Pamela Ballin Judge Mark Anthony Scott

A DeKalb County judge is accused of making a mockery of the justice system after he freed a woman who was convicted of murder.

A jury found Pamela Ballin guilty of killing her husband Derrick "Ricky" Ballin at his home in 2009.

But Stone Mountain (GA) Superior Court Judge Mark Anthony Scott overturned the jury's verdict and released Pamela Ballin on bond.

Derrick Ballin's family told local CBS affiliate WGCL they waited four long years to see justice for their family member. Now they are forced to wait a little while longer.

From HLN TV:

A jury found Pamela Ballin guilty of murdering her husband Derrick "Ricky" Ballin. But Judge Mark Anthony Scott didn't see it that way.

He overturned the decision and sent Pamela Ballin home. Our affiliate WGCL reports Ricky Ballin was found dead in his home in 2009.

Pamela Ballin told police some men beat him up during a home invasion. Jurors deliberated for almost three days and found her guilty of malice murder, felony murder and aggravated assault.

Ricky Ballin's family is outraged by the decision. Family members say they were so close to getting justice.

WGCL reports the judge scheduled a hearing for July 17 to address the pending directed verdict.

Due to the double jeopardy law Pamela Ballin cannot be tried again for the same offense.

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      i need more details.....
      i have to say this...BALLIN!!! :bball:

    • Nancy Drew (fka IsThisThingOn) has entered into witness protection :cool:

      well IF she did indeed kill/or have him killed, if she's out, the family should know how to get in 'touch' with her. :tea: :kona:

    • sassyshe

      More details...what's the justification

    • CHA CHA

      :bball: KILLLIN

    • MsB2u

      I want comment until I hear more details because there gots to be more to this story

    • MisUnderstood

      This can't be it. There has to be extenuating circumstances that allowed him to do that. That or she gives good head.

    • Sandra Rose

      There are no extenuating circumstances. The jury convicted her and he let her walk. Everyone thinks he was either paid off (she's a local business woman) or he's infatuated with her. :shrug:

    • bnatural

      I just read the details of her case and something has to be done with this...

      This woman killed her husband over a $750,000 life insurance policy AND because he was supposedly going to divorce her due to HER numerous affairs....

      OH and this woman FAKED A HOME INVASION TO COVER UP HER CRIME!!! :cuss:

    • DYmondgurl


      Timmy is going to be on The Late Show with David Letterman on tuesday!

    • MissSophiaizhere

      I am guessing she will get her episode of SNAPPED , but something ain't right about this mess :nono:

    • Sandra Rose

      bnatural says:


      And the judge waited until the jury verdict to release her because he knew she can't be tried again: double jeopardy. :no:

    • MisUnderstood

      Divorcing her over numerous affairs huh? Was the judge one of her affairs? Was his son, brother, father or best friend one of those men? Only thing I can think of.

    • bnatural

      Sandra Rose says:

      bnatural says:
      And the judge waited until the jury verdict to release her because he knew she can’t be tried again: double jeopardy. :no:

      But her sentence can be appealed from my understanding....remember a few months ago, a judge sentenced a convicted rapist of a child to 30-days in jail and then proceeded to say the girl looked older than her age....well his ruling was overturned.

      I wonder if the same can happen here :thinking:

    • coco creamy

      Mark is very dear to me :yes: he's very charasmic in his rulings more like a lil spunk. I can see this happening in his court room. Yep been in his court a few times. And watched how things turn out. There was sonething their to make him over turn that ruling. SOMETHING WAS THERE.

    • pointhimout

      these folks have ties to NY, jamaican, etc. nothing else to say. that sums it all up right there. Say what you want, but I've always thought folks from NY were shady as hell and ALWAYS act like you're stupid and they have one up on you. Secondly, an honest islander who aint out for self, show me one.

    • pointhimout

      but wait, do they have any kids together? dude was only 53. or is this a case of his kids are his kids and want justice while her kids are from other relationships as well? crazy story. remember when you would say Lithonia and folks would be like 'where is that?' not for a long time. everyone knows lithonia now.