Sandra Bullock Beyonce

Sandra Bullock is an A-list actress with an Oscar in her trophy case, but she says channels pop singer Beyonce on the red carpet for confidence.

"I'm not that person who knows how to work it," she tells InStyle magazine. "I try to channel Beyonce. I do the same pose every time. I try not to dread that kind of stuff, but I do get incensed and think, 'How can they write this?' But now I've distilled it into, 'If you eff with my kids and you do something illegal, I will go after you'. It's that simple."

Bullock believes Beyonce is the beauty and fashion standard in the industry.

Sandra's mother, Helga Meyer, was an opera singer who flaunted her sexy fashion choices, but the actress explains she didn't inherit that confidence from her mom until she was much older.

"My mother was so fashionable," she says. "She made many of her own clothes during the '70s and '80s. She was so sexy.

"I was supposed to be the mini version of her, but I didn't like that feeling, so I went the other way: I went tomboy - jeans, baseball caps," she continues. "I skated, rode bikes. I was scared of that sexual energy, so I shut down a lot of that and didn't come into my own until I was a lot older."

And Sandra, who is a mother of an adopted son, says her style is more of a reflection of what she has going on in her life.

"My style is based on what I have to do that day or where I am," she says. "There's California Sandy, Austin (Texas) Sandy, New York Sandy - they each have different wardrobes."