Wanda Smith

Longtime V-103 Morning Show co-host Wanda Smith was recently hospitalized with diverticulitis, a painful inflammatory infection of the intestines.

If you are an Atlanta resident who listens to V-103 you may recall the days when Wanda and Frank Ski promoted colonic cleansing. This is when the colon is flushed with gallons of water to supposedly flush out the bad toxins.

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Poop pills cure serious gut infections

Patients diagnosed with serious intestinal infections now have a new weapon to combat the bacteria: pills filled with poop.

Canadian researchers tested the new pills on 27 patients and cured them of their intestinal infections after powerful antibiotics failed.

Recent studies have shown that feces transplants -- giving patients good bacteria from the feces of healthy people -- can restore the proper balance of good bacteria in their intestines.

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Ciara recently voiced her opinion on colon cleansing regimens: “I attempted to do this cayenne pepper thing one time, [but] I could not get past the idea of drinking what that stuff looked like," Ciara said in a recent interview with OK! magazine.

Normally I wouldn't waste my time with a Ciara post (unless it's for the purposes of clowning her), but I like the fact that she downplays these cleansing scams such as Master cleansers, Cayenne Pepper cleansers, and the once popular colon irrigations.

These are scams because colon cleansers are totally unnecessary (unless you're being prepped for surgery) and colon cleansers can be dangerous to your health. Most colon cleansing scammers hook you with certain key words to get your money, like "detoxification" and "removing harmful toxins" when in reality the body does a great job of removing harmful toxins on its own -- for free.

So-called colon cleansing regimens can lead to all sorts of medical problems like dehydration, perforation of the colon and serious infections. But some blacks will believe anything and are easily conned out of their hard earned money.

Which is why I'm glad that Ciara is speaking out against these scams. Instead of looking for the easy cure (and causing harm to yourself in the process) CiCi suggests eating right and exercising regularly.

“It’s all about what you eat,” she says. “I change my eating schedule by getting rid of bad carbs and replacing them with complex carbs, like brown rice and wheat toast, wheat pasta noodles. I’ll come down on my sauces. I make sure it’s more protein-driven. Like grilled chicken, steak and fish. I also like to do greens to get fiber — broccoli, string beans, salad and lettuce, to help cleanse your body. My diet basically consists of protein, greens, and complex carbs. I focus on trying to eat more clean. I do five or six meals when I’m eating healthy. And I drink tons of water.”

Pretty solid advice from the one time Superstar. By the way, if you are experiencing gastrointestinal problems (excess gas, bloating), it's best to avoid wheat products entirely and try whole grain bread instead.

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