Do you think you have the greatest husband, boyfriend, fiance in the world? Are you having a little trouble deciding on that perfect gift to surprise him with this Christmas? Well, worry no more, sista. Your auntie has scoured the Internets for the perfect gifts for him to find under the Christmas tree!

First up are these British mini replicas of the classic Jaguar E-Type and a Porsche Speedster. At $15,000 a piece, these cars are nothing to play with. The cars are equipped with a gas engine or an electric motor that averages top speeds of 46 miles per hour. The tiny cars, which are half the size of the originals, take over 450 hours to make. So if you hurry and order by the end of the business day today, he will receive his special one-of-a kind gift just in time for Christmas! Your man will be the envy of all the other husbands in the neighborhood.

If money is tight, and your man wakes up hungry as a bear every morning, surprise him with this Wake And Bake Dream Griddle Alarm clock – $7.95. Okay, I'm kidding. It's actually a Prank Pack fake gift box, which appears to contain ridiculous products from clueless companies. This particular item is out of stock, but they have other unique prank gifts for sale.

These eyelid stickers are a great gift idea if your man is always caught sleeping on the job by his nosy boss. Save his job and your marriage with these realistic looking eyelid stickers! All he has to do is apply these stickers to his eyelids when he feels a snooze coming on. Anyone passing by his cubicle will assume he's wide awake! Prices start at .67 cents if you buy in bulk. Purchase them here.

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Happy Thanksgiving to my SR family! I am thankful that you read my blog even though some of you don't always agree with what I write. :) If you are at home or on the road visiting family, or even if you're working today, have a Blessed holiday and be safe!

Here are pics of local celebrities and VIPs donating turkeys and volunteering their time to persons in need.

The Konfidence Foundation and The Gidewon Foundation took time out to enjoy the experience of giving to others yesterday. Pictured are local club owner Alex Gidewon, far left, Mayor Kasim Reed, 2nd from right, and Akon's mom, Ms. Kine Gueye Thiam, President of the Konfidence Foundation, 3rd from right.

Syndicated radio host Steve Harvey, center, his wife Marjorie, left, and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

Medical student Eudoxie, left, and her man Ludacris attended the The 4th Annual Zone 4 Inc, Foundation Focus and Ludacris Foundation Thanksgiving Carnival hosted by Big Boi in Atlanta on Tuesday, Nov. 23.

Photos by Prince Williams of

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According to celebrity blogger Tami of, singer/songwriter Ne-Yo and his fiancée bestie, Monyetta Shaw, delivered a baby girl on Friday (Nov. 12). Congrats to them!


According to, the baby's name is Madelyn Grace Smith, and she already has a nickname: it's "Maddie" for short.

Monyetta's baby shower was scheduled for today -- and I was told that she did not attend.

From what I understand (from, Maddie is 2 months premature, which means she can't breathe on her own and requires a ventilator to assist her breathing. She will remain in neonatal intensive care at least until she is able to breathe on her own -- and that's if she has no other medical complications.

That is sad news for Ne-Yo and his bestie, Monyetta. Rumor has it that Ne-Yo and Monyetta have an agreement. Sort of like a surrogate mom.

Anyway, Monyetta used the loot to open a high end clothing boutique in Buckhead. I don't care what anyone says about Monyetta: she's a smart cookie for thinking long term and investing that money in a business.

Maddie's birth - which wasn't expected for another 2 months -- occurred while Ne-Yo was hosting an exclusive private shopping event at David Yurman's jewelry boutique inside the upscale Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta on Friday.

According to Tami:

Ne-Yo welcomed everyone but stated that he couldn’t stay long because his fiancée was in labor. Later I found out he had a baby girl, congrats to Neyo and Monyetta! The event was a success and for a good cause!

There were so many Rihanna costumes at the Velvet Room last night in Atlanta I almost lost count. But the Diva spent Halloween dressed as herself at Whisky Mist club in London. Maybe she wasn't in the holiday spirit?

