Santa Claus

A Tennessee Santa Claus may not have been truthful when he claimed he comforted a terminally boy who died in his arms.

Eric Schmitt-Matzen, 61, who often plays Santa Claus around the holidays, told a tale that was heart-warming and perfectly suited for today's junk food news media.

Schmitt-Matzen said a family reached out to him to request a visit for their terminally ill 5-year-old son who wished to meet Santa before he died.

Schmitt-Matzen told a reporter at The Knoxville News Sentinel that he rushed over to the hospital just in time to hold the boy in his arms as the child drew his last breath.

Naturally, the newspaper ran the story without bothering to verify any of the facts.

The Associated Press supplied the story to thousands of prescribers including the NY Daily News.

Soon Schmitt-Matzen was an overnight sensation, making the rounds of local and national talk shows and soaking up the attention from the fawning media.

At some point during the exercise in hero worship, someone paused to ask real questions -- such as the boy's name.

Schmitt-Matzen told reporters he promised the family he wouldn't reveal the name.

Realizing they'd been duped, The News Sentinel retracted the story.

An editor's note said:

“Although facts about (Schmitt-Matzen’s) background have checked out, his story of bringing a gift to a dying child remains unverified."

The note added that, “The News Sentinel cannot establish that Schmitt-Matzen’s account is inaccurate, but more importantly, ongoing reporting cannot establish that it is accurate.”


    can't event trust dewight santa ? these days

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Please dont tell me this Sandra. I was crying my eyes out when I saw his video on WSHH not even an hour ago. I wasted 5 tissues on this yt santa smh

  • Renee26


  • Jussie-JustLooking4Peace

    Not Fact Check? HUSH YOUR FUSS

    Hunti tis the season of giving and LIES.

    Happy Holidays

  • CapricornIce

    Lying bastard. People love telling lies for attention or gain.

  • MScommunication

    A white man can sell folks any story. Smh

  • MoniquetheGeek

    Denzel was just telling folks about fake news....

  • KB

    A ??'er can sell new improved ? to a ? manufacturing (fertilizer)company ?.

  • KB

    Today is the day for hoax stories in the rose garden.

  • surprise2012

    If this was a black Santa that they feel lied. They would be ready to have him beheaded

  • Fendi aka Erin Blockabitch

    JMO, but it doesn't make this man a liar because he refuses to disclose the name of the deceased child. I'm fairly certain the child's family is completely distraught over the loss of such a young, innocent life. I don't need to know the child's name or whereabouts to have sympathy for the family, the child and/or this gentleman portraying Santa Claus.

    Being accusatory doesn't solve much. People are accusing you of running a fake giveaway, Sandra. That doesn't stop your readers from believing you and and the merchandise you're giving away are genuine.

  • Chicagowise

    Journalism 101: Who, What, When, Why, and Where. The media is a joke and don't get me started on the ignorant, American-born news commentators who can barely speak English, correctly.

  • Annaunki

    If this is true
    White Santa still win in the end,
    He white, and he lies , and he get attention, he loses his santa job, a GoFundme for santa is now set up, he gets 100k in 3 days... sound like every crooked police officer that has killed black man... and we concern because

  • Lisa daniels

    True( 2 chainz voice)

  • klwbaby

    Naturally, the newspaper ran the story without bothering to verify any of the facts.... like u did this morning, right? :)

  • Roderick2011

    It's about getting the story out first so no don't blame the media blame Americans who have the attention span of a gnat.

  • Tynamight

    Naturally, the newspaper ran the story without bothering to verify any of the facts.

  • Lisa daniels

    Yep, this how they ruled the world. Bald headed lies straight from the deepest depths of hell.

  • Chicagowise

    A reputable news source shouldn't want to be the first to spread a lie.

  • Lisa daniels

    There, there

  • Lisa daniels

    His whole existence is a lie.

  • L.T.L. Since 2007
  • Lisa daniels
  • L.T.L. Since 2007

    We got twins in the garden?!?

  • Fendi aka Erin Blockabitch
  • hi-liter

    Santa been lying for at least 109 years now.

  • Lisa daniels

    Longer than that.

  • MissHarlem

    I would've never read the story to even know it's a lie. I have very limited space and energy for violins. If it's not my fam, close friends or my patients......well ?

  • Lovezoe

    Something deep down told me, didn't want to believe it.

  • Taylordanes

    No one fact checks see how Yandys quote ended up being Ciara's a few post down

  • Taylordanes


  • Taylordanes

    You saw how they treated the black Santa at that mall

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    I took a screen shot. I saw that too.

  • Lovezoe

    What happened?

  • surprise2012

    Yep. SMH

  • Monday

    Like Denzel mentioned... All news is news nowadays...even BS

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    I like how the media's putting out fake news on purpose. That way when something really crazy happens the public will write it off as fake news. This whole fake news thing started right after pizza gate started circulating. Like it's so hard to believe the government is involved in a huge child trafficking ring. The media controls EVERYTHING including this fake new B.S.

  • hotntot95

    I grew up knowing all about how much of a lie Santa, Easter Bunny, tooth fairy, thanksgiving and all these European holidays are...I told my son and all his friends the truth too, people are too wrapped up in fantasy...bye Santa...

  • BloodBlood

    Sweet Caroline!!!!!!

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    Two people made the exact same comment. The same comment word for word. I refreshed the page, one comment disappeared to a different part of the blog.

  • klwbaby

    Just copied and pasted from the write-up then added my two cents.

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    Oh ok. Just checking because we've had twins in here before and uh they got kicked out.

  • klwbaby

    I appreciate that.

