Usher Raymond says he will not settle lawsuits filed against him by at least 2 female accusers who say the R&B crooner infected them with the herpes virus.

Gossip webloid TMZ quotes a source in Usher's camp who says the 38-year-old father-of-2 is not in talks with anyone to settle the lawsuits outside of court.

In her complaint filed in Georgia on July 21, Jane Doe alleges that she had sex with the 38-year-old singer in her Atlanta apartment on April 16, and then again in her native New Orleans at Usher's hotel on April 28.

A source revealed Jane Doe does have "receipts"-- text messages that prove they hooked up on those dates.

She claims Usher wore a condom the first time they had vaginal and oral sex on April 16, but he did not use a condom during their second encounter. broke the news that Usher tested negative for herpes.

His prominent Atlanta attorney, Steve H. Sadow, filed a "notice of appearance" for Usher in response to a lawsuit filed by "Jane Doe" in Fulton County, Georgia last month.

There will be no other action on the Georgia lawsuit for at least several months.

Another lawsuit was filed by attorney Lisa Bloom on behalf of her client Quantasia Shaprton, who was discredited by several blogs who exposed her as a fraud.
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In total there are 4 accusers -- three women and one man -- but no other lawsuits have been filed besides the two previously mentioned court documents.

The costs to defend himself from the allegations ail be shared by Usher and his insurance company, New York Marine and General, which filed a motion to drop the singer's coverage based on allegations published on a gossip website.

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    usher sure has a lot of leaks in his camp.... kudos on not having herpes, i guess ??

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    so much thirst and burning in the world today

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    Usher "Herpes bro" Raymond, looking good.

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    I hope this isn't a ploy for publicity.

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    My thoughts exactly goodness.

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    I have never seen so much gossip about a peen since Bruce became Caitlyn.

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    I think the new name of this blog should be Sandra Usher Does Not Herpes Rose...

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    Oh bae looking good! Hey boo!?

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    Ms. Sandra tell us who and how did you get hired?! Was it Usher baby or Ms. Grace?! The former Mrs. Raymond?! Before you didn't what to talk about it but now we're getting half hour updates. ?????

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    I need a glass of this ??? Talking about this story. My goodness ?????

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    I wonder if all women who didn't respect their vagina enough to tell a man to put on a rubber who now have herpes will be suing. Usher is not at fault that these heaux catching the burn. What woman in their right mind would raw dog a celebrity. Oh yeh a hoe on the come up looking for a 18 year child support check. Serve their arse right. We have to be responsible for our own actions. Usher has herpes because he was careless these women are the same

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    FLANG it.

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    Lets reclaim our time on this "gossip" ?

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    Jahnee! Its me. I cant SAY. But its me. Where you been? Girl its been some coon ass shit goin down here. I done had to pull this out. When folks laugh at it...I always give you credit for it.

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    That reminds me of that Martin episode when his cousin and uncle came to visit for Thanksgiving and the cousin talked like Eddie Murphy. He was laughing saying, "You said flang, I thought you were going to say slang". He then does the Eddie Murphy laugh.

    Random, I know.

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    I am glad he is not settling. Settle means you guilty my book. Clear your good name and fight.

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  • Ms.Vanilla broke the news that Usher tested negative for herpes.
    You also broke the news that he might have it too...

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    Big publicity stunt....plain and simple--he's trying to revamp his career!
    He's running out of money

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    She play the spread. Sandy, trying to beat the whole house.

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    Yes he is at fault he's the one who made the honor to God and his wife not those side chicks and one hen.

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    if it is, it seems to have gone horribly wrong

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    He ain't hardly out of money. Especially not with the checks he's STILL pulling in from Justin Bieber as well as his own publishing royalties.

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    Lmaooo. I recall that same episode.

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    I'm going to ACT like I did NOT SEE this STORYline yet AGAIN. #overIT

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    His health is his business besides the people he sleeps with. If he does have herp then it's reverse psychology to say someone in his camp says he has tested negative. He doesn't have to make an announcement and that will control all these fools who are filing lawsuits for attention that have never met him.

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    This should really be a felony.

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    Revamp with a h/erpes story? I disagree.

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    I don't recognize everyone But this is funny!

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    Looks like Usher really wants people to think for now that he doesn't have herpes... even though he refuses to actually come out and say it himself. Kinda strange to me.

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    They wouldn't be sullyin my name if it's not true....??

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    Steve Sadow huh? Ok Usher, we see you. Sadow's an expensive SOB. Fun fact: He was member of the team the repped allegedly two time murderous bastard Ray Lewis, pro NFL player. Where is Ed Garland now, I wonder?

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    When Willie Williams said Quantasia Shaprton, who was discredited by several blogs who exposed her as a fraud said she was a low wage earner with no options and trying to sue Usher a millionaire who has options. Then when he said she got the nerve to weigh 416 pounds and call herself a vegan she oughta be ashamed of herself. I was done.

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    usher dont got git f he's not settling. Well i hope he dont got it. LOL

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    If that man didn't have herpes, his lawyer would have filed a motion to dismiss. How can you get herpes from someone that doesnt have it? Duh. And if he doesn't have it why the hell did he settle the first case?

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    He didn't settle the first case...that was a lie

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