Cardi B, Offset

Hours after Cardi B announced her marriage to husband Offset was over, the Bronx rapper shared a full face photo of their infant daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, on social media.

Cardi and Offset, both 26, went their separate ways after Cardi got fed up with constant rumors of his cheating ways.

In a video posted early Wednesday morning, Cardi said things haven't been working out between her and Offset. She said they remain "really good friends" and "it's nobody's fault," but "I guess we grew out of love."

Offset hopped in the comments, saying simply, "Y'all won."

Hours later, Cardi posted a photo of their adorable daughter, Kulture, sitting in a car seat. She captioned the image, "My heart."

Kulture was born on July 10 in Atlanta. She is Cardi's firstborn child and Offset's 4th child.

Cardi and Offset first met when they collaborated on the track "Like" in 2016. Cardi didn't take him seriously at first. Offset was a father of 3 children by multiple women.

The handsome rapper had a reputation for being a ladies man. "You know, this rapper trying to f*ck everything," Cardi said in 2016.


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My heart ??

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  • Yui

    She looks like a doll.

  • MsVAllDay

    She is adorable!!!!!

  • ClaireHuxtable

    What a Cutie!! Is that Offset's lip?

  • ClaireHuxtable

    I'd babysit.

  • Navybeans95

    Awww?..cutie pie

  • Kim’s Original Face

    I can not take it cuteness overload ???

  • OvertheMississippi

    Cardi’s lip.

  • ann

    Just one of em??????

  • Diva_woman

    She looks like her sister Hennessey! She's a cutie pie!

  • FukkFolks2018


  • FukkFolks2018

    She sure does look like her auntie. One of my kids looks just like my sister too lol

  • Mr. Poopybutthole

    Hello Kulture ??

  • Diva_woman

    My nephew looks like me. People think he's my son when I'm out with him, even when my sister is there too lol

  • the guest

    Offset makes pretty babies.

  • CoTToNCaNDie SWeeTAsGolD

    Hey little Mami!! Cutie Patootie!!!

  • FukkFolks2018

    Same lmao. Genetics a mess

  • Nikki

    Adorable!!!! They grow up so fast.

  • Nikki

    Handsome Rapper = Fake News

  • Alicia.Ashe

    She is a doll

  • Tlowe89

    They really are pulling out all the stops for the publicity stunt. Whose album is about to drop????? Gorgeous little doll Kulture is though

  • xenaD

    Thought u said she couldn’t be shown cause she had some kind of defect!! Well... ??

  • xenaD

    She really does I said that the minute I seen the pic

  • Ang

    She’s a beautiful baby...It’s not too late to change her name.

  • T Willis

    Lazy eye? Maybe they had a patch over her eye ?????... either way, she’s so beautiful ?

  • SandraRose

    Who said that?

  • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

    Shes beautiful but i see her “look at my baby! Forget that im getting divorced!” Lil ploy. Kulture is cute

  • dontgetblocked

    Kate Middleton shows her babies hours after giving birth. Sorry, but Cardi's baby is NOT that special. She looks like a baby. Did that "marriage" even last a year? Wonder if it was one of those Brandy marriages.

  • justlooking

    She appears in court on Friday. Detach from Felon.

  • xenaD

    O I thought I read that on your earlier post or a post from before. If u didn’t, my bad

  • KcoolMuziq

    Offset was DEAD against Cardi-b showing their baby to the public. This is a vengeful act.

  • Li-Wright

    Who didn't see this split coming?

  • Li-Wright

    Every baby picture is ka-ching. (Look at Kim K)

  • Kanyade

    Precious sweet baby girl. Too cute.

  • Tlowe89

    Yep she’s going for the single overwhelmed overworked mom going through divorce angle due to infidelity. ?

  • Braxton P. Hartnabrig

    Hey CARDI B, you have joined the 60% of black females that have BEEN failed by the THUG D%$K.