  • hi-liter

    I played that game for a little bit but eventually I told my daughter there is no white man brining gifts while you sleep, that's mommy and daddy.

  • SandraRose

    "People are accusing you of running a fake giveaway, Sandra."

    What? Fake what?

  • digital_femme

    Oohhhh boy. Certain folks on my newsfeed were eating this story up.Fake news everywhere. Even this somewhat reputable newspaper got duped.

  • Alicia.Ashe

    Thanks for the giveaways. I think it's awesome.

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    No one fact checks the media on the lies they constantly put about black people. I saw this story somewhere else and scrolled right pass it. I'd believe it if said child was apart of the "make a wish foundation". Then it would make sense. Who takes their child to go and die in a mall Santa's arms?

  • nucynu25


  • Fendi aka Erin Blockabitch

    You haven't seen the number of strange commenters on your giveaway posts the past few days? I'm not being accusatory. I take you as a person of your word. There are others questioning not only the authenticity of your giveaways but the authenticity of the merchandise in them. I always question people who assume the worst of others, because that implies to me that the accusers are deceptive. Check the threads.

  • Fendi aka Erin Blockabitch

    You haven't seen the number of strange commenters on your giveaway posts the past few days? I'm not being accusatory. I take you as a person of your word. There are others questioning not only the authenticity of your giveaways but the authenticity of the merchandise in them. I always question people who assume the worst of others, because that implies to me that the accusers are deceptive. Check the threads.

  • MScommunication

    Girl they are awful. Historically awful. Really no one is even making this up. All you have to do is read a book to validate it. However they are still doing it and no one seems to question them.

  • MyNameIs

    He's white so he won't be crucified or picked apart like others would. Why not lie for the press and coins this holiday season? ?

  • Scorpio

    I'm waiting for them to say something isn't truthful with the lady who says she was kidnapped and branded, chained and tossed out on the highway after several weeks.

  • hotntot95

    I kno that's right..?

  • Glenda Johnson

    Yes, that's a very bizarre story and isn't it interesting how the young black man who was a homeless college student and biking miles to school and work on a child's bike was immediately called a liar when the story went viral, but found out to be true.

  • yoliewinecorporation


  • Lisa daniels

    Yep, they even made Jesus a white. When their own bible says otherwise.

  • LibraGirlonly

    SMH at people who soak up everything the media reports

  • mela.reign77

    Maybe just maybe the parents don't want the attention. Everyone doesn't live for attention. I'm just saying maybe he's being truthful and is honoring the wishes of the parents and the deceased child. Who knows, however if he is lying then that's really sad.But in other news I started a new job and at first it was good but now I'm literally pulling my hair out. *Sighs*

  • LibraGirlonly

    My question is why do some melanated people worship a book their oppressor gave them?

  • sherri2016

    So he lied to make himself look good typical white people behavior nothing new next

  • Low E. TUH!



  • Lisa daniels

    I dont worship it. But i do like Samson and Deliah and Revelations.

  • Animal

    Oh look, another racist.

  • SailOn

    White people always making up some savior, heroic shit. Crazy.

  • ramosyo

    He looks like a pedophile

  • Bonny

    Ppl and their egos

  • Blue

    Naughty. Not nice.

  • Michelle

    If this is true, that's low. So many parents bury their children each year as a result of illness or crime, I just can't comprehend someone doing this. Pitiful.....

  • Roderick2011


    America just elected Trump so I doubt anyone should complain.

  • Fendi aka Erin Blockabitch

    Cesare Borgia.

  • Lisa daniels

    That's his name

  • sunni_daze

    Santa out her attention whoring. Low down

  • hottlanta

    A white man lying no way. Bring me some smelling salt before I faint.

  • Rayne

    Proof of what the might tee fine Denzel was saying. Whoever gets the story out FIRST is the winner. Yup?

  • Mister Fantastic

    Naughty Naughty Santa...

    Lump of coal for YOU!

  • Dr. P

    Sick, sick, sick man. The shyt people do for attention these days never cease to amaze me

  • sherri2016

    Definitely not a racist just a Truth teller

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    It makes sense that he can NOT share the name.


    I would have to agree. Not everyone wants their busines to be to the worlds business.

    If he did lie, its a good thing that he does playing Santa every year, for quite some time. I understand he is very well known and loved in that community.

    He is a senior citizen, I can forgive him for feeling neglected and alone, giving to others all the time.

  • Animal

    Said every Klan member ever. Doesn't matter what color you are, racism is racism.

  • Oretta Grace Smith

    Like he is a lie!!! So glad other races NOT buying that lie again!!!

  • Cremé De La Cremé

    sooo how do we know its not true? Because he wont give up the name? Confidentiality!!!


    "Naturally, the newspaper ran the story without bothering to verify any of the facts."

    Just like you.Pot meet kettle.

  • Ron T

    Spot on.

  • Valerie D. Henderson

    Had me crying like a baby when I heard this story....If he was a Black Santa, the media would want authorities to press charges.

  • sherri2016

    Well if telling the truth makes me a racist then so be it but I will never be a Coon a clown or a coward and not speak the truth white people have lied conned and stolen from every race and we are supposed to lie down and bow down instead of calling them out not I I don't no how to be fake and won't start now

  • Queen B

    U can't establish that its accurate and u can't establish that its not so let it go ?

  • IamAllnatural

    Cool mustache

  • Animal

    I don't remember stealing from anyone and I'm white as snow. I had a family member serve in the Union Army during the civil war, almost died so people could be free. Saying the things you do won't end racism, it'll only promote more hate and lead more idiots to support wearing goofy pointed hoods.

  • sherri2016

    They are no longer wearing hoods now its Suits and Ties such as our next President