. Oftentimes it damages our hair or leaves it unhealthy. But yt thinks we're acceptable so it's all good. :(

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    This whole story is so sad. I can't believe something like this can even happen. My heart goes out to all the families and lives lost in this situation.

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    :crying1: :pray:

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    @OTB - great :pray: AMEN!

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    I feel a little petty given the post saying this but I am so sleepy this am. And it doesn’t help that we have a huge meeting in a few hours. You ever been so tired you keep yawning and it looks like you are crying? Yea that’s me this am :crying1: :yawn:

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    I pray he finds his son..Just a sad story :no:

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    @Taken im :yawn: too and we have major work going on here today so im gonna be running all day. But this post just reminds me that it could be worse. Im just so grateful to be alive and to not be searching through rubble for my loved ones. :pray: for this man and his family. Also for the mother who has lost her children.

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    Puppylove :yes: Agreed. I am so thankful for my family.

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    ;hi: Roses,

    I pray for this father, their families and for the families of all the missing and deceased.

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    Good Morning! Lord Protect the grieving families. :pray:

    Can't keep sobbing in my office they will surely send HR up here.

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    Have a Supernatural Blessed Day :bye:

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    Someone in my department is quitting because her direct super is a grade a B. I don’t use that term lightly. She is telling them tomorrow. But the thing that pisses me off is that the super is about to leave to go on maternity leave in a month. This person was supposed to assume her role so that we wouldn’t have to hire a contract person. She works off peak hours due to her being in planning and events. This is going to directly affect me. EYE KNOW IT. I can’t be here 24/7 because people suck. This is :cuss: maddening. And it’s about to be summer time :crying1:

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