Yandy Smith (L) and Mendeecees attend VH1 Big In 2015

A federal appeals court in New York upheld the 8-year prison sentence for Mendeecees Harris who is serving time on drug related charges.

Harris, who plead guilty to drug-trafficking conspiracy in Rochester, NY, agreed to the 8 year sentence in 2015.

The federal appellate court reaffirmed last year’s decision by U.S. District Judge Frank Geraci Jr., who refused to reduce Harris’ sentence.

Harris, 39, appeared in VH1’s reality TV series Love & Hip-Hop: NY with his common law wife Yandy Smith and their children until he turned himself in to begin serving his time in 2015.

His appellate lawyers argued that Harris played a “minor role” in the drug trafficking conspiracy. He also allegedly turned state’s evidence on his co-conspirators — and he believes his prison sentence was too harsh.

Today’s ruling means Harris will likely serve out the rest of his sentence.

Brian To/WENN.com

  • Marlika


  • Trace da Ace

    well damn…what did he expect??? He should not have taken a deal for the 8 years if he though it was too much…..do the crime, do the time.

  • Keepin’IT100

    I’m glad!! Tired of people thinking that they are above the law

  • Trey


  • Nikkiknows

    8 years is light, could have been football numbers…he’s got 5 more, he will be OK.

  • Desiree Edwards

    is it 8 years flat time??

  • xenaD

    Him and Apollo got the same amount of time! Lol that’s all I got cause I really don’t care about these frauds!!!

  • Blue

    I live in Rochester. Umm. Thats all I got.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    He also allegedly turned state’s evidence on his co-conspirators.


  • 100milesperhour

    Only winner here is his lawyer, lol. He had MDC think he had a chance in hayle at a sentence reduction on a negotiated plea deal.

  • sunni_daze

    Who is selling this man pipe dreams of freedom.

  • V Dubb


  • ChocolateChick84

    “with his common law wife Yandy Smith” — the funniest thing I have read all day.

  • justlooking

    They feds own him, he has not personal business.

    8 years is nothing for the amount of money and drugs they allegedly found and tied to him.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    His lawyers, who will probably send him a fat bill for this.

  • leapyearpisces

    Offtopic real quick, but can someone answer my questions and PLEASE don’t be sarcastic as I am not on any social media, so I REALLY do not know, but I notice on Instagram people have a lot of pictures that do not appear to be selfies. For instance, I just saw a pic of Idris and his fiancé on Instagram where they are at dinner, and obviously since they are holding hands they are clearly not taking a selfie…so my question is….are people asking OTHER people to take pics of them and then they are loading them up to their Instagram, and in the matter of stars, do they have someone that specifically takes pictures of them, or is it a phone option? I know my phone has a timer…but still that does not help me in being able to take a handsfree pic.

  • JRock

    Prolly steal selling drugs in the joint and the yard.

  • Coy little wink

    So yandy gotta keep them legs closed another 6 years…good luck hun ?

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    The Feds recovered $1.5 million in cash from safety deposit boxes linked to him and his co-defendants. That’s a lot of money… that’s like kingpin-level stuff. He got off light with just 8 years.

  • MJF


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  • You Could Never

    I hit friends and fam all the time with: text any pics you took today while we were at XYZ events. So you get pics of yourself in the mix Me and my cousins have MORE THAN ONCE posted the SAME pic on Facebook.

  • bemetoo

    he should have gotten 5 years

  • guest

    He should do the time! DO THE CRIME DO THE TIME! HES A SNITCH..SMDH Sold himself to the devil (US GOVT) and they still aking him do time.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    literally getting folks to snap the shots … It’s all damn show … to show who is doing better … who got the best meals … who takes the best vacation …. who child got the longest hair… they want admit that but that’s what it. . when you take a picture and post to fb etc it’s to show someone something .. it’s really that simple ..a show.??

  • JRock

    I don’t do Facebook, Twitter or Instagram either and I asked the very same question one day. The reply I got is that these people have people on payroll to follow them around to take pictures of them. Pretty sick and vane if you ask me. Hey when they believe their own hype and voices in their head telling them how great they are what’s a narcissist to do except have people follow you and take pictures! SMDH!

  • JV

    yeah Instagram has no appeal to me

  • HoneyyGoodMoneyy_
  • Trey

    Thats public records….

  • http://citygirlzen.blogspot.com/ missarewa

    Yandy.. SMDH. Don’t reduce your life to professional wait-er, waiting for someone who made his own life decisions. I don’t care if you spent part of the money or not, move on! There’s less of an incentive for these men to do better if they can have whole women waiting for them while they’re playing soap games in prison.

  • Rayne

    Me either ????

