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One of President Trump's staunchest supporters has turned his back on him. Anthony Scaramucci says he no longer supports Trump for reelection and he thinks the Republicans should seriously consider choosing another candidate.

Scaramucci soured on Trump after a tense exchange with his former boss over the weekend.

Scarmucci told CNN's John Berman that the top of the 2020 presidential ticket needed to be replaced.

In tweets over the weekend, the hedge fund manager questioned Trump's motive for visiting El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, the sites of last weekend's mass shootings.

"The only thing (Trump) was doing in those areas was talking about himself and praising himself and crowd sizes. And so it just - one day after the next it gets worse and worse and worse," Scaramucci told Berman.

"I think you have to consider a change at the top of the ticket when someone is acting like this," said Scaramucci.

"He goes after individuals as the President of the United States on his Twitter account, OK, which incites hate, which incites death threats. The racially charged comments, the divisive tweeting, the nonsense coming from the President is not helping the country."

Trump hit back in two tweets, reminding his base that Scaramucci only worked for him in the White House for 11 days.

"Anthony, who would do anything to come back in, should remember the only reason he is on TV, and it's not for being the Mooch!" Trump tweeted.

In a tweet after his appearance on CNN, Scaramucci said he held off on distancing himself from Trump because he tried to see the best in him.

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