The Gay Agenda in Schools

Loyal reader Kayla writes:

Good evening Ms Rose!

In these past few weeks I’ve read a few of your articles regarding the gay agenda. I knew that our country was trying to make everyone more accepting with the LGBT community, which I feel is necessary, but the way that they are targeting our children is disturbing. So naturally I did my research and came across this video: (At around 6 minutes they start discussing kids.)

In the video, parents were targeted and one even thrown in jail because he didn’t agree with his son’s school reading a book called ‘A King and A King’. Once he and his wife had their day in court, the school district admitted that they felt it was necessary to teach children homosexuality because they are at an ‘impressional age’.

I have nothing against homosexuality, or even letting children know that some families are different, but they are not allowing these kids to grow and develop their own feelings.

What is the first step to protect our children?

Update: Loyal reader Audra writes:

Thank you so much for posting the video on the agenda the Gay community is using to target our children. If being gay is an individuals choice then that is a decision they decided to live with but to force such ideals on my child that is raised to have views that oppose such a lifestyle is dead wrong.

New Yorker Gay Bert and Ernie

In the wake of this week’s Supreme Court’s ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s ban on gay marriage, the New Yorker magazine thought it would be cute to feature Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie as a gay couple on its same-sex cover.

The cover features silhouettes of the iconic puppets cuddling on a sofa while watching coverage of the SCOTUS decision on television.

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