  • Vegas1989

    What? Are you serious? So where did the money go too…Wow..He is lucky. Just shut up and count down the days you have left…SMH

  • Vonn

    He’s probably boo’d up with someone in the bighouse. By choice, or force. Yandy, you gone stay on standby?

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    That man has some beautiful teeth…

  • klwbaby

    His lawyer just got an easy pay day. If u are convicted and have to do federal time, u have to do 85% of your time. So the earliest he might he able to get out is 2021.

  • ShWa


  • Yardgirl

    A lot of “celebrities” and their publicists do have someone that take the photos for them. They then put the photos out there for “likes” and to gain new followers. I prefer IG to Facebook. I got turned on the IG a couple of years ago. I love the photos and the fact that I can just scroll through with ease, not taking things too serious. Family and friends will “share” funny and offbeat shit that they find and no lie, I can be entertained for hours.

  • ShWa

    Pretty much……

  • ShWa

    Wow….all that for nothing, not worth it.

  • Just here4 the comments

    Oh well. He might be released in 2021.

  • JRock

    OMG. You are so right about Facebook. My niece loves to self-medicate by bragging and showing off on Facebook. One day my son left his Facebook page open and I looked at some of his comments etc. I am not on Facebook so I was being nosy. I was horrified (seriously) to see comments my niece had posted about stuff she got, the next country they are going to for a vacay, how her husband just bought her some Louboutins and how her husband had spent 5 grand on some other stuff for her. I was appalled at the level of bragging she was doing. But then I thought to myself, welp, your husband does cheat on you and you do know he cheats on you but you stay because of low self-esteem so there you go. Take all you can get while you can and if it lifts your spirit and makes you feel good as a woman, helps you get out of bed when you’re too depressed cuz hubby is out cheating on you again then do you boo. Brag on.

  • JRock

    Yep, them too.

  • JRock

    LOL. Prolly “steal” selling drugs. Meant… still selling…Hey, he’s a criminal that’s why I transferred the word LOL.

  • Karen Brady

    she sho is.

  • JRock

    Good sucking teeth?

  • Karen Brady

    Soap games. I’ve heard it all now.

  • dontgetblocked

    Snitched and still can’t be man enough to do the time. Weak azz.

  • Nophace

    Is it me or does Yandy have a lot of mouth?!? Meaning is her mouth too big or does she not have enough teeth?!?

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    Lol they still beautiful

  • leapyearpisces

    Thanks, Jenie. I really didn’t know, because it’s like some of these folks got a lot of moments of their life being photographed THAT ARE NOT SELFIES. Seems like a lot of energy. Thanks again.


    dam shame!

  • Ang

    I’m not being sarcastic I just don’t understand what you’re getting at. What’s wrong with having someone else take the picture? That’s how cameras have been used since they were invented. The fact that they are attached to a phone doesn’t change that. Again, I’m not trying to be rude. IJS Instagram is for any picture not just selfies. I don’t have an Instagram but I look at other people’s sometimes, including celebrities. I think it would be weird if every single picture was a selfie. That’s a little narcissistic for every picture to be of you taken by you.

  • Medina Johnson


  • leapyearpisces

    I don’t see in my post where I implied it was a negative thing. I was wondering was there a hands free option on some phones, since I see where a lot of people have pictures taken sometimes in one day that are not selfies. So I was trying to figure out are people actually having strangers take a multitude of pictures, do they have someone in their squad that is the picture taker, like some celebs have personal photogs, or do some phones have a hands free mechanism. I was asking for education

  • Ang

    Okay. Cool. Then I misunderstood. Hence the reason I started with “I don’t understand”.

  • Ang

    I think he’s doing this for Yandi’s benefit. He must know he’s not getting out.

  • Faux Gibbler

    Apollo stole identies and got 8 years. Smdh.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    It is… A lot of energy that’s not healthy for the psyche … It’s addictive

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    It’s not healthy at all what happens when the actual truth about that person’s life comes out and you see them on gwinnett county mugshots then what… Folks have to stop that… Flex city on there… I ain’t ever posting shyt on there been stopped years ago and my family better not post pictures of me without my permission …. When you have stalkers chile … Social media is a haven for it… Just say no…

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Yeah, but with the stolen identities Apollo stole millions of dollars from at least 50 people. So he deserved what he got. He probably deserved more time than he got. He could have gotten 30 years.

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    Why do criminals commit crimes, get caught and then whine that their sentence is too harsh? Uhh, no it’s not! Some people are in prison for weed doing more time than Menteethes. SHUT UP!

