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Newly released video footage shows a Black man being dragged from his car and manhandled by Minneapolis police before he died in their custody minutes later.

George Floyd, 46, died after a cop kept his knee on his neck for nearly 8 minutes. The officer was fired Tuesday along with three other cops who stood by and did nothing to help Floyd while he was in distress.

Minneapolis police responding to a 911 call about a "forgery" on Monday, May 25, found Floyd sitting in his car outside Cup Foods, a neighborhood grocery store.

New footage, obtained by FOX 9 News, shows the moments leading up to the deadly confrontation. Two officers are seen dragging Floyd from his car and manhandling him.

One cop handcuffs Floyd's hands behind his back while he is not resisting arrest. Additional footage from a nearby restaurant shows Floyd sitting on the ground as a cop speaks to him before picking him up and holding him against a wall.

Another officer escorts Floyd to a patrol unit before the video ends.

A video uploaded to Facebook shows Floyd on the ground with a cop pressing his knee down on his neck. The officer continues to apply pressure to Floyd's neck while the victim complains repeatedly that he can't breathe.

Several bystanders pleaded with the cop to get off of Floyd while he was handcuffed and helpless on the ground.

Floyd eventually fell silent and lapsed into unconsciousness. He died later at a hospital.

Attorney Ben Crump who is representing the family told NBC Today he believes Floyd's death would have been swept under the rug if the video didn't exist.