K Michelle new record deal

Studio singer K. Michelle is relieved that she can drop the title “mixtape singer” from her résumé. The 26-year-old mother of 1 announced her new record deal with Warner Brothers on her Twitter page Monday.

It isn’t clear if K. Michelle is bedding the recording executive who signed her. As you may recall, the last executive who signed K. Michelle to a record deal (MempHitz) lived up to his name by slapping the taste out of her mouth whenever she got loud or stepped out of line. Neither the record deal nor their relationship ended very well.

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K Michelle meltdown onstage

K. Michelle revealed her inner hoodrat when she snapped on a Twitter user during a recent performance at a club. Michelle reportedly paused during her performance, checked her tweets and noticed a Twitter user (who was tweeting from the club) badmouthing her. “I will take off my heels, snatch off my lace-front and whoop your a**,” said the singer, even though she didn’t know who the Twitter user was.

Expect a press release from K. Michelle’s camp explaining that the singer herself is the victim of domestic abuse, having suffered severe beatings at the hands of industry exec MempHitz.

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