Singer Ashanti attended Heidi Klum's celebrity Halloween Party at Lavos New York City last night. This is how you can tell when a chick has no range and not much intelligence. Halloween is the chance for all the butt models to show their azzes. Never mind that they show their azzes all year long. You would think that they would want to do something else just this one time?

Photos: Splash News Online and AP

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While Trey Songz spent Halloween in Puerto Rico, his road manager (or whatever she is) BiBi sent his track off his upcoming mixtape Lemme Hold That Beat, titled "Aston Martin Music" remix to all the blogs except mine. Not that I care. I don't have a problem visiting Miss Info's blog and downloading the track for my readers' listening pleasure.

BiBi was dressed as Kanye West and she actually paid chicks to dress as Ballerinas and a Phoenix from Kanye's "Runaway" movie. BiBi had a little trouble getting into VIP where I was. It's a good thing my friend Elsa heard her pleas and pulled a power move to get her in.

I talked to BiBi last night at Velvet Room and I explained that I loved her costume. She was very graceful, but she lost points when she asked me who I was dressed as (I was Barack and Michelle Obama).


I actually like this song, but Trey should not be rapping at all. Rapping is not his forte'. Anyway, the aforementioned BiBi lost the $10,000 top prize to Jesus Christ for best costume at the Velvet Room last night.

I was supposed to help judge the costume contest at the Velvet Room last night. But my fellow judge -- the beautiful Elsa Belai -- showed up just as I was leaving the club. She claimed she didn't think I was coming out. Why would she think that?

Anyway, here's The boston Celtics' Shaquille O'Neal dressed up as Shaquitta for Halloween and his concubine, reality show freak Hoopz as Kanye West?

Shaquille O'Neal is a clown now. He has lost so much respect. If he's not careful, Shaq will find himself in the same league as Dennis Rodman.

Photos: Prince Williams/ and

The Wall Street Journal apparently thinks so highly of rapper Soulja Boy that they invited him to attend the Wall Street Journal Conversations at David Rubenstein Atrium in NYC yesterday.

The swag rapper not only performed, but he also spoke to the well-heeled guests.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, right, brought out singers Keri Hilson, left, and Kelis (not pictured) to perform with him at his "One Night in Jersey" at House of Blues in New Jersey yesterday. Can you tell what Keri is dressed as?

Troubled singer chris brown dressed up as a convicted woman beater to pose with a Charlie Brown statue at the Opera Gallery SoHo in NYC on Thursday.

Photos: Splash News Online and Getty Images

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Pop icon Mariah Carey previewed snippets of her upcoming Christmas album, Merry Christmas II You, on the Home Shopping Network yesterday. The Xmas album with an exclusive DVD was available through HSN for the incredibly low price of $14.99.

The album is co-produced by Randy Jackson of American Idol and Mariah. She also shows personal videos of herself at home and working in the studio with Jackson.

Mariah also announced her plan to bring her diamond jewelry line to HSN in the near future.

R&B Diva Monica covers Essence magazine's 1st Hot Hair issue, that's currently on news stands. She rocks the same light streaks and short bob as singer Kelly Rowland. They both wear it so well!

Inside the magazine, Essence explores the “unique relationship between African-American women and their hair”.

Yesterday I heard from someone in Mo's camp, who advised me that the plans for Mo's huge 30th birthday bash in Atlanta has been canceled for this weekend.

Instead, the party moves to Los Angeles, probably because her boo, Lakers guard Shannon Brown, will be playing in a pre-season game on the west coast and he wouldn't be able to make the trip to the A this weekend.

Even though Monica will celebrate her 30th with a private bash on the left coast, we will still be in attendance to bring you all the excitement! So stay tuned.

The walking, talking blow up doll that is Nicki Minaj breezed into Atlanta this past weekend, hit 4 nightclubs and blew town on Sunday with about $100,000 in appearance fees. Yes, she found promoters dumb enough to pay her that much loot to basically lip sync and make weird sounds with her mouth all night long. Nicki has managed to con an entire industry into believing she is the future of Hip Hop. her debut album, titled Pink Friday, drops on Nov. 23.

