Donell "DJ" Cooper was suspended by The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) when a urine drug test revealed he was pregnant. Cooper, who was not selected in the 2013 NBA draft, was playing for a pro team in France when his urine test revealed he was with child.

Cooper's urine tested positive for the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, a hormone that is made by the placenta and can be detected in urine during the first two weeks of pregnancy.

An investigation determined that the American point guard substituted his girlfriend's urine for his when he submitted a urine sample for the mandatory drug test. He was suspended for fraud.

Cooper, 28, was named best player of Pro A in 2018 when he tested positive for pregnancy. He was suspended in June of this year (2019) and he won't be eligible to return until June 2020.

Cooper was a standout point guard for the Ohio Bobcats from 2009-2013. He went undrafted by the NBA in 2013. He then played for various ball clubs in Europe and in Canada over the years.

Photo by DENIS CHARLET/AFP/Getty Images

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    Well in all fairness, it is his decision and his body.

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    Steroids are rampant in black athletes. The NFL and NBA need to switch permanently to blood testing to catch these cheaters.

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    Well, at least he doesn't have cancer. Men test positive on pregnancy tests when they have private part cancer.

  • TheRealTW

    I thought he had ding-a-ling cancer.

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    Pregnant boys? I can’t keep up with this generation.

  • GinJen

    A man's urine can come back positive for pregnancy on a urine test if he has testicular cancer. HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women. This hormone causes the pregnancy test to show positive. In testicular cancer, a tumor can produce the same hormone causing a positive pregnancy test. This numbnut ( no pun intended) is just dumb... not a cancer patient.

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  • Rent em Spoons ?????????

    Sounds crazy , but it’s very common weight lifters or players that use “juice “ aka Steroids.
    When on steroids the body stops producing testosterone and after you stop taking steroids it takes sometimes weeks before the body kickstarts and makes testosterone back to normal levels. Hcg/ clomid is one of the best drugs to use to raise testosterone fast until the body gets back to normal levels. This fool was just dumb to realize that non steroids and other drugs are detected also.

  • Leigh Burton

    Pregnant? Are you sure he is not an unclockable transgender? Ha ha ha!

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    He was caught using his gf's urine to avoid being tested positive for drugs. That was a free pregnancy test for his gf. lol He's the pappy!

  • Moon Lee

    In My Fred Sanford's voice "YOU BIG DUMMY "...?

  • J2PC

    Um, if you kept reading you'd find that he tried to trick the drug test by using his gf's urine to avoid popping positive for using drugs.

    Not only was he discovered using somebody else's urine, but he learned that his girlfriend is also pregnant.

    Dummy is suspended & now needs to find a job to help support that baby. smh

  • J2PC

    Geesh! Please read. It says an investigation found that he used his gf urine to avoid testing positive for drugs.

    That's why he was suspended. He's a man. Well, at least he & his gf got a free pregnancy test out of it. Meanwhile he needs to find a job to support his baby.

  • J2PC

    He was desperate. Desperate folks can be emotional & not think clearly. He made a fool of himself & was still found out (to be a fraud to avoid being caught positive for drugs).

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    They too were probably saying man you don't want my pee. It's hot too (for drugs). lol

  • J2PC

    He did. lol At least they got a free pregnancy test out of the mess.

  • TheRealTW

    No. You need to read.

    You need to use context clues.

    Exercise your brain cells.

    If you read my entire comment I said men who test positive on pregnancy tests have cancer.

    Since the man does not have cancer then he is a pregnant tyranny or used another person's pee.

    The article said he used his girlfriend's pee. So I guess he is not a pregnant tyranny.

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    I see what you did gurl? smart way to deliver the good news

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    P.s. Ovarian cancer can cause a positive preg test as well.

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    Hahaha.. DJ, after all that you betta pray in my Maury voice “ In the case of the urine sample gone ARE the Father !!!”

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    That was an exception to the rule. Can we talk about Jon Jones, Mariam Jones, Barry Bonds, Shawn Merrimen, Evander Holyfield? List goes on and on.

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