  • leapyearpisces

    Me too, and I actually was trying to finish my comment (i can’t really comment on this site from my computer or my phone anymore) but i can stay on Instagram for days looking at all the different fashions, jewerley, unique models etc. I was going to see maybe about testing the waters with a page, that is why I was asking, so I wanted to know how people get so MANY candid non-selfie photos. But look, look up this model named something like Tunanisa or something like that. She looks like a real life lion / cat / avatar, (she is Nepali) anyway she is modeling some awesome jewerley, click on the jewlery maker and go to her page… WOW!!!!! I can’t remember the name but I wish she would go ahead and start actually putting the stuff in production for sale….I am talking about jewerly for your nose..not for holes in your nose, I am talking about your entire nose..and some more awesome stuff…check it out.

  • Hershey Q

    Menteethes tho?!?!!?????omg!

  • Vonn

    Guess she has to keep the money rolling in…since her hubby can’t.

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    please. midgets and anything else falling out that box. she’ll tighten it up before letting him in again. It won’t feel like butt, but he’ll still be pleased.

  • Diane

    I couldn’t agree more. He was never good for her, seriously.

  • Faux Gibbler

    No. Apollo deserved more than 8 years.

  • Faux Gibbler

    This guy didn’t deserve 8 years is my point.

  • bashi

    Apollo deserves prison time more than 8yrs because he was on a successful reality tv ? show. But as Angela who wrote a book about Apolllo and Phadrea Parks stay scheming

  • bashi

    He’s stupid why appear on national tv ? in a reality show.

  • JRock

    My sons know I am not on social media and they are always trying to snap pictures of me. I tell them they BETTA not post them on social media and I mean it. We were better off without Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for sure.

  • Marc Jacobe

    I wonder if TI gonna say free him to

  • Marc Jacobe

    U know what thats my Q, I’m going to bed ???

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    This is the second time today someone has said this to me. I guess I play too much.

  • Marc Jacobe

    You better not stop playing we love it ?

  • http://citygirlzen.blogspot.com/ missarewa

    It’s a damn shame

  • Fire & Ice

    You gone wear this time buddy

  • isaiit

    Word lol. Same thing I thought… you almost half way there G

  • Patricia

    criminals come from a childhood of entitlement and missed azz whoopings. i teach a class of 25 kids and can point out each one headed to jail if their parents really wanted to know…
    they grow up into bigger tantrum throwing kids (who, after age 18, are classified as adults) that are unable to exercise any common sense and self-control and end up in cages like wild animals.

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    Disgusting. And I bet if you point those kids out to their parents, it’s YOUR fault that they’re like that…

  • Slim Goodie

    I wonder how much time he’d gotten had he not snitched? Wow that’s a lot of years (8).

  • Patricia

    oh, yes. we have been told not to tell the parents “bad reports” because it upsets them and they complain to the director. child keeps enjoying doing what they do and will be taller than mama and daddy in a just a few years and wont have any problem beating THIER azzes lol.



  • Tequila Mockingbird

    That’s disgusting. You couldn’t pay me millions to teach these hoodlums today no thank you. I’m sure my kids will all grow bigger than me and I’ll still crack ’em upside the skull if need be.

  • T3

    All of this!!! Lawd! I see it every day at work.

  • Jussjess25

    Ti is such a birdhead. Always jumping on a bandwagon. He needs to free his wife ? instead of making a fool of her in these streets. Tiny bout to do big things tho, and leave his ass

  • Jussjess25

    Wow smh them kids be crazy as all hell

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Sorry, I disagree. How did Mendeecees not deserve 8 years? He was one of the leaders of of a multi-million dollar drug dealing crew. He wasnt just some dude caught selling a few bags on the corner.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Don’t worry all things have a way of getting old with folks… Eventually people will see the dark truth about social media …. If you just on there to shoot the shyt … Useless energy for me… Wasted time … Folks do have lives outside of an app …the point of that service is to disconnect people from themselves all the while (posing) to connect people … Devils playground …. A tool used to keep many trapped …. Stay woke …?

  • XoXo

    He did get the special because snitches get 8 yrs for drug charges, and those that don’t snitch get 20.

  • XoXo

    He did get the special because snitches get 8 yrs for drug charges, and those that don’t snitch get 20.

  • Coy little wink





    Its funny how the role gets downsized when numbers are thrown around. Bet when he was in that “role” he thought he was on top of the world!! Do yuh time B!!


    If he snitched on someone like T.I. did maybe that would have lowered it to 2 years.

  • TAP THAT AZZ @2, no abuse!!

    Yep, #TRUTH

  • Readytochokemothernatureout

    Do the crime do the time however a murderers I knew almost got less and turned around and did it again.

  • Kimberly King

    Yandy so thirsty and annoying. You couldn’t pay me to wait on a ninja for anything or any reason. She should move on.

  • Shanese

    I think Yandy is in love but she’s just delusional about this situation with MenDC. This isn’t a Remy and pap situation