Pseudo-singer Ciara performed during Black Gay Pride at Mansion Elan in Atlanta over the weekend,

They say everyone has a twin, and pseudo-socialite Amber Rose found hers during Atlanta's Black Gay Pride weekend in Atlanta.

Photos by Prince Williams/

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Former American Idol winner Fantasia and former Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland entertained the Girls in the Night lesbuns at Compound on Friday night to officially kick off the Black Gay Pride weekend parties in Atlanta. There were so many Gay and lesbun parties it was hard to keep up!

Photos by Prince Williams/

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Dwyane Wade and his girlfriend Gabrielle Union attended the Bridgehampton Polo closing day hosted by Hamptons Magazine, Bing and Dwyane Wade at Bridgehampton Polo Grounds on Saturday (Aug. 28) in Bridgehampton, New York. I see DJ Solange Knowles decided to dust off her afro wig and wear it to the closing ceremonies.

Actor Brian J. White, who everybody thought was teh ghey, got hitched over the weekend. His wife's name is Paula, and we are not surprised at all to see that she is LSLH.

Obviously she doesn't care about the gay rumors or the fact that her man doesn't exactly measure up.

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This is an almost unbelievable picture of U.S. President Barack Obama banging his umbrella against an overhead bar on a gate as he and first lady Michelle Obama toured the Columbia Parc Apartment Development yesterday (Aug. 29) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Obama and the First Lady were strolling through the gate when the umbrella he was carrying impacted the overhead bar with a resounding clang! The noise so startled Michelle that she instinctively ducked down. Obama tried to laugh it off as he always does when he makes a goof in public. But look at Michelle's face. How embarrassing for her!

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Tameka "Tiny" Cottle had no idea what was in store for her when she left home yesterday to run errands. But there was a big surprise waiting for her when she returned to a house full of flowers and gifts! The 12 bouquets of roses were from her husband, T.I. to celebrate their 1st month anniversary. As you know, Tiny and T.I. became man and wife at the end of last month in Miami. Tiny tweeted this pic on her Twitter page yesterday. has pics from music producer Swizz Keys' champagne soaked bachelor party at Billionaire disco in Porto Cervo, Italy over the weekend. Friends say they have never seen the former Swizz Beatz so excited.

He has good reason to be.

Swizz Keys is far from a billionaire. Heck, he's not even a millionaire -- he's just another broke producer who owes the IRS millions in back taxes.

Luckily for him, he just married a baller, Alicia Keys, who can easily cough up the dough to settle his bill with the IRS!

Superstar songbird Keys – who just married Beatz in Corsica before celebrities like Bono and Queen Latifah – is expecting their first child in November.Superstar songbird Keys – who just married Beatz in Corsica before celebrities like Bono and Queen Latifah – is expecting their first child in November. has discovered that Beatz (real name Kasseem Dean) has run up a whopping 35 tax liens in the past seven years alone. Beatz, 33, racked up over $4 million in unpaid taxes in three different states between 2003 and 2010 and still owes around $2.4 million to the tax authorities. contacted the various authorities in each state Beatz has outstanding accounts with and they confirmed that the money is still owed.

Keys and Beatz have endured a stormy courtship after his previous ex-wife Mashonda Dean blasted the singer via Twitter for taking up with her husband while they were still married legally. Read More...

Word is, Swizz plans to permanently change his show biz name to Swizz Keys as a way of showing his enduring love.

Elsa Belai (The Elle B Group) helped her fiance Alex Gidewon celebrate his 35th birthday at Aurum Nightclub on Friday (July 15). The party was also the kickoff to the Secret Society parties which will now take place each and every Thursday night at Aurum. The bash was sponsored by Belvedere Vodka.

Secret Society will have different genres of music bringing the NY and LA feel to the South.