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Two soon to have a baby by this dude. Should have married and focused on career then if it went left a child wasn’t left in a single parent household In which both of y’all have demanding careers and never there. Sighs

  • Readytochokemothernatureout

    The baby is allllllllll kindsssssss of adorable

  • Harley

    They trying every publicity stunt in the book to promote their projects huh

  • jujumanji

    Cute kid. Looks like Cardi. Thank goodness

  • dru and neil

    I’m watching Throw Mama From The Train, I forgot how funny it was!

  • country57

    Forgot about that movie, it was funny:):)

  • country57

    Baby Kulture is beautiful.

  • tia

    Gorgeous baby girl Kulture is indeed. However, hope they not using her as any type of ploy with their ongoing shenanigans. Oh, Offset album is scheduled to be released December 14th. Calculated or not?? We soon shall see...

  • tia

    Offset is scheduled to drop an album December 14th

  • justlooking

    Yea, somewhere along those lines.

  • tintin

    Cardi said the baby looked a lot like her sister henny. She is right.
    Nice baby

  • Vonn

    I don't know why "nice baby" is so funny to me, but it is.



  • Vonn


  • TheWildChild

    Cute like most babies ? but that name, "Kulture" is not digesting well for me.

  • Ling


  • FukkFolks2018

    Travis nem used Stormi. It's the new wave

  • FukkFolks2018

    She by protocol HAS to show them

  • bemetoo

    She is soooooo cute awe will she grow up to be just like her mom and dad?

  • Ed.

    Hooooold up - wait a minute now - did I just catch Aunty Sandra actually saying something sweet here ? - she is indeed ADORABLE :-)

  • Tlowe89

    Boom!!!!! And there you have it

  • Rhyme and Reason

    I bet you’re right, these people don’t know that they’ve truly arrived, they come with these low-level PR, SELF-PROMOTION STUNTS.

    I’m sure he still has a roaming eye, and they could be over with a text message, or dude trolling on the gram, but it seems like fake news!

    Why release a pic of their daughter now?

  • tia

    That's what I'm saying? Up to this point, they've been shielding the baby. Wackie azz folks.

  • Rhyme and Reason

    Cute baby, for sure! But, I wish celebrities would leave their kids out of their media presence, not talking about candid photos.

    Be happy that your kid is healthy, and what a huge massive net worth BLESSING they have. Moms rock, kids are so precious, regardless of looks!

    I was with my sister yesterday at a children’s hospital as my 6 yr old nephew did an assessment for occupational therapy, it was a padded wall and floor room, with a triangle slide, he had a ball!

    He is soooooooo cute, so funny, and so BLESSED that he has unique skills in spite of an autism diagnosis! We all marveled at his growth, since last visit!

  • free

    stormi, her conception and entire life, is a kris jenner production. i don't think travis would have done it but he signed his name in d*ck blood.

  • free

    oh wow. i was giving her props, too.

  • free

    throw postpartum depression in there....

  • FukkFolks2018

    I read a thing about crazy royal fam protocol and that was listed. First person to know after you have given birth is the Queen. No exceptions. Day, night, doesn't matter. She is contacted by the dad. Then by protocol new mom has within 48 hours to show the people the new baby.

  • TMW

    So the incident that allegedly made Cardi decide she wanted a divorce was based on some text messages from June, right before she gave birth to her daughter. They were made public on Tuesday. So is she more mad that he publicly embarrassed her again, or is she mad that he keeps cheating on her?

    The chick (Summer somebody) also posted an apology to Cardi B talking about she didn’t know how serious the marriage was (telling in itself) and that she ever meant to break up the marriage. Tells me right there Cardi and Offset were on different pages about their marriage. He thought of his marriage as a business arrangement, which meant he could continue his shenanigans and sticking his di!k in any and erethang. Even if that’s how it started for Cardi, it didn’t end that way.