Go to ATLPICS to see more photos from the party!

Ravi Shelton (promotions director Hot 107.9), left, and Alex Gidewon (AG Entertainment Group)

The dress code was strictly booted and suited and everyone complied. Kwessi (owner, Moda 404 Men's clothing store), Bunmi (road manager for Lauryn Hill), guest, and Malik. It's good to see grown men where grown men clothes, unlike rapper Jay Z who is older than all of these guys and wears his jeans off his butt.

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Everybody's talking about Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment's ultra private Grand Finale birthday bash at an intimate spot tomorrow night. The party is ultra private at an undisclosed location.

The guest list includes the upper echelon of the music industry: Akon, Young Jeezy, T.I., Jason Geter (Grand Hustle), Kenny Burns, Bu (VP A&R Def Jam), Coach K, Chubbie Baby (promoter), Kinky B (Jeezy's manager).

According to the invite that's just going out today, the dress code is strictly hard bottoms, suited & booted for the men, while the ladies dress code is "Sex in the City" chic. There will be an open bar for everyone and Alex is giving all his celebrity, industry friends a table with 5 or 10 bottles each. Invited guests will be given a bottle of Moët when they walk through the front door.

Alex has already ordered up 250 bottles of Moët (the club only holds 225 guests). So if you're invited, you get a bottle. That's how serious it is!

This post is for industry insiders to be aware that the invites are going out late. So if you know Alex's number, call him and get your name on the list. If not, you can read about the party on my blog on Friday.

Remember: Strict dress code. Definitely everyone must be dressed to the nines. No ball caps or athletic gear. If T.I. is putting on a suit for his boy then everybody should!

Here are more pics from the wedding of La La and Carmelo Anthony held at Cipriani's -- a former bank -- in NYC yesterday. The entire production -- oops, I mean, wedding, was televised for a reality TV series set to air in September.

The bride, La La Vazquez, arrived at her wedding in style

La La's $10,000 Vera Wang wedding dress had its own limo driver

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NBA star Carmelo Anthony took multimedia personality La La Vazquez as his wife in a civil ceremony at Cipriani's in NYC today (July 10). Congrats to the happy couple.

Ciara, who claims she spends an absurd $11,000 a month on shoes, chose these Versace platform heels to go with her one shoulder mini dress. If you ask me, she is dressed totally inappropriately for a wedding. But Ciara doesn't have common sense anyway.

Ludacris' fiancee Eudoxie took notes at La La and Carmelo's wedding. Her wedding to Luda is sure to be talked about for years to come.

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Last week I posted photos from the star-studded birthday party of a NY socialite named "Dawnie B." In my post I asked the question: I wonder who she is? The answer came from a loyal reader in the form of a wedding notice posted in the NY Times newspaper. Excerpts from that notice are posted below:

Dawn Camille Baxter and Derrin Arthur Woodhouse were married Saturday evening at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Englewood, N.J. The Rev. Robert L. Shearer, the priest-in-charge of the church, performed the ceremony, with the Rev. Charles L. Fischer III, another Episcopal priest, participating.

The bride, 34, will continue to use her name professionally. She works in New York as a manager in the entertainment marketing department of Nike of Portland, Ore. She handles the company’s collaborations with performers and books acts for Nike advertisements and events. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

The bridegroom, 37, works in Manhattan as the director of consumer marketing at Vevo, an online music site owned by the Universal Music Group. He helps produce special events for the site’s advertisers.

The couple were introduced by a mutual friend who had invited them to a Jets preseason game at the Meadowlands in the spring of 2002. The friend asked Ms. Baxter to give Mr. Woodhouse a lift to and from the game because they both lived in Harlem.

The two quickly rubbed each other the wrong way. Read More...

Happy Father's Day to all the real daddies and to the brothas who are father's to other men's sons!

The Last Emperor's "Do You Remember" is one of my favorite music videos. When I first saw this video my heart melted. Not so much for the lyrics, but for the poignant scenes of fathers with their children at Manhattan's famous Rucker Park.

Do you remember when fathers used to love hanging out with their children instead of their "boys"?

If you are a single man with no children, please take the time to show love to a fatherless boy instead of hanging out on the corner. You would be his hero and it would mean so much to his world.

My father drank himself to death in 1974. So, no father's day for me. But here are some special Father's Day tweets from my Twitter timeline:

Actress LisaRaye, right, and her daughter Kai partied in Puerto Rico during LR's 1st Annual B2B (Back 2 Business) Memorial Day weekend event. LR's bestie Lil Kim also joined her and LR's Twitter followers in Puerto Rico.

A surly looking John Legend and his beard Christine Teiger enjoyed the surf in St. Bart's this weekend.

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Fame is a funny thing. For some, fame can be as fleeting and elusive as a Spring shower. Take Fabolous' brother Ruggs, for instance. Though he's well-known within music industry circles as Loso's brother, Ruggs always flew under the radar for the rest of us -- until last week when, in a moment of anger, he (allegedly) slapped the taste out of a groupie's mouth, and it was all caught on video.

Now Ruggs is a celebrity of sorts. And he no longer flies under the radar. So we chose him for our style segment this morning since this is the type of thug that women flock to these days. You have to admire a thug who is color-coordinated and even neatly folds his socks and underwear.

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The first thing rap mogul Sean Combs did when he signed rapper Nicki Minaj to his management team was to get rid of that lame Barbie image of hers. Now Nicki's image looks a bit more grown and sexy, and more age appropriate. Nicki and Sean performed live during the Best of The Best concert in Miami yesterday.

Photos courtesy of

Sean Combs' family got in on the act as rapper iQ (Quincy), left, Christian and Justin joined their dad and rapper Gucci mane, far right, onstage.

I'm pleased to see Nicki Minaj looking more like a lady and less like a cartoon figure. Now if only she could rap.

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Last night I posted information on a social networking site pertaining to what I thought was a genuine photo of rapper T.I. stripped down to his bare essentials, exposing all his impressive assets.

After conferring by phone with the loyal reader who sent in the photo -- and after careful examination of the photo in Photoshop -- I came to the conclusion that the photo is not authentic. Instead, it appears to be the result of an overeager fan with decent Photoshop skills.

The image fooled me until I enlarged it in Photoshop and looked closely at the pixels. At 300% magnification, I could see the telltale signs of pixel manipulation.

I even had a credible source reach out to two women (strippers) who have intimate knowledge of T.I.'s bare essentials to verify that he was, shall we say, uncut. But neither woman picked up the phone.

But since I know some of you lost sleep last night from heated anticipation, I've decided to post a portion of the photo after the break so that if you come across it on the Internet you will immediately know it is a fake.

Think of this as a PSA Morning Wood.

In other T.I. news, I now know the wedding date of Tiny and T.I., and it's a lot sooner than I originally thought. In fact, it's almost right around the corner. I also know that the wedding will not take place in Atlanta, and I am not invited to the nuptials. But that's no surprise there. I'm just happy that the big day is almost here and Tiny is very happy.

Tiny has stepped up preparations with her wedding coordinator and the bridesmaids dresses are almost complete. This wedding will be planned in record time considering it takes a year to plan most big weddings.

I'm sure there will be a bunch of Twitpics posted on the Internet from inside the wedding, so we won't feel left out!

More after the break!

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As I told you last month, Tiny and her wedding planners have been going over the details (such as colors for her bridesmaids gowns) for a couple of years now while T.I. made up his mind when he was going to pop the question. Now that he has proposed, the wedding plans have taken on more urgency.

Invites still have not gone out, but the wedding will be soon. As you know, Tiny is very much into numerology so the wedding date is subject to change a few times.

Tiny's BFF monica appeared on The Wendy Williams show last week and gave a bit more details about the wedding.

Source: TWS