  • SpiceGirl

    By here putting up the babies picture, I sure hope she is ready for the back-lash.....because you know....A pair of lips will say anything. And IMHO....Kidsbabies should be off limits....operative word is....SHOULD. Baby is adorbs tho. SR...did you just call this man handsome? Lol....

  • ClaireHuxtable

    U think so? It's kinda over the bottom one...

  • ClaireHuxtable

    *teeheehee* ok. both of them.

  • ClaireHuxtable

    All of God's creations are marvelous in their own way.

  • ClaireHuxtable

    And she can still use the "K" monograms. Kellie, Kerry, Kiera...

  • missmiami305

    Nobody cares Cardi.

  • OvertheMississippi

    The embarrassment is what actually ends the relationship when there has been infidelity.

  • OvertheMississippi

    Typical dusty n3gro response!

  • OvertheMississippi

    But that doesn't mean it has to be shown to the entire world but to "them". Right?

  • OvertheMississippi

    Ain't it still won't do jack on the charts. Don't believe me? Just watch!
    Should have taken her tail on tour with Bruno.

  • ohdearme

    Meh, okay.

  • OvertheMississippi

    My son looks just like one of my sister's sons. People think they are brothers.

  • Renee26

    She's a cute little chubber

  • Renee26

    A classic!

  • sherri2016

    Blind Gossip also said they been broke up in August

  • Trace da Ace

    awwwwwww!!!!!! She is sooooo freaking cute!!! I love me a chubby wubby baby!!!!

  • Guest

    I'm late to the party! Anywho, why is Miss Summer Bunni fake crying telling TMZ she did not know how serious Cardi and Offset was. Bitch! they are married!


    She is so freaking cute .....I’m a sucker for babies and old people

  • Slim Goodie

    That baby is adorable. Super cute.

  • MrsSpice1

    She look like her daddy with Cardi complexion.

  • Slim Goodie

    Basic bih narc behavior. Everything is always everyone else's fault.

  • MrsSpice1

    Im not tryin to be mean at all but khloes And Kylies baby is cuter to me and they got called ugly i think
    I guess its because of who they mothers are ? and everybody like cardi some what so ppl being nice n extra i guess to help cheer her up....and other reasons ?

  • supastar

    she is soooo pretty!

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    She is so yummy! But these high def lens be exposing these trash hairlines and clogged pours, issa mess up top...

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    OMG Kulture is such a cutie. She looks exactly like Cardi's sister to me.

  • Wayup!

    just like the say "change the conversation"..but be prepared for the talk!!!
    she knew the consequences for putting her daughter out there..

  • FukkFolks2018

    To the folks of Merry Ole 'Angland. It started with them actually. Diana's kids. Prior to that folks got first glimpse at christening. It shed a lot of light on why they do what they do.

  • Dowoop

    Why was she even crying? Who lied and told her someone would feel sorry for her? She was better off saying she gave not one fux.

  • ramosyo

    The timing is suspect Auntie! Ill wait for your chime in.....

  • Reina1718

    No one really talking about them like that so nxt step is show the his album flop

  • Reina1718

    Mhmm they want her to be a powerful single mom lol

  • Monday

    Like I wrote everywhere...

    You know when a woman is done with a man when she speaks quietly with a calm voice. She hung the towel..

    She was ready, he wasn't.

  • Guest


  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    Cute baby???

  • Patricia

    my son just shared some rap snacks chips with me. the migos bag sour cream with a dab of ranch. SO GOOD! and i dont even like chips

  • Sid

    I’m hooked on those Voodo chips. Never had the rap snack chips

  • Missy

    I was once addicted to those voodoo chips

  • Missy

    This chile sd she didnt know how serious their MARRIAGE was & i was like bish is u fr

  • Missy

    Should have taken her tail on tour with Bruno.


  • Maxx

    She cute!

  • Kimocha

    Adorable baby! ?

  • MRiGOThim

    Cardi team is being so strategic with her career...good move & perfect timing :P